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Topic on Talk:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

XJDHDR (talkcontribs)

I've just noticed that the Skyrim tweak guide seems to have disappeared. The link above the Table of Contents just redirects to Nvidia's news page. A search through Google and Nvidia's website didn't find the guide either. Does anyone know what happened to it and, if possible, where it is now so I can update the link on the main page?

RodroG (talkcontribs)

Hi there. Yes, I can confirm the same from here. It's strange because other Koroush Ghazi's tweak guides published on are still available, so I really doubt the removal had to do with an eventual request from the author, for example. I guess it has to do with something related with the Nvidia's hosting site. Maybe there is someone who had saved or archived this tweak guide specifically and can share the text.

XJDHDR (talkcontribs)

After looking into this a bit more, I found that Nvidia appears to have changed the URLs for all of their previous guides. For example, Koroush's Battlefield 3 tweak guide changed

from this URL:

... to this:

In this example, the first URL redirects to the second. So it's possible that the Skyrim tweak guide still exists on the Nvidia website but the redirect wasn't set up correctly. If I'm correct, one option is to figure out where the new location is.

Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure that part of Koroush's arrangement with Nvidia at the time was that he sold his rights to the guides that they published. So he can't request their removal even if he wanted to. (talkcontribs)

No. It's definitely gone. I checked thoroughly. Looks like they wiped all the older guides.

XJDHDR (talkcontribs)

Good news everyone. I've managed to archive the contents of the Skyrim Tweak Guide on my website. I've corrected the 2 dead links in the article to point to my copy.