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So one of the solutions for performance issues is to downgrade to patch 350.1, which the wiki states is patch five. As well as reference in update day/patch five folders and files.  From what I can tell though, 350.1 does not contain folders or files up to patch day five, those are included in a later version of the game.  On top of that, one of the linked references refers you to an article about performance issues introduced in version 1.28, but 350.1  was not the version of the game before this patch.  I am just trying to clear up which patch version people are considering to be  The ideal one for performance.  I can confirm that older patches do you have better performance, considering the reason I downgraded was that for the past couple patches  since I started replaying the game, I have noticed FPS drops in areas that I never used to experience them in. But after downgrading to 372.1 (the first ill gotten gains update)  I can say with confidence that my performance has improved. The same goes for a version 350.1, do you only reason I went a couple versions hire was because of a bug present in that version.
So, what patch of the game is considered the best performance wise? From what I can tell 1.27/build 350.1  contains no major or some white major bugs that were present in the previous versions, and this is the most recent patch of the game before Rockstar introduced the pieces of code that DS Spohn any DLC vehicles spawned in single player,  as well as the "junk code" that was introduced to make it more difficult for native functions to be called with Scripps, which was introduced in the second ill gotten gains DLC, version 1.28 -  which was fixed in version 1.29,  but is still present in the game, it's performance impact is not as severe.
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So from what I understand, you're using 350.1 for the exe version - but Update 5's (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2) update.rpf? Or are you using 350.1's update.rpf, but you kept the patch folders up till Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 and added them to the dlclist.xml and extratitleupdate.xml files?

Basically, are you combining patches but using the 350.1 .exe files?

I would use version 350.1 but there exists an issue where you cannot view emails and your phone becomes stuck, and the character cannot function properly. After upgrading to 372.2 the issue is fixed.

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The exe and update.prf was in the same package downloaded from somewhere, so it looks like they're both 350.1 (update 5), the same goes for the rest of the files in the package (I didn't edit anything manually). Update 5 is 350.1 version (the same). I only left dlcpacks up to patchdayday5ng and few needed to make the game work properly at all (christmas2 and mppatchesng, and probably mpluxe and mpluxe2). Actually I only don't know which folders precisely were in the dlcpacks folder when the game was updated to 350.1, I just left these 4 folders, probabably the last two were added into update package, so I don't know precisely which more were available before in the game. I'd need to download separately all previous four updates. I don't see it really necessary, since the game worked, and it rather not fixes your issues with 350.1, but you can try out.

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