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Example of a non-game infobox
Example of a non-game infobox cover
Valve Corporation
Release dates
Windows September 12, 2003
macOS (OS X) May 12, 2010
Linux February 14, 2013
Infobox non-game at Wikipedia

A less commonly used infobox, it is meant for general software that is related to games in some manner (ex. DOSBox).

Note that it is far more sparse then the game infobox in terms of information provided to the reader. No specialized row templates are used for this infobox, instead it borrows a few templates from the game infobox.

  • {{Infobox game}} - the main template this is based on.
  • {{Infobox software}} - related template that supports more parameters from the original infobox game template.
{{Infobox non-game
|title        = 
|cover        = 
|website      = 
|developers   = 
{{Infobox game/row/developer|}}
|release dates= 
{{Infobox game/row/date|Windows|}}
{{Infobox game/row/date|OS X|}}
{{Infobox game/row/date|Linux|}}
|wikipedia    = 
|winehq       = 
Parameter Description
title Optional. Add if game title is stylized in some way and therefore varies from page name.
cover Only include this if a cover for this game is present on the wiki or on Wikimedia Commons. The contents of this line should be just the filename, excluding the namespace.
website Add the full URL of the official site from either the original developer or the current rights holder. Do not include store pages.
developers All information included under this argument must be related to developers and porters of the particular game.

Possible rows include:

{{Infobox game/row/developer|1|2}}
  1. The first argument should contain the name of the developer.
  2. The second, if necessary, a subtitle as to what the developer was responsible for.
release dates All information included under this argument must be related to release dates of the game.

Possible rows include: (click on the row for more information)

{{Infobox game/row/date| <OS NAME> | <DATE> }}
wikipedia The unique link identifier for the game on the English Wikipedia. The Wikipedia favicon will appear when it is defined.
winehq The unique link identifier for the application on WineHQ.