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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This is an automated template in the likes of {{Seriesbox}} that creates a floating list of member pages of a category.

Real-world examples

  • The Category:Graphics API have one defined, which is then transcluded unto the various member pages through transclusion using {{:Category:Graphics API}}.

Related templates


{{Categorybox|Category Name|Custom Title}}


  1. Name of the category to query
  2. Custom title of the sidebar (the category name will be used if left blank).
    • Note that the custom title will still automatically link to the category page.
  3. Custom options, of any of the following:
    • subcategoriesonly - Limits the query to only fetch the actual subcategories defined below a main category. This is used to circumvent the behavior of Semantic MediaWiki of returning pages in subcategories as if they belonged in the parent category itself.


  • {{Categorybox|Graphics API}} creates the right-aligned sidebar here below, by querying Category:Graphics API.
Graphics API

List of DirectDraw games
List of DirectX 2-7 games
List of DirectX 8 games
List of DirectX 9 games
List of DirectX 9Ex games
List of DirectX 10 games
List of DirectX 11 games
List of DirectX 12 games
List of Glide games
List of Mantle games
List of Metal games
List of OpenGL games
List of Vulkan games
List of WinG games

  • {{Categorybox|Games in pre-alpha state|Example #2}} adding a second parameter will set that text as a custom title.
Pre-Alpha state

System Shock (2022)