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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This table is meant to contain all information relating to audio settings and features. If a setting is hackable or requires additional notes, add the information below the table in a header like so:

=== Separate volume controls ===
Fixbox here

and make note of it in the table in the following fashion See [[#Separate volume controls|Separate volume controls]]. Any smaller notes can and should be included directly in the table.

A good reference for almost all of the mentioned features are all Valve made games. They include in the audio part of the settings the ability to change the volume separately, change sound quality as well as choose the correct speaker configuration.

Below is a more thorough explanation of each of the possible arguments. Each can be appended with  notes to fill in the information in the Notes column.

  • separate volume - whether it is possible to change the volume of each part of the game (e.g. music and speech). Defines Property:Separate volume controls;
  • surround sound - whether the game surrounds other speaker configurations than 2.0/2.1 and allows the user to pick the correct one. Defines Property:Surround sound;
  • subtitles - whether the game provides subtitles. Set it to n/a if the game has no spoken word. Defines Property:Subtitles;
  • closed captions - whether the game provides closed captions. This is valid for all games that have any sound. Defines Property:Closed captions;
  • mute on focus lost - whether the game silences the sound when the game window looses focus. Mention if it can't be disabled or if it is limited in some way. Defines Property:Mute on focus lost;
  • eax support - whether the game has got EAX support. Ignored if set to false. Defines Property:EAX support.
  • red book cd audio - whether the game uses Red Book CD audio. Ignored if set to false (with no note) or unknown. Defines Property:Red Book CD audio.
  • general midi audio - whether the game uses General MIDI audio. Ignored if set to false (with no note) or unknown. Defines Property:General MIDI audio.
|separate volume           = 
|separate volume notes     = 
|surround sound            = 
|surround sound notes      = 
|subtitles                 = 
|subtitles notes           = 
|closed captions           = 
|closed captions notes     = 
|mute on focus lost        = 
|mute on focus lost notes  = 
|eax support               = 
|eax support notes         = 
|red book cd audio         = 
|red book cd audio notes   = 
|general midi audio        = 
|general midi audio notes  =