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This template is used to style the result an assignment is available (set through PCGamingWiki:Assignments) through the check at {{Assignment/checkAvailable}} which itself is called from the very top of {{Infobox game}}.

The call is simplistic in nature, and basically only validates whether the currently visited page have an assignment available to it. If it does, it automatically calls this template. Returned values are not of important, and so both the more results text ("More...") and default ("No results") parameters is set to null to prevent additional text from being printed.

  1. {{Infobox game}} calls {{Assignment/checkAvailable}}
  2. {{Assignment/checkAvailable}} performs a Cargo query using {{urlencode:{{PAGENAME}}|PATH}} against the EncodedName column of the Cargo table Assignments to check if an assignment is available for the game.
  3. If an assignment is available for the game, {{Assignment}} styles the banner shown on the page.