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I will have to add these in.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)
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Ok. Seems to be some completely unecessary edits going on here.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Rather than offer no explanation and run Rambo to revert everything.

Let's discuss.

Why has the Free DLC note been removed?

Why has the great port note been removed? It IS a great port. Just because it runs at 30FPS =/= bad port. Vsync is broken currently yes, but apparently a patch is coming for that.

Why have the additional AA notes been removed? This is something that personally very much pisses me off. As every single game requires specific configuration to work and get ideal results. It's not something you can generalize and it's best to link directly to the post showing so.

Why remove the screenshot showing that it can in fact support arbitrary resolutions? I see no reason to remove it. It was off to the side hurting no one.

Why remove the reference link for the texture filtering? If a better comparison is needed I will gladly make one. EDIT: Here is one

Why remove the borderless full screen tweak? Just because it doesn't explain how it works? What sense does that make. It simply tells you how to set the necessary config file changes to use it. I didn't make this edit, but it makes enough sense to me.

The ONLY change here that makes ANY sense is the rewording of the Volume sliders. And that's because I labeled them EXACTLY as the game Labels them. And I can see why you'd rather have them make a bit more sense than something like SE or MOVIE.

I feel there is very little legitimate objective reason to remove them. And I am very close to reverting.

Expack3 (talkcontribs)

I can't address all of them as I'm not RaTcHeT302, but I can partially, if not fully, explain a few of them:

  1. The mention of the free DLC should go in the DLC subsection under Availability as PCGamingWiki does not traditionally list such things as key points. Since, as of this writing, the DLC subsection doesn't exist, it needs to be added and should've been added along with the DLC and related note.
  2. The "great port" key point is removed because, simply put, people expect ports to be good or great. Even though Durante says it's a great port, and his software and demonstrable knowledge have given his word great worth, it isn't enough to make the key point truly objective.
  3. The arbitrary support image was likely removed because the proof is obvious - that is, anyone who using downsampling or has a monitor or monitor setup which exceeds 4K resolution can see the game and, thus, has no need for a full-resolution image. If you still feel proof is needed, you can reference the PC Gamer article.
  4. The image was likely removed because it shows the results of point filtering, not that the game actually uses point filtering or an equivalent.
  5. The borderless fullscreen tweak was taken down because without an explanation of the fix and its steps, the tweak violates PCGamingWiki editing standards. You still have a problem with this one? Post in the editing guide thread.
BONKERS (talkcontribs)

1. Then why not simply move it? I mean come on man. That's just rude.
2. I don't think this right one bit. Given that a game like this has different circumstances than a normal multiplatform release(Which are typically developed on PC anyway). This is a port of a console game(Originally made and released on PS3 only), and people should be informed whether ; key word; port , is good or not. Not just if it isn't good. If the basis of "I don't agree with you" is enough to get rid of that. Then that argument could go or should go for any point of contention. I expect performance and optimizaion to be fine on a normally released PC game. I want to know whether a port of a non-PC game to PC is good under several criteria. And that person's key point with reference essentially did just that. (I did not make that key point either. Only the DLC one)
3. Fair enough
4. It does use point filtering when set to off and that's the point. Reference existed purely to prove that rather than just simply say it does without proof. And my new comparison above definitely proves that it is 100% using Point Texture Filtering. And should be used as a reference so people are informed.
5.I didn't make that edit, but it seemed clear enough to me. You change something in the config file of the game itself because it's not in the game menu. How hard to understand is that? If you needed a step by step process, guy could've just edited that instead of deleting it.

Pridit (talkcontribs)

Regarding point two, this was discussed before a few years ago and while my stance on it isn't definitive I'm not saying you can't add it. What I'm saying is it's redundant since you should expect to have acceptable performance in every title and you can't justify it by simply adding one source, it needs multiple so it can be as objective as possible. As I previously mentioned hardware and software variations can play a role in performance so it's difficult to be objective when it comes to how well something runs which is why if you state something like this you absolutely have to be able to back it up with more than one analysis.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

I hadn't considered it from that point of view. Though to the point of multiple sources, there are a lot of Steam Reviews out there with people mentioning how it runs for them. Though I don't know how much that'd count for. In my own Steam Reviews, usually when it comes to ports like this I 99% of time spend the review discussing Pros/Cons of the port.

Expack3 (talkcontribs)
  1. Agreed. Already moved.
  2. See Pridit's response.
  3. No comment needed. :)
  4. You'd have to ask RaTcHeT302 about why he removed it.
  5. This assumes everyone who reads the wiki is as smart and confident with computers as you and actually owns the game. For example, for the game Van Helsing III, would you be able to tell me what WindowStyle does and how it's configured without looking at the related fix? Furthermore, if you were the average gamer whose technical knowledge goes so far as "My computer can't run this game at maximum settings when the guy at Tech Barn told me it could," would you intuitively know the SoftwareDevice= line in Tropico 2's config file controls whether the game uses its software renderer?....
    In short, fixboxes ensure anyone can perform the needed steps to achieve a given objective (resolve an issue, enable/disable a setting not found in-game, etc.) - which is why they're part of the editing standards on this wiki.
RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

The comparison wasn't very clear, you should pick a better area or maybe zoom in the screenshot seeing as it was really difficult to spot any differences, the shadow made it really hard to spot anything, and I only did some quick edits seeing as I thought everything else would be fixed up by someone else later on seeing as I had some things to do, I didnt mean to remove some things completely.

Check the page history and find my edits, I left some edit summaries on what should be added back if that's okay, sorry if it caused any confusion.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

That is partially true. I apologize if I at all came out sounding aggressive or mean spirited in any way.

I guess I just wasn't aware of the points that have been brought up for many of the things changed. As I personally hadn't much an issue with most of the stuff (Even though I was only responsible for a few of the things changed) I thought it'd be a better idea to ask and discuss rather than knee jerk changing things.

As for the comparison, it's a fairly easy thing to spot. Especially as the angle increases in obliqueness. I have made a better comparison now that showcases OFF vs Forced Point filtering from the Drivers.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

idk it didn't sound agressive to me, but usually I don't take things too personally anyway, editing a wiki can get pretty stressful anyway.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

5. I hadn't thought of it like that. I suppose I assume too much when it comes to those things. I haven't quite nailed doing Fixboxes very well so far. If someone already hasn't moved that removed fix to a fixbox. I should do so.

As for the DLC, it is only a period of about a month. I had figured that being a Key point making it as easily visible as possible to get people to realize it was free for the time period. After the time period was over I was going to remove it.

Expack3 (talkcontribs)

5. If you know how to perform the fix, I'd take a look at the Issues fixed section of Earth 2160 and the Issues unresolved for Hacknet (2015) for examples of the level of explanation necessary for a fixbox.

Reply to "Ok. Seems to be some completely unecessary edits going on here."

Anyone else getting microstuttering? (Use controller, slowly pan the camera)

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

It seems there is persistent dropping of a frame or some sort no matter what settings I try to force with the game.

Performance isn't an issue. But if you slowly move and pan the camera, the motion seems unstable. Like every so many frames it drops one. I'd record a video of it, but for whatever reason (CPU usage most likely since the game seems to be heavy on only about 2 threads), recording at 30FPS drops the framerate to ~28FPS. Making the issue a lot worse.

Aside from that and the broken Vsync (And locked 30FPS). Solid port.

It seems to happen only when Vsync is forced. Without vsync it's perfectly smooth except for the tearing oddly Another oddity is that the framerate without forced Vsync isn't 30.00FPS , but rather 29.9/29.8. Which usually indicates Vsync is engaged at 30FPS. Otherwise it would be reporting 30.0 rather than 29.9/8 (Which is usually what will be reported on a 30hz sync on a 60hz monitor) At startup it is also reporting 19.9/20 FPS, also indicating that Vsync is supposedly engaged.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

OK. So I finally got the In game Vsync working thanks to someone's recommendation that you turn it on in game and then restart the game. It wasn't working for me until I used the "Quit" button instead of Alt-F4'ing out.

It's worth noting that even with it enabled Forcing Driver Vsync over it still cause microstuttering.

Mirh (talkcontribs)

You may be want to check this

Also, the v-sync notes section is a bit too big imo.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Feel free to reword if if you can make it better.

As of the latest patch, I haven't had too many problems using the in-game vsync aside from the latency.

Forcing Vsync or 1/2 Vsync still didn't work without constant stuttering. But I was unaware of this. I might have to try it.

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Ok, so I finally checked out that. And it doesn't seem to work completely for me on Windows 7.

With 1/2 Sync forced with the fix, (With Adaptive Vsync turned off mind you), the game seems to turn off the vsync or speed limit at random. Causing the game to speed up a ton for apparently no reason.

There is also a ton more input lag than with just 1/2 Sync and vanilla (With microstuttering)

And after testing more, it turns out the in game vsync has microstuttering too.

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