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Is it me or is the first mission which is the heil mission capped at 30 fps while the rest of the game after that is not

PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)
cuz my fps went from 30 on the dot on heil mission to up to 200 fps after that mission so if that is the case how would you even label this issue in the page
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BONKERS (talkcontribs)

I did not put the information about the AA flag in my edit simply because I cannot remember enough to personally verify it works without fucking around with some stuff.

There was significant discussion in a German forum when the game first came out about having to unlock the encrypted .ini files and changing a certain setting for MSAA to work with the retail build. (Something like running the game at not the highest preset level) (I do remember things were different between the final retail and the demo builds in terms of what worked and what didn't)

I tested it myself a few years ago and do remember there being issues and specific circumstances. But I don't remember those exactly, so I didn't think it was my place to put information I didn't know for sure worked 100%. Putting it in my AA Spreadsheet at Guru3D is one thing since people can easily experiment and follow the information trail with common sense.

But things here need to be a bit more concrete wouldn't you say?

So, I only removed information I KNEW to be completely 100% false and simply left a comment about requiring specific settings and what not. I think I ran out of characters to add that someone would need to test these to find the specific circumstances to make it work.

So unless you have personally tested it for MSAA to work with the flag given without having to change things in the .ini files. I don't think the information belongs.

As for FXAA, I don't really consider it. It, much like SMAA 1x is totally useless on it's own until it's mixed with other methods (Like Downsampling). But more importantly, I don't remember whether the game has built in FXAA or not either. (It would be FXAA since it's built into UE3)

TerminatorOST (talkcontribs)

I've tested MSAA, it didn't give me any artifacts or bugs. Also, the game doesn't have built in FXAA, you have to force it. Also, FXAA counts as antialiasing, whether you like it or not :)

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Sure it does count. If I knew whether the game had it or not. I still would've put it in there regardless of how I feel about it. :)

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Also: It's worth mentioning that Spec Ops has a behavior flag in the driver profile that will prevent AA overrides from working (0x00000005) that needs to be removed when forcing. I'll add that.

Mirh (talkcontribs)

FXAA (and MLAA) weren't integrated until July 11 2011 build for the records.

Aside of that, you'd better check AA revamp discussion.

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Mars icecream (talkcontribs)
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Remoteman213 (talkcontribs)

It says that mouse acceleration cannot be disable due to the encryption of the .ini files, but they can be decrypted as listed on the page. Does this mean mouse acceleration can be disabled? If so would I have to set bMouseSmoothing and m_ViewAccelEnabled to false? Has anyone tried this and does it work? Thanks.

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