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Deton24 (talkcontribs)

Standalone mod, of very high quality (for some people, it's even better than Lost Alpha).

It would be nice to create separate game entry like for Lost Alpha.

Temporary added in Call of Pripyat modifications.

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Suicide machine (talkcontribs)

Is there some kind of a standard in which we can state objectively that Call of Pripyat is badly optimised? I've played the game on a PC that I have right now, except I used to have 250GTS instead of 7770HD and it used to run pretty good - although I didn't really maxed things out. Still it ran more than 40fps for the most part.

And now, when I use 7770HD, I reinstalled a game, patched it up, maxed everything out, DX11, tessellation - ~50... for the most part. Framerate drops down near bars to 30, but this is understandable - there are many NPCs in there. And it isn't an awful looking game, either... especially seeing all these dynamic shadows, godrays etc. I asked 2 other friends that did play the game - nobody really complained about its optimisation.

That's not really something that I'd call a bad optimisation. In fact I think, stating that Call of Pripyat is badly optimised does a great disservice to a game. That is not to I go all fanboy now - I realize Call of Prypiat has its faults - saving game causes it to free for a moment and there are some problems where a game can lag for a moment, when loading some area, but once again - when I hear bad optimisation - what usually comes to mind is that the game doesn't look good and it runs badly in general (for example - Cryostasis or Ghost Basters [by Terminal Reality]).

So, isn't this "poorly optimised" too subjective in this case?

Ricardinho (talkcontribs)

I was not really sure about this one, i had always problems, when it comes to this game. framerate is never really stable atleast for me, quite a lot of stuttering even when it was patched with the 4gb patch. But i see your points, i forgot that stalker is open world game like fallout:NV for example, who need to load constantly. It ran pretty sluggish even on my gamingpc (gtx 560/i7) who i bought in 2011. But then fallout had his own far share of problems aswell and lag issues. Probably my expections were too high, due my past experiences with order games. i removed the key point. my apologies.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Try and find at least 3 sources, that being blog posts, forum posts, reviews, etc. that criticize the PC version for being poorly optimized and then use them as references. I believe that's enough to make the claim. There's no real statistic we can track to decide this.

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