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Change resolution to 1280 x720 on RC Deluxe.

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I've tried the resolution change with the hex editor but on the Deluxe version, the string seems to be different on that version, has anyone found a solution to that? thx (talkcontribs)

I suspect this is why the GoG and Steam releases reportedly don't work.

It might be only the newer (DRM Free) release that has this change.

There were a handful of patches to the game rolled into this release (you can get the patchset from the support website of the publisher): Support of filesystems with case-sensitivity. (Likely not an issue) Support for modern DirectX graphics contexts. (Most likely cause.) Sunset patch for SafeDisk DRM (Possible, but unlikely)

On the removal of the SafeDisk DRM, Depends on how invasive the SafeDisk version used is and if it affects the "marker string" around the bytes to be changed. If the bytes to be changed are inline this is very unlikely unless a highly invasive variant of Safedisk was used. If they are in a constant table it depends if safedisk related constants are directly next to them.

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