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NFS5.CAR has the following bugs - The 550 A Spyder doesn't have any tires to install. The 1960 356B cars don't allow the standard bumper. The 911 (993) cars don't allow rim style 4. The 1997 911 doesn't allow professional racing brakes. The 1997 911 allows class 1 and 2 carbon fiber quarter panels. NFS5.CAR can be fixed, such as including 550 normal tires, 550 rain tires or 550 slicks, allowing standard bumpers on the 356B, ... , only allow class 2 carbon fiber quarter panels on the 1997 911.

These fixes to NFS5.CAR were included in one of the (now shutdown) download patches, made for players having issues with the EA updater, but only a small fraction of players did the update this way, and did or redid career mode after installing the ftp download patch in order to get these fixes. Many in the online community were concerned about the existing records for the 550A Spyder made without tires (it defaulted to normal tires instead of slicks) so didn't want the fix, falsely or unknowingly claiming that it was never fixed by EA (since the fix was only in that download patch). EA severs were shutdown long ago, and the most recent site, iplounge has virtually no activity.

The web sites hosting this fix come and go, so do a web search to find a fix. A player would also need to redo career mode or download a save made with the fixes.

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