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Use Nvidia Inspector to run the game at the "right speed" (see edit 2) with modern systems, and dgVoodoo2 to run it at 1280x1024.

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Hi, I was trying to play "this game" (I explain this later) on a more or less modern system (i5 4690k, gtx 960), and the game runned too fast while uncapped and too slow with vsync, even at 60fps. OS used is Win 7 professional 32bit.

So, as it was clear the game speed was framerate bound, I managed to get it running at the correct speed using Nvidia Inspector with 144.4fps frame limiter, although the in-game fraps shows 123-127fps. Why this figure? With a lower cap I calculated how many frames had to be drawn in order to pass 10 seconds in the game, and adjusted it to something close (it was a little more than 130fps but it seems fine like it is now, the difference is not big anyway).

So what's the thing with the quotation marks? Well, apart from saying how I managed to get it running right, I have to say this is not actually Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2, but a rebrand version of it released in 2003 as a free game included in Kellogs Frosties cereals. But since the game engine is probably the exact same, I wanted to warn you to use Inspector instead of Rivatuner Statistics Server or DxWind frame limiters: at least I wasn't able to cap it with those two programs. I don't know why, but I guess the game just refuses to acknowledge any high level software setting and that probably Inspector setting works because it probably is working at a lower software level, but I don't know if even the later statements are true. I hope this was helpful for somebody that reads this. Sadly I was unable to make it run at a higher res than 640x480. If I manage something else worth noting I'll post it. :)

Edit: I think it's worth noting that I'm running the cpu at 4.3ghz, as limiting the CPU speed to 800mhz by setting CPU maximum processor state to "0%" (min was at "0%" too), setting which is located on power settings -> advanced, lowered the speed of the game (but not enough), maybe clock speed by itself is relevant (it could also be only the raw power difference between 0.8 vs 4.3ghz). Seems that the game already uses only one core, but to avoid any issues, this is the content of the batch file (.txt file converted to .bat) that I made to run the game always on the first core:

start /affinity 1 C:\"Program Files"\"Ubi Soft"\KFGP\mgprs_d.exe

I also set threaded optimization to off in Nvidia Control Panel for the game. But I guess it is enough with any of those two options alone.

Edit 2: sadly, it seems that the physics are broken at this fps rate. The other drivers on expert level in normal mode (not retro) seems to have way better downforce than me. In retro mode (1950 cars and 1 track) the car turns better if I make ridiculously high steering inputs.

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