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Claudinegtr (talkcontribs)

Recently purchased Warchest from gog, and I've noticed some very annoying lines in the sky forming a cube-like structure.

I'm using win10 and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050i.

Does any one know how to fix this?

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Compact (talkcontribs) Second fixbox.

Does this actually work? I tested this on my game(GOG version) and no matter what I do, when I check in game value of r_gldriver, the value is opengl32, not 3dfxgl. The 3dfxgl.dll is provided with GOG version. I do not own Origin version of the game, so I can't test this. But given that the in-game value does not change, I'm suspecting these instructions may not work, unless it's enough to fool Origin overlay not to load.

Deton24 (talkcontribs)

Well, the command itself works, but for me, it was this way (written in console): seta r_gldriver "3dfxgl.dll"

And I doubt it will work with stock library attached. I used glidirect wrapper (it was on purpose of Reshade 1/2).

The contribution you mentioned was not made by me. Although I had Origin version and it's possible that it will disable the overlay permanently anyway. Although, glidirect will introduce performance overlay on weak CPUs and some graphical changes, so I doubt it's worth it. PS. Of course, if you want to use gldirect, copy its opengl32.dll to the game directory and rename to 3dfxgl.dll, or write in console opengl32.dll. Both method should work, but generally putting opengl32.dll won't require any game config/console changes.

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Anonymous (talkcontribs)

This one is confusing me. A link is provided. The archive's content appears inconsistent.

First, the structure, it provides its own how-to, featuring a .bat script. This seems unnecessary as all it does is to copy some files, something you are asked to do yourself in step 2 (different files) anyway.

I've re-packaged it (and scanned it, a few times). I am however not comfortable with making any changes to the guide here on PCGW, before I better understand how this works.

The how-to that's in the archive tells you to set your output in Control Panel to 48kHz. At the same time, in the folder you are asked to copy into your games base folder (which is explained as "near game exe"), there's a file named alsoft.ini. Here, there's these lines: frequency=44100 default-hrtf=44100

To explain; 48kHz = 48000. So this file, is using 44.1kHz.

This section also uses a configuration line in unnamedsoldier.cfg. I am not sure if autoexec.cfg would override the value, or skip any duplicates.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

Can you provide instructions for where to extract and move the various files of your archive? That would allow me to update the instructions on the article appropriately.

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

Sure, the content of the MOHAA folder goes to the game's base directory. The entire OpenAL folder (not just its contents) to your %APPDATA% folder.

Compact (talkcontribs)

MOHAA has a maximum of 44.1 kHz in its settings. And since alsoft is also specifying 44.1 kHz, in this case asking to set output in Control Panel to 48 kHz is wrong, as it creates distracting phasing issues hearable in the game as screeching from time to time.

This certainly needs to be corrected.

It's also best to change the config file for autoexec, since that's what we've tried to standardize.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

I'm not entirely sure of what steps, exactly, are necessary with the new archive. I've gotten as far as this:

  1. Download HRTF for MoHAA.
  2. Extract the archive to a temporary folder.
  3. Move the contents of the MOHAA folder to <path-to-game>.
  4. Move the OpenAL folder to %APPDATA%.

But then the old instructions basically describes creating and using autoexec.cfg, which I am not certain it still applies to this new archive or not? Basically, are step 4-6 still applicable, or are they redundant using this new prepackaged archive?

Compact (talkcontribs)

Yea. The step with changing s_milesdriver is still necessary. We now want to put this line into autoexec.cfg instead of unnamedsoldier.cfg like it was before(I changed this in the current steps, before it was pointing to unnamedsoldier). Changing the output in windows to 44.1khz is still necessary, otherwise there will be audio artifacts - this step was inside of zip file in txt file, we can now put this with the instructions on PCGW.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

Ah, okay. I've published the new instructions for the first few steps. Please read it through and see if it covers everything that needs to be covered.

Compact (talkcontribs)

Looks good.

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Anonymous (talkcontribs)

Started making some edits, using autoexec.cfg mostly. There is a lot of mentions of unnamedsoldier.cfg, and newconfig.cfg. It seems to me that you can effectively have asd.cfg, not_a_file.cfg, or others. It's more about the '.cfg' extention.

Autoexec.cfg seems to be common, although possibly not a standard per say. Much easier to maintain than modifying the auto-generated unnamedsoldier.cfg, though.

Haven't found any definitive documentation about all the possible options, so best effort on some options.

Compact (talkcontribs)

I edited rest of the sections to point to autoexec.cfg. Autoexec is quite standard in ID tech engine and its modifications and this file is usually loaded automatically, hence it's name, as a last cfg. Game also never writes to this file.

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

I see you have made a lot of improvements, great job!

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Mirh (talkcontribs)
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Djbarney (talkcontribs)

I though the article could do with some improvements seeing as this is such a classic well known game. It would be a shame if it were more difficult than necessary for people to get it working.

  1. The settings file situation is not very clearly explained. Are settings supposed to go in "unamedsoldier" or "newconfig" ? There also seems to be some contradicting information.
  2. The article could do with a link to or explanation of what they settings actually do. Quake engine docs ?
  3. The updated audio drivers could be useful for some systems but I found the positional audio was inaccurate and the default miles driver produces more accurate and clearer sound. For example with the 3D (EAX) drivers footstep sounds appear to be coming from either side of you rather than below. I did apply Alchemy for EAX by installing to MOHAA root directory, not sure if that's required for Miles 2D Audio.
  4. Could do with mention of having to start as administrator as the default install location means that the game can't write out its own settings files.
  5. I found my MOHAA Deluxe Edition would install but would not work in Windows 7. There appears to be no fix apart from some mention of updated "opengl32.dll" but none of the new files provided made a difference. However it was fine in Vista.
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unnamedsoldier.cfg and newconfig.cfg not showing up in game folder.

Smurfman256 (talkcontribs)

Bought the retail version at a Goodwill, installed it today, tried changing the config files to support my widescreen display and change the FOV and they were not in the folders listed. Hell, even the "configs" folder wasn't there. Could somebody give me a hand with this?

Keith (talkcontribs)

Hmm, did you try running the game as administrator? Maybe the files are getting redirected to %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\

You could also try creating a custom.cfg file in <path-to-game>\main\ and adding the lines to that instead.

Smurfman256 (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the reply. The cheeky little buggers were hiding in the VitrualStore.

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