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OneDrive as "native support" for cloud syncing should be changed to "hackable"

Maleriandro (talkcontribs)

I think all games that have OneDrive as "native support" for cloud syncing should be changed to "hackable". Because it's definitively not a native support solution (I remember you that the definition of native support in this wiki is "This feature can be configured natively (in-game or through the game's launcher or configuration/setup tool).").

The hackable definition: "This feature can be added or configured via modifications, console commands, etc. This state overrides any of the other states." is a lot more suitable for this kind of workaround of not having other type of cloud syncing.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

Good point. I am not sure exactly why I went for true to begin with but it might have to do with how the OneDrive functionality does not require any "hacking" on its own to enable it for a game, beyond enabling the backup of the Documents folder in OneDrive. In that regard, a true "hackable" setting would be required for games that supported changing the location of save files natively, and the user would have to manually change that to store its saves within the Documents folder.

Regardless, I've changed things around so "hackable" is now the value set and shown on game articles.

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