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Mirh (talkcontribs)
  • Tools for crashes (hopefully at least one compares to WinDbg)
  • LD_DEBUG=files can be used as a sort of FileMon
  • cd /proc/<pid>/ and cat cmdline environ maps kind of make up for ProcExp

Flow chart to boot:
Firmware > bootloader > kernel > initrd > init (systemd) > display manager > session > X > window manager? > shell

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LinixTree (talkcontribs)

I'm thinking about making this page more 'gamer-centric'. A lot of space is given for general Linux fixes and knowledge that is not essential for gamers and requires better understanding of Linux than should be expected from someone casually using the OS. I suppose a few years ago, when it was being written, this stuff was important, but right now I feel like it's cluttering the page. Also, some things are simply outdated.

If noone has any objections, I'm going to make a major refactor to include new Steam Proton stuff and remove a lot of non-essential info to make the page more beginner-friendly.

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SirYodaJedi (talkcontribs)
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Note that some fixes are somewhat Debian/Ubuntu-specific

Nullable (talkcontribs)

The "graphics drivers" fix is written as if it's generic to all of Linux, but uses Debian/Ubuntu-specific details (APT, policy of only including FOSS software) with no notice. For example, while Jockey exists on Arch, the package is just named jockey, and you need to semi-manually compile it from source (although you shouldn't need it on Arch, since Arch generally has a policy of being less strict on the FOSS-only front, as well as being more up-to-date).

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The part about running games in a new X server should be in the linux section of every linux game

Dr jackd (talkcontribs)

Most of the issues people have with games is because of a window manager.

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