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Relook the Essential Improvements section; is forcing the new file cutscene to render in realtime really essential?

Summary by Spudpiggy

It's longer than I thought it was

Spudpiggy (talkcontribs)

It's literally a cutscene that plays for a few seconds when you start a new game. Why is it listed as an "essential" improvement>

SirYodaJedi (talkcontribs)

A: It actually lasts a whole minute.
B: Rendering the cutscene in real-time allows it to display at higher resolutions than 720p.
C: The definition of an "essential" improvement is inherently subjective; this minor file modification is easy to do and can benefit a wide range of players, therefore it fits. Kinda like how "skip intro videos" are often included in that section; you don't need to skip a 15-second splash screen, but doing so is beneficial because it gets you in the game faster.

Spudpiggy (talkcontribs)

Oh yeah lol I hadn't played in a long time because the only other versions of the game are for platforms I can't easily access and I was never that interested in LB1 tbh

SirYodaJedi (talkcontribs)

It isn't possible to move the save/config file location out of %LOCALAPPDATA% unfortunately, but it is possible to change the name of the directory where it is located. Using the EGS version, this information is found in the executable at the offset 45120C.

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