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Unsure about color blind filter

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"The wiki definition of "color blind mode" allows for filters. See PCGamingWiki:Editing guide/Video. Explain the limitations on the talk page and consider setting to limited if accurate"

The wiki defines color blind mode as "Support for alternate filters/color schemes to assist people with color blindness." With an emphasis on "assist", I suppose my question is, directed towards people who are actually colorblind: do these filters actually assist with color blindness? The entry used to state that the filters only simulated color blindness (which I imagine means so people without color blindness can imagine what it's like to be colorblind, right?) and that's why I copied that entry from here to KH1.5+2.5 HD too, before it got reverted and changed here too. But do these settings actually help/assist with colorblindness in these games and make things easier to see? (talkcontribs)

"Search for 35 FA 0E 3C BC 74 and replace with 35 FA 38 3C BC 74 for a 21:9 aspect ratio..."

The FOV change makes the vertical FOV much bigger than it is by default.

Should be "35 FA 28 3C BC 74" instead of "35 FA 38 3C BC 74" to keep it the same as the original.

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