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Moving Steam Workshop files away from the system drive

Mars icecream (talkcontribs)
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PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

Can anyone turn this into a fix box on the page cuz idk how to do fix boxs really and if i tried i wouldnt be doing it right i rather someone who knows how to do it here I found fix to people who want to use nivdia flex that have the card for it that allows it yet is greyed out or a card that is lower then the flex allows but is also greyed out for them.

go to documents/mygames/killing floor 2/kfgame/config youll see a file called GFXSettings.KFGame its a xml file open it up with wordpad or what ever scroll down to the bottom see the flex section replace it with the following

<OPTION Name="Flex" Registered="True" Type="Integer" Value="2"> <RANGE MinValue="0" MaxValue="2" NumSteps="2" />

This will get you gibs and fluids I am only speculateing changeing the 2s to 1s will make it use gibs. I am sorry for poor grammer

PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)


RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)
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PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

theres a thing on this page to disable it curious what is it exactly I looked it up on google not getting a exact answer.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

From what I have understood, it's technique to load textures from drive when needed and only the quality they are needed, instead of loading everything. If you have ever seen game going from mushy looking to regular when level/model is loaded, that's texture streaming. Really good thing on lower end systems, games with only 32-bit executable as well as consoles and many Unreal 3 games use it.

However the downside is that there can be fps drops especially in high paced action, which is more visible when playing from HDD instead of SSD. Not sure about any other downsides.

I should actually research this more, as having 16 gigs of RAM should give me huge improvements with this.

EDIT: Also seems to fix long loading times.

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