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Adding an item but it was already removed

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I was looking at revisions and noticed taau was added and then removed. Why is skipping intro videos and cheating to unlock the hardest difficulty on the wiki page but something that helped me get 60fps at 1440p (60% slider) was removed? Is skipping intro videos more important than visual quality and performance? Without taau the games normal upsample method is terrible and I had to play to 30fps because lowering the resolution setting enough to hit 60 looked horrible but with taau it actually looked great

D0x360 (talkcontribs)

I added it but I was told it's too generic. I made the argument that things like skip intro videos was more generic but was shot down.

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Managed to change Map button! Need someone to double check.

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Hey guys. I don't know how to update here so I'll just leave it on discussion.

Since I wanted Map set on Tab I changed two actions that were set as M to Tab. Those where: (ActionName="DebugMenuB",Key=Tab) (ActionName="Select",Key=Tab)

Also after the audio settings part I noticed there was an incomplete (ActionName=Map So I changed to (ActionName=Map ,Key=Tab) and after opening the game this didn't revert back.

Now I don't know which of those 3 did the trick (my bet is on ActionName="Select") but if anyone could double check this and add it to the wiki that would be awesome!

Rose (talkcontribs)


Thanks for sharing. That works and is now in the article.

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