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RTSS/Nvidia Framerate capping first instead of SpecialK?

Sidspyker (talkcontribs)

I think we should include a section for frame rate limiting via Nvidia Control Panel/Nvidia Inspector and RivaTuner as the default and easier options rather than SpecialK which can be added as an advanced option.

The correct settings to use for SpecialK for this particular game at the moment is too hard to follow and trying to follow the discussion for it is very messy on the official forum. Kaldaien(mod creator) is an opinionated person and is pushing for using Borderless as better or equivalent to exclusive fullscreen.

Most people want to get better more consistent frametimes and not have to deal with waitable swapchains and flipmode and all the juggling between fullscreen and borderless between both the game's settings as well as the config file for SpecialK.

Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

Seconded, was thinking about making a similar post asking about this here too.

From what I've heard SK might have slightly better frametimes than other methods, but for a game which already uses 100% of my CPU I'm not really sure if using SK is going to help or hinder that. Did notice when debugging something that SK would spawn a bunch of extra threads though, eg. stuff like "[SK] D3D11 Screenshot Capture"

I already have to close down pretty much every app before starting the game... after I saw SK using more threads for things I don't use I decided to uninstall it (it was only 5 or 6 extra threads, but I'm already CPU-bound as it is...)

Just my 2 cents, don't have anything against SK of course, but it could be a good idea to at least mention the nvidia/RTSS methods, so people know there's more options than that awful in-game limiter. (talkcontribs)

Uh, are you trying to tell me you would like me to actually run things on existing threads? I offload as many tasks to threads as I can in my software to make things the absolute highest performance possible. This is why I can get screenshots throughput in 1/4 the time the Steam overlay does. Don't add extra code to a game's threads, it's rude. Create your own threads and let the system multi-task.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

This is exactly why I made dedicated section about framerate capping into FPS article, so that articles can link to that and then that can be edited with new information and software over time. This leaves the choise of method to hands of user, but they can made educated choise with the table. Glossary:Frame_rate_(FPS)#Frame_rate_capping

Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

A link to that page was added by Aemony, thanks, only suggestion is maybe it's worth listing the three known-better methods under the link too?

Maybe something like "Special K, RTSS & nVidia Control Panel are known to work better than the games built-in limiter", so people know which ones to look for on that page.

(Also seems the page hasn't been updated with the new frame-limiter inside nVidia Control Panel yet neither, pretty sure I saw some places saying it's as good as/better than RTSS, but I don't have any sources for that atm... I'll try looking into updating that soon if nobody else gets to it)

D0x360 (talkcontribs)

Absolutely, especially because there are so many games where 1 method works better or more importantly when one method introduces major issues whether it's frame pacing issues or it won't run at the cap.

Great example is Far Cry 6. Using the Nvidia cp cap works fine but using the one in game doesn't. If you set it to 60 in game it will usually run about 4 fps below the cap.

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Change the Name to Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

3 (talkcontribs)

That is what the game is called on GOG, EGS and Steam

Aemony (talkcontribs)

No need -- the page "Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition" already exists and redirects here.

We also further expand on the title in the introduction section:

The PC version of the game is available for Windows and distributed through Epic Games Store, Steam and GOG as the Complete Edition, which includes The Frozen Wilds expansion, along with a digital art book and additional in-game items, weapons and outfits. (talkcontribs)

Fair enough, wasn't aware of the redirection

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"Nora Lookout" and "Nora Longshot Bow" not included in PC release

Tallcat (talkcontribs)

This content was apparently retail exclusive pre-order and not included in the complete edition on console either. Not sure if it can be unlocked via cheats, but it might be worth mentioning.

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Texture flickering after forcing x16 anistrophic filtering in nvidia control panel

2600:1000:BE0C:1020:B511:AB82:1E84:A7CA (talkcontribs)

Textures were glitching. As per suggestions, I downgraded from 451.85 driver to 451.67. After restarting the game, shaders compiled and it was fixed.

However, after further researching other user experiences, I upgraded back to 451.85 and noticed that the issue was still fixed for me after re-compiling the shaders again. I then set anisotropic filtering back to application controlled, and textures started glitching again. Re-compiled shaders, the issue was fixed. Set it back to x16 anisotropic filtering, flickering textures. Recompild, fix.

The fix is not downgrading your textures, but simply re-compiling shaders after having changed the anisotropic filtering settings in the nvidia control panel.

In order to help other users who change anistrophic filtering, I've made another edit here ( to let users know that they need to delete the shaders file to recompile shaders after changing this setting, or else they'll get flickering textures.

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Creative sound cards seem to cause audio delays

1 (talkcontribs)

I don't know the proper way to edit/source this, but I was getting sound effects from robots minutes after I had killed them. Switching to motherboard sound completely fixed the issue.

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