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"Low FPS caused by Denuvo" removed, was this removed because it's considered encouraging piracy?

8 (talkcontribs)

The game runs better without the Denuvo EXE, and no file was provided. Why was this section removed?

CAPCOM accidentally let the file out, it's a loose, public file, now. I think it's fair people coming here for fixes should be able to see it.

Aemony (talkcontribs)
Aemony (talkcontribs)
Cicala (talkcontribs)

It's considered encouraging piracy. Mods are fine [obviously], but I'd never think PCGW would stoop as low as to imply pirating and or running modified exes/files for the benefit of circumventing DRM practices regardless of justified or unjustified reasons.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

@Cicala: I hope you're fine with the section as it is written right now, but if you have ideas for how to improve it I am open to them. The reasoning why we currently include a mention of it is because of:

  • topics like this, where visitors questions the lack of a mention of it.
  • the reported performance benefit it might have, that is relevant for some of our visitors (Digital Foundry's report/confirmation weights heavily here)
  • and because its a grey area from the perspective of many visitors, as it is technically not a DRM-free executable (it still requires Steam despite how easy that component is to circumvent).

I personally am split on the matter as I also saw it as partially encouraging piracy, which is why I initially removed the previous section entirely when I saw that it wasn't available for download any longer, but as another staff member of PCGW raised the subject that we might still want to mention it after having seen this thread we sorta landed on the current section as is.

The intent with the section as phrased is to highlight the scenarios where it might reportedly be helpful, and focus primarily on that and not the fact that it's an executable with one of the DRM layers missing. It is not meant to encourage piracy, and if you feel that it does I am open to suggestions on how to improve the phrasing.

I also tried to write it in such a way that random visitors visiting the article understands that there's a reason why PCGW doesn't link to the file directly, as otherwise we'd probably get random visitors popping in and adding download links that works in the section every now and then, which we do not want nor need.

Cicala (talkcontribs)

>The included Denuvo Anti-Tamper protection of the game have reportedly a CPU performance hit[1] that might affect the average frame rate experienced in some scenes depending on the performance of the CPU. This can be improved by using a leaked executable of the game that lacks Denuvo.

// Possible Change: //

The included Denuvo Anti-Tamper protection may reportedly have a CPU performance hit[1] that might affect the average frame rate experienced in some scenes depending on the performance of the CPU. Performance varies when compared with the game running on a leaked executable.

>Valve/Capcom have removed the download depot for the executable and the file is no longer available for download, although unauthorized copies of it might still exist elsewhere.

-- note [This is not needed, people in this day and age know where they can pirate a game, or circumvent DRM, since this site is for the benefit of the user whilst remaining above board I think any reference to using such files should be forbidden. Afaik the only executable available that is widespread is the cracked exe released by the scene, This would coincide with reports of a missing EXE in early unlocks on release day and very little people know how to use Steam Console to download earlier files.]

>The leaked executable is from a QA build and might have other unexpected differences or changes to it than solely the Denuvo protection. If used, it is best to recheck all issues experienced while using it with the original executable as well to be on the safe side.

-- note [Unsure on this third bit, is there any information off site regarding this being a QA build executable, just for curiosity sake?]

Hopefully this explains my position fully on this topic.

I think adjust the first bit, and if the exe is part of a different game build add a reference if possible.

Cicala (talkcontribs)

Sorry I have no idea what this site uses for formatting, is it BBCode in these message sections, or is it same as the Wiki editor? I wanted to try to get into this again mainly to fill out games that haven't been filled in.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll probably implement them all when I get to a PC later.

Regarding what formatting the talk pages uses, I believe it might be Wikipedia’s typical formatting, which would mean this is bold and this is italic...

All we know about the executable is that is comes from the QA_master_tu2 branch on Steam, which was dated as last updated on March 2. For comparison, there’s another QA branch called QA_tu2_master that was dated later, including a QA_master_denuvo_release also dated later. All of these have separate build IDs, meaning they do not share identical content with another branch, and so we can’t assume they’re all identical to one another.

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