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Azulath (talkcontribs)

Where did we get that slow hard drive mode might result in the issues mentioned?

Aemony (talkcontribs)

No idea. I've added a [citation needed] tag to the end of the sentence.

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Azulath (talkcontribs)

Based on Infogram1's INI dump I went ahead and adjusted the cache like so:


Budget = 3221225472

EvictAgeLimit = 60

This should increase the cache size from 20MiB to 3GiB. It seemed like the VRAM allocation did increase but I'm not entirely sure. I'm also wondering if different RT settings result in different cache sizes...

Anyway, if additional people could test this, I would be more than thankful.

Deton24 (talkcontribs)

Any performance gain?

Azulath (talkcontribs)

Since CP2077 doesn't have an integrated benchmark it is harder to make any assumptions. I seemed like it allocated more VRAM than before which should not reduce the performance and it seems reasonable that a larger cache shod result in performance gains.

However, it might be some time before I can truly claim anything of that sort and I'm grateful for anyone who is additionally testing it.

Deton24 (talkcontribs)
Azulath (talkcontribs)

Thanks, but this is something different. I'm not changing the memorypoolbudgets.csv file but I'm creating a new one which uses existing ini settings. (talkcontribs)

try GeometryUpdateBufferSizeMB and ScratchBufferSizeMB

Azulath (talkcontribs)

Thanks, I will have a look at those when I find some time :-)

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I want to use one of the side buttons to dodge, but I can't figure out what the game calls the side buttons internally. I tried rebinding things to the side mouse buttons ingame then looking for those binds in the file but I couldn't find them anywhere. (talkcontribs)

I tried button IDs and IK_Mouse4 worked, was expecting it to be SideMouse or ThumbMouse of something bc the other mouse IDs use words but i guess not

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2A02:8071:2CA7:8E00:FDAB:27C7:3D8A:2628 (talkcontribs)

The game settings provide settings for inner and outer deadzones, which is really neet in theory.

However, my inner deadzone is HUGE, even after turning corresponding setting to 0. Does anyone else experience the same issue?

(Yes, I prefer playing the game with a controller for better car handling and smoother camera movement below 60fps)

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Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

Found a way to change the cvar-like options without needing to patch the EXE file, seems it's handled through the INI files inside engine\config\platform\pc & engine\config\base dirs, any INI files inside there should be read by the game AFAIK (at least, debug.ini seemed to work).

(EDIT: I'd advise creating a new INI inside "engine\config\platform\pc" instead of editing any existing INI, otherwise the changes could be overwritten by future updates, or possibly break the updater used by GOG - using the platform\pc dir should let the settings override any other setting too)

INI section is the section name of the setting, then you can add the settings themselves like normal INI entries.

eg. for disabling antialiasing, you can add the following:



Would be nice if someone can confirm this works for them too.

(AFAIK people have already started work on tools that can patch these settings in the EXE, but those are just for the boolean on/off settings, hopefully through the INI files we should be able to change the integer/string ones too)

Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

I've also dumped a mostly complete list of the settings that can be changed thru INI files, not fully complete though since I couldn't figure how to dump string settings values yet... those probably aren't that interesting anyway. (EDIT: figured out how to dump strings too, updated link below)

List can be found here:

E: Also made a list of some of the EXE parameters I've found, could be worth mentioning some of these in the article?

Renderingfiend (talkcontribs)

I can confirm that this does work, great find! I've changed a variety of ini settings with your info, and the command line parameters work as well.

Since the new patch introduced some new bugs, I'm wondering if you know what patch 1.03 exe ini values were set to. We might be able to fix some new patch issues ourselves temporarily if we know if some are caused by ini changes.

  • Edit*

Downloading old 1.03 patch now. Can you explain how you dumped these settings? Without knowing how to do that it's not possible to see what was changed.

Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

Glad to hear, and it wasn't too hard to dump luckily, but isn't really that trivial neither, had to patch in a hook into the EXE so it'd capture the setting names/values when they were inited by the game (even then I'm not 100% sure it's dumping every setting that's available, could be other ways they get inited that the dumper isn't handling)

Would probably work on 1.03 too but I'd have to get a copy of the 1.03 EXE to get the right function offsets for the hook, might need the 1.03 data files as well to make sure the values are correct..

I only have 1.04 here atm though, maybe I'll try clearing some space and look into it soon, or if anyone already has the full 1.03 game available I could probably post a DLL that can dump the settings, once I get hold of 1.03 EXE to update the offsets anyway.

Renderingfiend (talkcontribs)

I'd uploaded the bin folder, but pcgamingwiki thinks I'm a bot, so I don't know how to post the link without it flagging it.

If you'd rather acquire the old patch yourself, I followed the tutorial here in order to revert to 1.03: (Look in the comments section):

If you don't feel like finding the offsets, no problem, I realize you'd be the one doing all the work.

Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

Figured a way to dump the string settings too, here's a more complete list of them:

Some neat settings to note there:


DefaultGameDefinition = "base\quest\demos\e3_2018\definitions\q003_end_night.gamedef"

FallbackGameDefinition = "base\quest\demos\e3_2018\e3_2018.gamedef"

SelectedGameDefinition = ""

Think I can probably dump 1.03 settings using just the EXE too, I'll look into it some more later.


E: figured out a way to dump the settings at runtime (in this case, dumped after loading into a save), instead of when they're first added by the EXE, so should have more accurate default values now: (talkcontribs)

Is there a way to disable enemy health bar with some of these settings? (talkcontribs)

Hi, quick question;

When you say "create a new INI file...INI section is the section name of the setting" Do you mean that I should just create an .ini file with a random name...include the section...change the value? And will it than take the value from that ini file? How does the game distinguish what ini file to reference?

Sorry, might be quite the nooby question, but I want to start fiddling around with it but don'tr want to break my game :)

Thanks in advance for the elaboration! Great find!

Volkert (talkcontribs)


What's this part do ? (talkcontribs)

Especialy the first part [AI] CodeTweakActionsEnabled = true EnableLowFPSDetection = true LOD0BucketSize = 0 LOD0TickRate = 1 LOD1BucketSize = 16 LOD1TickRate = 4 LOD2BucketSize = 16 LOD2TickRate = 8 LOD3TickRate = 16 LODUpdatePeriod = 1.000000 LowFPSThresholdMax = 29 LowFPSThresholdMin = 24 VariableTickRateEnabled = true

I try to change the LOD for avoid popping

Infogram1 (talkcontribs)

When you say "create a new INI file...INI section is the section name of the setting" Do you mean that I should just create an .ini file with a random name...include the section...change the value? And will it than take the value from that ini file? How does the game distinguish what ini file to reference?

Yep, any filename is fine, the game seems to read from any filename as long as it ends in .ini and is in the right folder.

I don't know about what order the game reads them in though, I'd guess alphabetical, but I know that INIs inside "engine\config\platform\pc" override any settings from "engine\config\base".

I'm not sure about the LOD stuff, maybe one of the streaming settings can help with that, but that might be handled through some other config file (AFAIK the .archive files contain some configs inside, don't think we can modify them yet though)

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