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CrPr (talkcontribs)

Since this is a bigger change I should explain what my reasoning for removing the following key points is - after all we don't want any edit wars here.

"Graphics options are incredibly limited in-game and without clear explanations in difference between the options."

  • The wording is - odd? That's not a reason for removal though. But the relevance is doubtful, after all the graphics options are more or less complete, they are just not easily accessible. While there are some articles with very good menus mentioned in a key point (usually with a reference), it would be unusual (afaik) to use a key point for mediocre menus, especially when the options do exist (albeit hidden) and there are no references to back up the claim of relevance.

"Numerous options for league and player customization from previous Blood Bowl games have been removed."

  • This is pretty much irrelevant, since the articles job is not to compare different titles.

"Interface appears to be heavily orientated for use with a controller/on console."

  • Unspecific and subjective ('appears to') without providing any reference. Also, given the examples the the editing guide mentions are on a higher level of relevance, probably not relevant enough to justify a key point. After all the menus have full mouse support, them being merely clunky therefore is not a major issue by definition.

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