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Yetanotherpcgwuser (talkcontribs)

The Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch (2.4) has implemented a fix for the mouse problem. It's not necessary to install all files from the patch, only AVP2P5.REZ and steamworks.dll. Commandline option must be edited accordingly: "lithtech.exe ... -rez AVP2P5.REZ"

Wiki code:

Uncontrollable mouse movement

Mouse moves in wavelike pattern when attempting y-axis movement.

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Mirh (talkcontribs)

Are you stupid or what? You don't reply to comments in edit notes.

And above all, you don't totally wipe other people comments. Suicide could even be all the wrong in this world, but at least he knows how to conduct a discussion.


  1. we are not wikipedia
  2. wikipedia has nothing even to do with recommending fixes in the first place
  3. please, describe without rhetoric what these patches would do to ruin gameplay

Thank you.

Suicide machine (talkcontribs)

And sorry to say, I'm not at all wrong. And even if, there is planty reasons against TBBC (even though I don't see them) - it still does a really good job as a widescreen fix (better than my code injection to some extend).

Suicide machine (talkcontribs)
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Mirh (talkcontribs)
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