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Page Category Glossary
Glossary:4X Genres 4X
Glossary:Abstract Art styles Abstract
Glossary:Action Genres Action
Glossary:Ad-supported Monetization Ad-supported
Glossary:Adult Theme Adult
Glossary:Adventure Genres Adventure
Glossary:Africa Theme Africa
Glossary:American football Sports subcategories American football
Glossary:Amusement park Theme Amusement park
Glossary:Anime Art styles Anime
Glossary:Antarctica Theme Antarctica
Glossary:Arcade Genres Arcade
Glossary:Arctic Theme Arctic
Glossary:ARPG Genres ARPG
Glossary:Art styles Taxonomy Art styles
Glossary:Artillery Genres Artillery
Glossary:Asia Theme Asia
Glossary:Audio-based Perspectives Audio-based
Glossary:Australian football Sports subcategories Australian football
Glossary:Automobile Vehicle subcategories Automobile
Glossary:Baseball Sports subcategories Baseball
Glossary:Basketball Sports subcategories Basketball
Glossary:Battle royale Genres Battle royale
Glossary:Bicycle Vehicle subcategories Bicycle
Glossary:Bird's-eye view Perspectives Bird's-eye view
Glossary:Board Genres Board
Glossary:Boost Microtransactions Boost
Glossary:Bowling Sports subcategories Bowling
Glossary:Boxing Sports subcategories Boxing
Glossary:Brawler Genres Brawler
Glossary:Building Genres Building
Glossary:Bus Vehicle subcategories Bus
Glossary:Business Genres Business
Glossary:Card/tile Genres Card/tile
Glossary:Cartoon Art styles Cartoon
Glossary:CCG Genres CCG
Glossary:Cel-shaded Art styles Cel-shaded
Glossary:Chess Genres Chess
Glossary:China Theme China
Glossary:Cinematic camera Perspectives Cinematic camera
Glossary:Classical Theme Classical
Glossary:Clicker Genres Clicker
Glossary:Cold War Theme Cold War
Glossary:Comedy Theme Comedy
Glossary:Comic book Art styles Comic book
Glossary:Contemporary Theme Contemporary
Glossary:Continuous turn-based Pacing Continuous turn-based
Glossary:Controls Taxonomy Controls
Glossary:Cosmetic Microtransactions Cosmetic
Glossary:Cricket Sports subcategories Cricket
Glossary:Currency Microtransactions Currency
Glossary:Cyberpunk Theme Cyberpunk
Glossary:Dark Theme Dark
Glossary:Darts/target shooting Sports subcategories Darts/target shooting
Glossary:Dating Genres Dating
Glossary:Detective/mystery Theme Detective/mystery
Glossary:Digitized Art styles Digitized
Glossary:Direct control Controls Direct control
Glossary:DLC Monetization DLC
Glossary:Dodgeball Sports subcategories Dodgeball
Glossary:Driving Genres Driving
Glossary:Eastern Europe Theme Eastern Europe
Glossary:Educational Genres Educational
Glossary:Egypt Theme Egypt
Glossary:Endless runner Genres Endless runner
Glossary:Europe Theme Europe
Glossary:Expansion pack Monetization Expansion pack
Glossary:Exploration Genres Exploration
Glossary:Extreme sports Sports subcategories Extreme sports
Glossary:Falling block Genres Falling block
Glossary:Fantasy Theme Fantasy
Glossary:Fictional sport Sports subcategories Fictional sport
Glossary:Fighting Genres Fighting
Glossary:Finite spend Microtransactions Finite spend
Glossary:First-person Perspectives First-person
Glossary:Fishing Sports subcategories Fishing
Glossary:Flight Vehicle subcategories Flight
Glossary:Flip screen Perspectives Flip screen
Glossary:FMV Art styles FMV
Glossary:Football (Soccer) Sports subcategories Football (Soccer)
Glossary:FPS Genres FPS
Glossary:Free-roaming camera Perspectives Free-roaming camera
Glossary:Free-to-grind Microtransactions Free-to-grind
Glossary:Free-to-play Monetization Free-to-play
Glossary:Freeware Monetization Freeware
Glossary:Gambling/casino Genres Gambling/casino
Glossary:Genres Taxonomy Genres
Glossary:Gestures Controls Gestures
Glossary:Golf Sports subcategories Golf
Glossary:Hack and slash Genres Hack and slash
Glossary:Handball Sports subcategories Handball
Glossary:Healthcare Theme Healthcare
Glossary:Helicopter Vehicle subcategories Helicopter
Glossary:Hidden object Genres Hidden object
Glossary:Historical Theme Historical
Glossary:Hockey Sports subcategories Hockey
Glossary:Horror Theme Horror
Glossary:Horse Sports subcategories Horse
Glossary:Hovercraft Vehicle subcategories Hovercraft
Glossary:Hunting Genres Hunting