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Table structure:

  • Local - String
  • Local_players - String
  • Local_modes - List of String
  • LAN - String
  • LAN_players - String
  • LAN_modes - List of String
  • Online - String
  • Online_players - String
  • Online_modes - List of String
  • Asynchronous - String

This table has 11,733 rows altogether.

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Page Local Local players Local modes LAN LAN players LAN modes Online Online players Online modes Asynchronous
.fall unknown unknown unknown
'83 unknown true
'90s Football Stars true unknown true
∀kashicforce true unknown unknown
★Fallalypse ★ Disconnect ❄ unknown true
0 A.D. true 8 true 8
0000 unknown unknown unknown
007 Legends false true 12 true 12
007: Quantum of Solace false true 12 Versus true 12
0Gravity true unknown unknown
1 ⛷ 1 unknown true
1-2-Swift true 2 Versus false false
10 Miles to Safety hackable unknown true
10 Seconds unknown unknown
10 Years After unknown true
100% Orange Juice! hackable 4 Versus Co-op true 4 true 4 Versus Co-op
1001 Spikes true 4 Co-op Versus false false
100ft Robot Golf true 4 Versus unknown true 4 Versus
12 Orbits true 12 Versus false false
141 unknown true
16 Bit Arena unknown unknown true 18
1775: Rebellion true 4 Hot seat unknown true
1812: The Invasion of Canada unknown true
1943 Deadly Desert unknown true
1943 Megami Strike unknown unknown
1944: Battle of the Bulge false unknown true
1993 Space Machine true 4 Co-op false false
200% Mixed Juice! hackable unknown true
2006 FIFA World Cup true 2 Versus unknown false Versus
2017 VR unknown true
2020 Super Baseball true 2 unknown unknown
20XX true 2 Co-op false true 2 Co-op
221 B Baker St. true 4 Versus unknown unknown
2260 VR unknown true
2D Paintball unknown unknown true
2URVIVE unknown unknown unknown
3 Coins at School unknown unknown
3 Count Bout true 2 unknown unknown
3 on 3 Super Robot Hockey true unknown unknown
3-D Ultra Minigolf true 4 Versus true 8 Versus true 8 Versus
3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers true 2 unknown unknown
3..2..1..Grenades! unknown unknown unknown
3079 unknown true
3089 unknown true 2 Co-op
30XX true Co-op unknown true Co-op
360 No Scope Arena unknown true
360 No Scope! unknown unknown unknown
39 Days to Mars true 2 Co-op false false
3D Chess true 2 Hot seat false false
3D MiniGolf true 4 false false
3D Paraglider unknown unknown
3dSen PC true unknown unknown
3on3 FreeStyle unknown true
4 for the Money unknown unknown unknown
4-4-2 Soccer true 4 Versus Co-op false false
4islands unknown true
4Team unknown true
4th & Inches true 2 unknown unknown
4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars unknown true
4x4 Offroad Racing - Nitro unknown true
4x4 Road Race unknown true
5 Minutes Rage true Versus unknown true 4 Versus
5089 true Co-op true Co-op
5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel true 2 Versus unknown true 2 Versus
6 Nights true false false
6 Seasons and a Game unknown true Versus true Versus
688 Attack Sub false false false false
688(I) Hunter/Killer unknown unknown
7 Bones and 7 Stones - The Ritual unknown true
7 Days to Die true 16 true 64
7776 II: Dwarven Greed unknown true
7th Legion true 4 Versus true 4 Versus
8 Days true 2 Co-op false false
8 Eyes unknown unknown unknown
8-Bit Armies true 8 Versus true 8 Co-op Versus
8-Bit Armies: Arena unknown true 8
8-Bit Commando true 2 Co-op Versus false true 2 Co-op Versus
8-Bit Hordes true true
8-Bit Invaders! unknown true
8bit Arena true unknown unknown
8Bit Fiesta true 4 false false
8bit Invasion unknown unknown unknown
8BitMMO unknown true
8infinity true false true
9 Monkeys of Shaolin true Co-op unknown true Co-op
90 Minute Fever unknown true
994 W 24th unknown true
99Vidas true 4 Co-op unknown true 4 Co-op
9Dragons unknown true
9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena unknown true
9th Dawn II unknown true
9th Dawn III true Co-op unknown unknown
A Buttload of Free Games true Co-op Versus true Co-op Versus true Co-op Versus unknown
A Christmas Peril unknown unknown unknown
A Deadly Maze: Phase 1 true unknown unknown
A Druid's Duel true unknown unknown
A Fistful of Gun true 9 Versus Co-op false true 9 Versus Co-op unknown
A Game of Thrones - Genesis unknown unknown
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition false false true 6 Versus true
A Gummy's Life unknown unknown