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I think only games that were deliberately made available on one store should be labeled 'exclusive' in the news feed. 'Steam exclusive' in this section is misleading, as no agreements were made to this effect.

Rose (talkcontribs)

Every act of publishing is deliberate. Going for Steam but not GOG or another store before Epic Games Store existed is an intentional decision. There are cases of games available only on Epic Games Store, Origin and Uplay that do not mention their exclusivity terms, if any, but they are still commonly regarded as exclusives. Relying only on pronounced exclusivity could significantly reduce the amount of games we can mention.

Personal preferences and biases aside, I think everyone would agree that having more stores and platforms to choose from is always better. As such, it would be hard to argue that over 7 years of PC exclusivity of Borderlands 2 to Steam is less notable than one year of Epic exclusivity.

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It would be cool to have an RSS feed for the Gaming News. I think it would help a lot of people if they could subscribe using their favorite RSS reader and get updates continuously.

Do you think something like this would be possible?

Aemony (talkcontribs)

As of right now this is not possible while working within the confines of the wiki. MediaWiki (which the site is based on) isn't really designed for that sort of thing. To make matters worse, the extensions that I've looked into that provide RSS generation capabilities are unmaintained and outdated by 3 to 5 years so they probably aren't even be compatible with our site.

We might be able to find an alternative but I can make no promises.

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Aemony (talkcontribs)

Huh, TIL that Semantic MediaWiki had that functionality.

Anyway, Semantic MediaWiki is already installed on the wiki and we use it for a lot of things (basically all lists on PCGW is populated using SMW). However the news section isn't based around Semantic MediaWiki's property system, so we can't use it for this purpose without having to rebuild the whole news system and move it away from Cargo (which we otherwise intend to replace SMW with where possible).

Such a move would also bring with it some downsides such as unreliable updates and on occasion stale data.

For the purpose of the news section, the current Cargo setup works the best.

2A01:C23:7C78:9400:8460:B0DC:9E86:1B13 (talkcontribs)

Too bad Cargo does not have RSS capabilities :(. I hope you do find an alternative solution.

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