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This is a page dedicated to adding items to an agenda for a structured meeting to take place in October over Discord regarding the direction and policies of PCGamingWiki. Any registered user can add a header below with a topic and a detailed description of the issue and changes that they would like to improve PCGamingWiki.

This page will be managed by Andytizer and collated into an article on the Project namespace before the meeting. Users are encouraged to message Andytizer directly on Discord directly to clarify their case for specific topics to be added to AGM.

Meeting format[edit]

  • Discord, create a special channel to discuss. Use threads to breakdown the agreed agenda topics below.
  • This meeting could take place at a specific time, or over multiple days depending on availability.
  • End of the meeting period Andytizer will collate findings and create a public report with actions.

Relevant pages[edit]

Agenda suggestions[edit]


*Changes to Project:Code_of_conduct which has not been updated in 5 years.

Outcome: Added to Code of conduct, also drafted in User:Andytizer/Code_of_conduct.

  • File approval process for Editors and above to follow.


Server administration[edit]

SSO cookie timeout[edit]

*Timeline needs to be established, this has taken more than a year.

  • Spend a few dozen US dollars on renting a pro coder to spend 10 minutes on making cookies that last longer.[1]

Outcome: a contractor has been hired to deliver new integration with the follow deliverables in November/December 2021.




  • Add page-edit functionality to PCGW's mobile (e.g. Android) GUI.[4]
  • Fix mobile TOC


  • New content projects to achieve in 2021/2022?
  • Creation of a 'Testing' how-to guide on how to test for specific settings e.g. high framerate, HDR, etc.


*Status of existing PCGW bots (e.g., VetleBot)

  • Future bot development
    • What editing tasks can be automated by bots?
    • Who is available to develop & maintain bots?

Outcome: Created PCGamingWiki:Bots page to hold information.


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