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This is a to-do list for the whole of PCGamingWiki. Any contributor can add to this list or work on tasks in this list. If you add a task, please follow the formatting of the other items listed here.
Lvl Task Details Helpful links
  • Sample Article Revamp
  • Revamp the Sample Article to be more explicit in wording, formatting, etc.
  • Featured Article updates
  • Work on implementing the Featured Article updates for the Home page.
  • Navigational elements
  • Create various navigational elements for easily finding your way through different parts of the wiki.
  • A Project navigation box for the various projects we currently host.
  • A Controller navigation box for the Controller namespace.
  • An Emulation navigation box for the Emulation namespace.
  • Improve "Project aim" box
  • Improve the "Project aim" box at the top of the various Project pages to be less ugly and collapse by default to avoid scaring off users.
  • Non-game content
  • Move non-game content outside of the main namespace.
  • Move PC gaming glossary to Glossary page and make it a hub for all relevant Glossary articles.
  • Graphics
  • Update common graphical elements to SVG format.
  • Icons for projects (GOG.com Enhancement, Humble Bundle, Local Multiplayer, 3rd Party DRM).
  • Home page icons (Sample Article, To-do list, Controller namespace, Glossary namespace, and Emulation namespace).
  • Icons specific to the upcoming Sample Article refresh, e.g. Audio Settings, Input Settings, Video Settings, etc.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Steam, and Google+ icons for header.
  • New Wikipedia icon?
  • Create articles
  • Create articles for games that are currently lacking articles. See the links to the right for lists of articles needing creation or improvement.