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Moderator role description - encoding of the rules that a moderator must follow.

General description The role of a moderator on PCGamingWiki is:

  • Be an active member that supports and develops PCGamingWiki's goals
  • Regularly scan recently changed pages for issues
  • Enforce editing guide, code of conduct
  • Handle and escalate disputes (see dispute resolution)


  • Must be passionate about the PCGamingWiki project
  • Display professional behaviour - no swearing, political views, etc.
  • Act professionally when mentioning PCGamingWiki when active in other websites/communities


  • Be regularly active on the wiki
  • Discord - must be signed in and check regularly
  • Trello - must be signed in and check regularly


  • Secure passwords
  • Do not abuse authority


  • Moderators are expected to be active
  • Allowance periods of absence of several months, providing prior notice
  • If moderators are inactive without notice for more than 6 months, then admin privileges will be revoked


  • Moderators are recruited on a case-by-case basis
  • Interview with Andytizer

Previous moderator contributions

  • Page to show previous moderators and appreciation of their contributions? For example if we have a moderator on staff for several years, I'd like this to be acknowledged.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of the moderators please get in touch with Andytizer.