PCGamingWiki:Moderation guidelines

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PCGamingWiki’s community and content are subject to a simple set of rules. This page serves to provide a general definition of appropriate responses to certain activities, though specific rulings will be dealt out by moderators on a case by case basis.

You can find our expectation of the community’s behavior in our Code of conduct.

Four strikes

The Four Strike System is the standard approach to all bannable offenses.

  1. First offense: Give the contributor a warning
  2. Second offense: Hand out a ban, based on rules below
  3. Third offense (minor offenses only, optional): Double the ban length and give a second warning
  4. Fourth offense: Permanently ban the contributor from the wiki


Incorrectly following the Editing guide or Sample article will never result in a ban. However, if the user continues to not follow our content guidelines, even after being notified, their editing permissions may be temporarily taken
Listed durations are only suggestions, and depend on specific circumstances
If you disagree with a ban, contact one of our administrators. Other moderators cannot override the decision


This category includes minor offences that are not considered immediately problematic. They follow the four strike system
  • Repeatedly ignoring instructions or refusing to follow our editing guidelines
    • 1-2 weeks
  • Engaging in “edit wars”
    • 1 week
  • Registering with an inappropriate or offensive username
    • 3 days with an account name change
  • Adding content regarding pirated versions of video games
    • 2-4 weeks


Offences in this category will only receive a single warning followed by a ban.
  • Purposely inserting false information into pages
    • 3 months
  • Adding irrelevant content to game pages - articles are solely focused on technical aspects
    • 1-3 months


Breaching any of these points may lead to a permanent ban on the user’s current and any future accounts
If you disagree with your ban, please contact one of the administrators
  • Any forms of harassment, both on and off site
  • Using slurs, insults, or threats
  • Attempting to link to content that distributes malware
  • Inserting offensive content or images into pages
  • Adding spam or gibberish to pages
  • Vandalism (see Vandalism)
  • Ban evasion
    • This applies regardless of the length of the original ban, and will be applied to all relevant accounts
    • If you suspect ban evasion, please contact an administrator