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The Availability section deals with all the different purchasing options available for a game. It also provides DRM details, version differences, expansion/DLC info, and links to demos (if provided).

Main table

Template documentation

Syntax (base)

--rows go here--

Syntax (row, normal)

This is the normal format used for the Availability row.
{{Availability/row| Name of source | product ID | required DRM | notes | keys (if any) | supported OSes }}

Syntax (row, special cases)

This format is for stores that cannot be linked normally due to special URL formatting. It should not be used in any other case.
{{Availability/row|1=Name of source |2=store URL |3=required DRM |4=notes |5=keys (if any)|6=supported OSes}}

Syntax (row, unavailable releases)

A seventh parameter that says just unavailable can be added as well to mark the row as being unavailable for purchase.
{{Availability/row| Name of source | product ID | required DRM | notes | keys (if any) | supported OSes | unavailable }}


Taken from Prey
Source DRM Notes Keys OS
CD key
SecuROM DRM disc check. Install v1.4 Patch to remove disc check. CD keys activate on Steam.[1]
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macOS (OS X)
Mac App Store
Icon overlay.png
No online play (LAN only).[2]
macOS (OS X)
Steam (unavailable)
Icon overlay.png
Comes fully patched to v1.4

The main part of the section. The varied nature of availability for each game means that the table cannot be static. As such, each store is sectioned off into its own row (with a base template encapsulating everything). This allows the table to save space by showing only the relevant purchasing options.

Note that for each Availability table, only one "Retail" row is allowed. As mentioned later on, the "Retail" store is just to state that the game was available as a physical item at some point.

A store row should be set as unavailable (add a new seventh parameter that just says unavailable) and moved to the bottom of the table if the store page of the game has been removed (visiting it redirects to an error or another page) or all purchasing has been disabled. The row is retained for historical references to keep track of things like DRM, supported OS, and other notes pertaining to that particular release. If only DLC is available from a particular store (so the game itself is not purchasable) then set the row to 'unavailable' (and move it to the bottom of the table) with an accompanied note explaining that only DLC is available from that store.

Availability row breakdown

Section Definition Notes
Source name The name of the source/store. Only major and trustworthy stores are allowed to be used. A full list of all the options can be found in the template documentation.
Product ID The unique ID/URL given by the store to the game. What to place here varies from store to store. See The Product ID for a list of accepted values.
DRM used The Digital Rights Management (DRM) methods employed by the game. Games requiring a digital distribution service client to run (ex. Steam DRM) will have that service act as the DRM. Separate each method with a comma (,). See the DRM used legend for a list of accepted values.
Notes Extra information relating to the particular store (game version provided, unique quirks and issues, etc.)
Keys Any extra keys provided by the store that can be redeemed by another distribution service. Retail serial keys that can be redeemed on a digital distribution service also count.
OSes The systems supported by the store. For games using DOSBox, do not list DOS as an OS unless the store actually offers a DOS download option. Also, for the "Retail" store, list all the OSes the physical copies of the game could run on out of the box (disregarding any constraints with OS-specific copies).
State Currently only supports a single value: unavailable. Set all rows where purchasing have been disable as unavailable.
The Product ID

This is a list of the product ID formats for all the stores an availability row can accept.

Store(s) Example URL What to provide
Retail N/A Nothing. The Retail store option is just to state that a retail version was available at some point.
Developer N/A The full URL of the store.
Publisher N/A The full URL of the store.
Official N/A The full URL of the store.
Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Doom-Collectors-Edition-Pc/dp/B0002IBEJQ B0002IBEJQ
Amazon.co.uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/Doom-Collectors-Edition-PC-CD/dp/B0002ESMG8 B0002ESMG8
Battle.net https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/call-of-duty-modern-warfare call-of-duty-modern-warfare
Bethesda.net https://bethesda.net/en/store/product/DO5CSTPCBG01BASE DO5CSTPCBG01BASE
Discord https://discordapp.com/store/skus/469679019701567528/omensight 469679019701567528
Epic Games Store https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/darksiders3 darksiders3
GamersGate https://www.gamersgate.com/product/doom-ii/ doom-ii
Gamesplanet https://uk.gamesplanet.com/game/styx-master-of-shadows-steam-key--2681-1 2681-1
GOG.com https://www.gog.com/game/system_shock_2 system_shock_2
GMG (Green Man Gaming) https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/quake-iv quake-iv
Humble (Humble Store) https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-talos-principle the-talos-principle
itch.io https://wtfomgames.itch.io/-that-bastard-is-trying-to-steal-our-gold- The full URL of the game page.
MacApp (Mac App Store) https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rage-campaign-edition/id468808410?mt=12 id468808410
Microsoft Store https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/halo-spartan-assault/9wzdncrfhwfh 9wzdncrfhwfh
Oculus (Oculus Store) https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/905830242847405/ 905830242847405
Origin https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/titanfall/titanfall/deluxe-edition titanfall/titanfall/deluxe-edition
Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/2310/QUAKE/ 2310
Ubisoft Store https://store.ubi.com/ie/assassin-s-creed-origins/592450934e0165f46c8b4568.html 592450934e0165f46c8b4568
Viveport https://www.viveport.com/apps/442800be-ccff-4efc-8f3d-5fb0dd0813fe 442800be-ccff-4efc-8f3d-5fb0dd0813fe
Zoom (ZOOM Platform) https://www.zoom-platform.com/product/ascension-to-the-throne ascension-to-the-throne
DRM used legend
This legend covers all of the most common values used for the field. See Template:ID for a complete list of potential values.
Keep in mind that some games might use a combination of DRM systems.

Store-specific DRM options

Generic DRM options (DRM column only)

Generic key options (Keys column only)