No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle cover
Grasshopper Manufacture
Windows Engine Software
Release dates
Windows June 9, 2021
OpenCritic 79
Modes Singleplayer
Pacing Real-time
Perspectives Third-person, Side view, Scrolling, Top-down view
Controls Direct control
Genres Hack and slash, Quick time events, Mini-games
Vehicles Robot
Art styles Stylized, Pixel art, Anime
Themes Contemporary, North America
Series No More Heroes
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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is a singleplayer third-person, side view, scrolling and top-down view hack and slash, quick time events and mini-games game in the No More Heroes series.

General information

Steam Community Discussions


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Icon overlay.png
Always online (requires a constant internet connection to play)
All versions require Steam DRM.
Requires an internet connection to launch (Steam offline mode does not work).[1][2]

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

System Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\NMH2\
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1420300/pfx/[Note 1]

Save game data location[edit]

System Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\NMH2\saves\
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1420300/pfx/[Note 1]

Save game cloud syncing[edit]

System Native Notes
Steam Cloud


Graphics settings
Graphics settings

Graphics feature State Notes
Widescreen resolution
Game sets itself to the monitor's native resolution.
Mini-games are pillarboxed to a 8:7 aspect ratio.
Aspect ratios wider than 16:9 are pillarboxed to a 16:9 aspect ratio.[4]
4K Ultra HD
See Game resolution is locked to 720p if the game does not display in 4K.
FMV cutscenes are upscaled to 1920x1080 from their original resolution of 720x480.[5]
Field of view (FOV)
Window can be resized by dragging edge.
Borderless fullscreen windowed
Used in place of exclusive fullscreen.
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anti-aliasing (AA)
Options for FXAA and MSAA (2x-8x) are available.
Vertical sync (Vsync)
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
60 FPS
120+ FPS
Limited to 60 FPS.
High dynamic range display (HDR)
Ray tracing


Gamepad settings
Gamepad settings

Keyboard and mouse State Notes
A controller is required in order to play.
Playing with a keyboard and mouse is not supported.
Mouse acceleration
Mouse sensitivity
Mouse input in menus
Mouse Y-axis inversion
Controller support
Full controller support
A mouse is required to navigate the external launcher.
Controller remapping
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Controller sensitivity
Controller Y-axis inversion
Controller types
XInput-compatible controllers
Xbox button prompts
Impulse Trigger vibration
DualShock 4 controllers
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Generic/other controllers
Additional information
Controller hotplugging
Haptic feedback
Simultaneous controller+KB/M


Audio settings
Audio settings
In-game general settings
In-game general settings

Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Sliders for Sound and Music.
Surround sound
Stereo only.[6]
Toggleable from the external launcher and the in-game options.
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost


Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Issues fixed[edit]

Game resolution is locked to 720p[edit]

Set scaling in Windows to 100%[7]
  1. Right-click on the desktop and select "Display settings".
  2. Under "Scale and layout" set the scale to 100%.


Exact steps vary slightly depending on the Windows version. The above is for Windows 10.
Change high DPI compatibility settings
  1. Right-click the game executable or desktop shortcut.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab.
  4. Click "Change high DPI settings".
  5. Check the box for "Override high DPI scaling behavior".
  6. Make sure "Application" is selected in the drop-down menu.
  7. Press OK.

Loud audio[edit]

The game's default audio volume may be too loud, resulting in sound effects peaking or clipping.
Reduce the in-game BGM and SE settings by five steps or lower to correct the volume[8]

Jagged lines through text when MSAA is enabled[edit]

Set the Anti-aliasing option in the external launcher to FXAA.[9]

DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller not working with Steam Input enabled[edit]

Fixed as of late-June 2021 patch.[10][11]

Stuttering on a high refresh rate monitor[edit]

Set the refresh rate to 60 Hz.[12]

Other information[edit]


Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes


Middleware Notes
Cutscenes WebM

System requirements[edit]

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 8.1
Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5-4460
System memory (RAM) 8 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 4 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti
DirectX 11 compatible


  1. 1.0 1.1 File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/1420300/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (1420300) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.


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  2. Verified by User:MasterBlaster on 2021-06-23
    Tested by attempting to play the game with internet disabled as well as in Steam's offline mode. An error message appeared upon each attempt to boot the game.
  3. Verified by User:MasterBlaster on 2021-06-09
    Tested on an multi-monitor setup.
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    Tested by playing the game in 4k at Windows' recommended scale of 300%, which played the game at 720p, and then back to 100%, which played the game properly at 4k.
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    "Fixed an issue with Steam Input that caused certain controllers to not be recognized for some users."
  12. Verified by User:MasterBlaster on 2021-06-16
    Tested by playing the game on my 240hz monitor. Upon noticing bouts of microstuttering, I set the monitor to 60hz, which eliminated the problem.