List of games that support closed captioning

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This is an automatically generated list of games known to have closed captions for dialogue, as opposed to subtitles or no dialogue text at all.

Due to current shortcomings in PCGamingWiki's API, games whose closed captioning info is set to "Always on" do currently not show up in this list.

Auto-populated list[edit]

Native support[edit]

Total number of games: 334

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
18 Wheels of Steel: Across America18 Wheels of SteelSCS SoftwareValuSoft Cosmi, RetroismWindows23 September 2003
2000:1: A Space FelonyNational InsecuritiesNational Insecurities, Humble BundleWindows7 July 2017
8 DaysSanta Clara GamesBadLand PublishingWindows, OS X22 July 2016
Accounting+AccountingCrows Crows Crows, Squanch GamesCrows Crows CrowsWindows18 October 2018
AfterpartyNight School StudioWindows, OS X29 October 2019
Age of Empires II (2013)Age of EmpiresHidden Path Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, SkyBox Labs, Forgotten EmpiresXbox Game StudiosWindows9 April 2013
Agent AwesomeChaos IndustriesKISS ltdWindows, OS X17 February 2015
Alice: Madness ReturnsAmerican McGee's AliceSpicy HorseElectronic ArtsWindows14 June 2011
Alien SwarmAlien SwarmValve CorporationWindows19 July 2010
Alien Swarm: Reactive DropAlien SwarmReactive Drop TeamWindows20 April 2017
Always Remember MeWinter WolvesWindows, OS X, Linux27 May 2012
Amnesia: RebirthAmnesiaFrictional Games, Art Bully ProductionsWindows, Linux20 October 2020
Amnesia: The Dark DescentAmnesiaFrictional GamesWindows, OS X, Linux8 September 2010
Analogue: A Hate StoryHateChristine LoveWindows, OS X, Linux1 February 2012
Anarchy ArcadeElijah Newman-GomezWindows
Anno 2205AnnoUbisoft Blue ByteUbisoftWindows3 November 2015
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing InitiativePortalAperture Tag TeamWindows, OS X, Linux15 July 2014
Apex LegendsTitanfallRespawn EntertainmentElectronic ArtsWindows4 February 2019
Ara FellStegosoft GamesDANGEN EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux2 June 2016
AragamiAragamiLince WorksWindows, OS X, Linux4 October 2016
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraTroika GamesSierra Entertainment, ActivisionWindows21 August 2001
ArtifactDotaValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux28 November 2018
Assassin's Creed SyndicateAssassin's CreedUbisoft QuebecUbisoftWindows19 November 2015
Assemble with CareUstwo gamesOS X, Windows10 October 2019
AvernumAvernumSpiderweb SoftwareWindows, Mac OS, OS X2000
Bad PadHeadbang Games, Oray StudiosHeadbang GamesWindows, Linux8 August 2018
Baldur's GateBaldur's GateBioWareBlack Isle Studios, Interplay Entertainment, Sega, MacPlayWindows, Mac OS, OS X, Linux17 July 2000
Baldur's Gate 3Baldur's GateLarian Studios
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionBaldur's GateOverhaul GamesAtari, BeamdogWindows, OS X, Linux15 November 2013
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnBaldur's GateBioWareBlack Isle Studios, Interplay Entertainment, MacPlay, SegaWindows, Mac OS, OS X, Linux24 September 2000
Barrow Hill: The Dark PathBarrow HillShadow Tor StudiosIceberg InteractiveWindows22 September 2016
Battlefleet Gothic: ArmadaBattlefleet Gothic: ArmadaTindalos InteractiveFocus Home InteractiveWindows21 April 2016
Bendy and the Ink MachineJoey Drew Studios Inc.Windows, OS X, Linux27 April 2017
Black MesaHalf-LifeCrowbar CollectiveWindows, Linux6 March 2020
Blackwell ConvergenceBlackwellWadjet Eye GamesWindows, OS X, Linux22 July 2009
Blackwell LegacyBlackwellWadjet Eye GamesWindows, OS X, Linux23 December 2006
Blackwell UnboundBlackwellWadjet Eye GamesWindows, OS X, Linux4 September 2007
BlastZone 2Matt EdzengaBlack Shell MediaWindows19 February 2015
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma ExtendBlazBlueArc System WorksH2 InteractiveWindows2 March 2016
Bleeding EdgeNinja TheoryXbox Game StudiosWindows24 March 2020
Blind LoveMichaela LawsWindows, OS X, Linux28 June 2015
BloodLust ShadowhunterBloodLustWRF StudiosWindows21 September 2015
Bloody Good TimeOuterlightUbisoftWindows29 October 2010
BoneTownBoneTownD-Dub SoftwareWindows2008
BrainBread 2BrainBreadReperio StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 DevilsPlatine DispositifRockin' AndroidWindows13 August 2006
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareCall of DutyInfinity Ward, Raven Software, High Moon Studios, Treyarch, BeenoxActivisionWindows4 November 2016
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign RemasteredCall of Duty: Modern WarfareBeenox, Infinity WardActivisionWindows30 April 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RemasteredCall of Duty: Modern WarfareRaven Software, Beenox, Certain Affinity, High Moon StudiosActivisionWindows4 November 2016
Chaos;HeadScience Adventure5pb., NitroplusNitroplusWindows25 April 2008
Child of LightUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows30 April 2014
ChronologyBedtime Digital GamesWindows12 May 2014
Civilization IVCivilizationFiraxis Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X25 October 2005
Civilization VCivilizationFiraxis Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X, Linux21 September 2010
Civilization VICivilizationFiraxis Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X, Linux21 October 2016
CloudbuiltCloudbuiltCoilworksRising Star GamesWindows20 March 2014
Code 7Goodwolf StudioWindows, OS X, Linux11 August 2017
Codename CUREHoobalugalar XWindows, OS X, Linux31 October 2017
Coming Out on TopObscurasoftWindows, OS X, Linux10 December 2014
Conan ExilesConan the BarbarianFuncomWindows8 May 2018
Conflict: Desert StormConflictPivotal GamesSCi GamesWindows13 September 2002
ContagionContagionMonochrome LLCWindows11 April 2014
Cossacks II: Napoleonic WarsCossacksGSC Game WorldCdv Software Entertainment, GSC World PublishingWindows26 April 2005
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveCounter-StrikeValve Corporation, Hidden Path EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux21 August 2012
Counter-Strike: SourceCounter-StrikeValve Corporation, Turtle Rock Studios, Hidden Path EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux1 November 2004
Crash TimeCrash TimeSyneticCrave Entertainment, RTL InteractiveWindows7 November 2007
CreaturaWojciech 'Koksny' GórnyKoksny.comWindows, Linux, OS X
Croc 2CrocArgonaut GamesFox InteractiveWindows7 March 2000
Croixleur Sigma - Deluxe EditionCroixleurSouvenir circ., EdelweissAGM PLAYISMWindows19 November 2019
Culpa InnataMomentum Digital Media TechnologiesStrategy FirstWindows23 October 2007
CurseStormlord GamesWindows, OS X, Linux1 September 2016
Dark Messiah of Might and MagicMight and MagicArkane Studios, Floodgate Entertainment, Kuju EntertainmentUbisoftWindows24 October 2006
Day of Defeat: SourceDay of DefeatValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux26 September 2005
Dead in BermudaDead InCCCPPlug In DigitalWindows, OS X27 August 2015
Dear EstherDear EstherThe Chinese RoomThe Chinese RoomWindows, OS X, Linux14 February 2012
Death ComingNext StudiosWindows6 November 2017
Death and TaxesPlaceholder GameworksWindows, OS X, Linux20 February 2020
DebrisMoonray StudiosWindows, OS X2 October 2017
Deep SixedLRDGamesWindows, Linux, OS X12 February 2018
Defense Grid 2Defense GridHidden Path Entertainment505 GamesWindows, OS X, Linux23 September 2014
DepthDigital ConfectionersWindows3 November 2014
Deus ExDeus ExIon StormEidos Interactive, Aspyr Media, Square EnixWindows, Mac OS26 June 2000
Dink SmallwoodRobinson TechnologiesLegendo EntertainmentWindows, OS X1998
Dino D-Day800 North, Digital RanchWindows8 April 2011
Divinity: Original SinDivinityLarian StudiosWindows, OS X30 June 2014
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced EditionDivinityLarian StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux27 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin IIDivinityLarian StudiosWindows14 September 2017
Dogfight 1942CI GamesWindows21 September 2012
Donald Trump's Real Estate TycoonRed Cap EntertainmentActivision Value Publishing, Empire InteractiveWindows1 November 2002
Dota 2DotaValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux9 July 2013
Dragon Age IIDragon AgeBioWareElectronic ArtsWindows, OS X8 March 2011
Dragon Age: OriginsDragon AgeBioWareElectronic ArtsWindows, OS X3 November 2009
Drakensang: The Dark EyeThe Dark EyeRadon LabsDTP EntertainmentWindows27 February 2009
DreadOutDreadOutDigital HappinessWindows, OS X, Linux15 May 2014
Drift21ECC GAMES505 GamesWindows
Driv3rDriverUbisoft ReflectionsAtariWindows15 March 2005
Driver: San FranciscoDriverUbisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Montreal, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft VancouverUbisoftWindows, OS X2 September 2011
Dungeon LordsHeuristic ParkDreamCatcher Interactive, THQ NordicWindows5 May 2005
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme LegendsDynasty WarriorsOmega ForceKoei TecmoWindows13 May 2014
Echo Tokyo: IntroEcho TokyoEcho Tokyo GamesDharker StudioWindows, OS X, Linux27 January 2016
Elliot QuestAnsimuz GamesWindows, OS X, Linux10 November 2014
Endless LegendEndlessAmplitude StudiosIceberg Interactive, SegaWindows, OS X18 September 2014
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple CreekEnigmatisArtifex MundiWindows, OS X, Linux1 September 2011
Entropy: ZeroEntropy: ZeroBreadmanWindows10 October 2017
Escape The MuseumGogii GamesStrategy FirstWindows, OS X19 March 2008
Estranged: Act IEstrangedAlan EdwardesWindows, OS X, Linux16 January 2014
Estranged: The DepartureEstrangedAlan EdwardesWindows, OS X, Linux22 May 2020
Ether OneEther OneWhite Paper GamesWindows1 April 2014
EvergardenFlippflyWindows, OS X, Linux16 August 2018
F1 2016Formula 1Codemasters BirminghamCodemasters, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X19 August 2016
F1 2017Formula 1Codemasters BirminghamCodemasters, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux25 August 2017
F1 2018Formula 1Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWindows24 August 2018
F1 2019Formula 1Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWindows28 June 2019
Far Cry 4Far CryUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft ShanghaiUbisoftWindows18 November 2014
Far Cry New DawnFar CryUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft ShanghaiUbisoftWindows15 February 2019
Farm Life: Natures AdventureBlockheadGamesWindows8 August 2016
FastidiousMoxier gamesWindows
FaçadeProcedural ArtsWindows, OS X5 July 2005
Firefight ReloadedBitlCobalt-57Windows5 November 2015
FirewatchCampo SantoPanicWindows, OS X, Linux9 February 2016
Fistful of FragsFistful of Frags TeamWindows, OS X, Linux9 May 2014
FortniteEpic Games, People Can FlyEpic GamesWindows, OS X30 June 2020
FoundationPolymorph GamesWindows
Fumiko!Fumiko Game StudioWindows, Linux, OS X13 February 2017
G StringEyauraLunchHouse SoftwareWindows16 October 2020
Garry's ModFacepunch StudiosValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux24 December 2004
Gay NationDank Boi GamesWindows8 May 2018
Gears 5Gears of WarThe CoalitionXbox Game StudiosWindows10 September 2019
Gears TacticsGears of WarSplash Damage, The CoalitionXbox Game StudiosWindows28 April 2020
GoldenEye: SourceJames Bond 007GESHL2 TeamWindows7 February 2009
Gordian Rooms: A curious heritageCrimsonite GamesWindows23 September 2020
Great eSports ManagerFedora CollectiveWindows, OS X, Linux16 August 2017
Guild Wars 2Guild WarsArenaNetNCSOFTWindows, OS X28 August 2012
Half-Life 2Half-LifeValve CorporationSierra Entertainment, Valve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux16 November 2004
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux30 November 2004
Half-Life 2: Episode OneHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux1 June 2006
Half-Life 2: Episode TwoHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux9 October 2007
Half-Life 2: Lost CoastHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux27 October 2005
Half-Life 2: Year Long AlarmHalf-LifeChuck WilsonWindows16 November 2018
Half-Life: AlyxHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, Linux23 March 2020
Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of SteelHard Truck, 18 Wheels of SteelSCS Software, Sunstorm InteractiveValuSoft CosmiWindows15 August 2002
Heart of the WoodsStudio ÉlanSekai ProjectWindows, OS X, Linux15 February 2019
Hell GirlsSakuraGameWindows, OS X12 January 2017
Hello Neighbor: Hide and SeekHello NeighborDynamic PixelsTinyBuildGamesWindows7 December 2018
Heretic Kingdoms: The InquisitionHeretic Kingdoms3D PeopleGames FarmWindows, OS X1 October 2004
Homeworld 2 Remastered EditionHomeworldGearbox Software, Blackbird InteractiveGearbox Software, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X25 February 2015
Homeworld Remastered EditionHomeworldGearbox Software, Blackbird InteractiveGearbox Software, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X25 February 2015
Hot LavaKlei EntertainmentWindows, OS X19 September 2019
I got a cat maidCatBellUnionCatBellUnionWindows9 August 2019
INFRALoiste InteractiveWindows15 January 2016
Icewind DaleIcewind DaleBlack Isle StudiosInterplay Entertainment, MacPlayWindows, Mac OS, OS X29 June 2000
Icewind Dale IIIcewind DaleBlack Isle StudiosInterplay EntertainmentWindows, OS X27 August 2002
InfluentRob HowlandThree Flip StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux20 March 2014
It Takes TwoHazelight StudiosElectronic ArtsWindows26 March 2021
Jane's Fighters AnthologyJane's Combat SimulationsJane's Combat SimulationsElectronic ArtsWindows1 May 1997
Jane's USAFJane's Combat SimulationsPixel MultimediaElectronic ArtsWindows30 September 1999
Julia: Innocent EyesArtematicaWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows8 June 2010
Just Cause 3Just CauseAvalanche StudiosSquare EnixWindows1 December 2015
Kentucky Route ZeroCardboard ComputerWindows, OS X, Linux7 January 2013
Kim Possible: Legend of the Monkey's EyeDisneyDigital Eclipse SoftwareDisney Interactive StudiosWindows, OS X16 May 2006
Kreedz ClimbingObsessionSoftWindows15 June 2017
L'Abbaye des MortsLocomalitoLocomalitoWindows10 September 2010
L.A. NoireL.A. NoireTeam Bondi, Rockstar North, Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar New EnglandRockstar Games, 1C-SoftClubWindows8 November 2011
Left 4 DeadLeft 4 DeadTurtle Rock Studios, Valve CorporationValve CorporationWindows, OS X17 November 2008
Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 DeadValve CorporationValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux19 November 2009
Lego Jurassic WorldLego, Jurassic ParkTT FusionWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X12 June 2015
Lego Racers 2Lego RacersAttention to DetailLego Interactive, Electronic ArtsWindows21 September 2001
Little Busters!Little Busters!KeyVisualArt'sWindows27 July 2007
Madden NFL 20Madden NFLEA TiburonElectronic ArtsWindows2 August 2019
MafiaMafia2K CzechGathering of Developers, 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive, SunTendy Interactive, 1C Company, Tech Dealer, CenegaWindows28 August 2002
MapleStoryMapleStoryWizetNexon, Shanda, Asiasoft, Gamania, Level Up! GamesWindows29 April 2003
Marvel's AvengersMarvelCrystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, Nixxes SoftwareSquare EnixWindows4 September 2020
Mass Effect 2Mass EffectBioWareElectronic ArtsWindows26 January 2010
Medieval II: Total WarTotal WarCreative AssemblySega, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux11 November 2006
Megadimension Neptunia VIIHyperdimension NeptuniaIdea Factory, Compile HeartIdea FactoryWindows5 July 2016
Megadimension Neptunia VIIRHyperdimension NeptuniaIdea Factory, Compile HeartIdea FactoryWindows23 October 2018
Metalheart: Replicants RampageAkellaAkella, DreamCatcher InteractiveWindows30 April 2005
Metro ExodusMetro4A GamesDeep SilverWindows, OS X, Linux15 February 2019
MinecraftMinecraftMojangWindows, OS X, Linux18 November 2011
Minecraft: Windows 10 EditionMinecraftMojangXbox Game StudiosWindows19 December 2016
MirrorMoon EPSanta RagioneWindows, OS X, Linux4 September 2013
Mobile ForcesWindows
MuninGojiraDaedalic EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux10 June 2014
NEKOPARA Vol. 1NEKOPARANeko WorksSekai Project, DenpasoftWindows29 December 2014
Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon LakeNancy DrewHer InteractiveWindows9 November 2002
Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of LiesNancy DrewHer InteractiveWindows, OS X14 October 2014
Nancy Drew: Sea of DarknessNancy DrewHer InteractiveWindows, OS X19 May 2015
Neighbours back From HellNeighbours from HellFarbworks, THQ NordicHandyGamesWindows8 October 2020
Neverwinter NightsNeverwinter NightsBioWare, Floodgate EntertainmentAtari, SegaWindows, OS X, Linux18 June 2002
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced EditionNeverwinter NightsBeamdogWindows, OS X, Linux27 March 2018
No More Room in HellNo More Room in HellNo More Room in Hell TeamLever GamesWindows, OS X, Linux31 October 2011
O.D.T. Escape or Die TryingSCE Studio LiverpoolSCE Studio Liverpool, Dice MultimediaWindows31 August 1998
ObductionCyanWindows, OS X24 August 2016
Okinawa RushSokaikan
Ori and the Blind ForestOri and the Blind ForestMoon StudiosXbox Game StudiosWindows11 March 2015
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive EditionOri and the Blind ForestMoon StudiosXbox Game Studios, THQ NordicWindows27 April 2016
OutridersPeople Can FlySquare EnixWindows1 April 2021
OverwatchOverwatchBlizzard EntertainmentWindows24 May 2016
Paradise KillerKaizen Game WorksFellow TravellerWindows4 September 2020
Path of ExileGrinding Gear GamesWindows, OS X23 October 2013
Pathologic Classic HDPathologicIce-Pick Lodge, General ArcadeGood Shepherd EntertainmentWindows29 October 2015
PharaohCity Building (Sierra)Impressions Games, BreakAway GamesSierra EntertainmentWindows31 October 1999
Pizza GamePlasterbrainWindows, OS X, Linux6 September 2019
Planetarian HDWindows
PortalPortalValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux9 October 2007
Portal 2PortalValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux19 April 2011
Portal Stories: MelPortal StoriesPrism StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux25 June 2015
Postal: Brain DamagedPostalHyperstrange, CreativeForge GamesRunning With Scissors, HyperstrangeWindows2021
Power & RevolutionGeo Political SimulatorEversimEversimWindows, OS X26 May 2016
Power & Revolution 2019 EditionGeo Political SimulatorEversimEversimWindows, OS X12 March 2019
Press X to Not DieAll Seeing Eye GamesWindows, OS X, Linux6 October 2017
Prey (2017)PreyArkane StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows5 May 2017
ProspektHalf-LifeSCTWindows18 February 2016
Puyo Puyo SunPuyo PuyoCompileWindows17 April 1998
RWBY: Grimm EclipseRooster Teeth GamesWindows, OS X5 July 2016
Red Alliance2ndUp Studios
Red HazeYai GameworksWindows, OS X, Linux13 February 2017
RedirectionDaniel RatcliffeWindows, OS X, Linux24 October 2016
Redout: Space AssaultRedout34BigThingsWindows, OS X7 November 2019
Remothered: Tormented FathersRemotheredStormind GamesDarril ArtsWindows30 January 2018
Revelations 2012Dark Artz EntertainmentWindows23 April 2012
Rise of Nations: Extended EditionWindows
Rise of the Tomb RaiderTomb RaiderCrystal DynamicsSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux28 January 2016
Rock of Ages 3: Make & BreakRock of AgesACE Team, Giant Monkey RobotModus GamesWindows21 July 2020
Rocket ArenaFinal Strike GamesElectronic ArtsWindows14 July 2020
RosenkreuzstiletteRosenkreuzstiletteErka:es, Darksquid MediaAGM PLAYISMWindows31 December 2007
Rulers of NationsGeo Political SimulatorEversimEversimWindows16 July 2014
RymdkapselGrapefruktWindows, OS X, Linux30 January 2014
SOMAFrictional Games, Art Bully ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux22 September 2015
SWAT 4Police QuestIrrational GamesVivendi Games, Sierra EntertainmentWindows5 April 2005
Samurai Aces III: Sengoku CannonSengoku AcePsikyo, X-NautsCity ConnectionWindows13 July 2020
SatisfactoryCoffee Stain StudiosWindows
Second ExtinctionSystemic ReactionWindows
Self-Checkout UnlimitedArgent GamesArgent GamesWindows, OS X1 October 2020
Serious Sam 3: BFESerious SamCroteamDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux22 November 2011
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderTomb RaiderEidos Montreal, Crystal DynamicsSquare EnixWindows, OS X, Linux14 September 2018
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's CutShantaeWayForward TechnologiesWindows15 July 2014
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - RemasteredSherlock HolmesFrogwaresFocus Home InteractiveWindows6 August 2009
SiN Episodes: EmergenceSiNRitual EntertainmentWindows10 May 2006
Silent Hill: HomecomingSilent HillDouble Helix GamesKonamiWindows6 November 2008
Skipper & Skeeto: The Great Treasure HuntSkipper & SkeetoIvanoff InteractiveGSP GamesWindows31 December 1997
Skipper & Skeeto: The Midnight MysterySkipper & SkeetoIvanoff Interactive, BHV SoftwareIvanoff Interactive, Krea MedieWindows2002
Sniper EliteSniper EliteRebellion DevelopmentsWindows, OS X18 October 2005
SoniComi: Communication with SonicoNitroplusJAST USAWindows25 November 2011
Soul GamblerTlön StudiosGamestormingWindows1 August 2013
SpaceplanJake HollandsDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X4 May 2017
SpyPartyChris Hecker, John CiminoChris HeckerWindows, OS X
Star Trek: Judgment RitesStar TrekInterplay EntertainmentInterplay Entertainment, MacPlayDOS, Mac OS, Windows, OS X, Linux1993
Star TrigonMr. DrillerProject DrillerBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows2009
Star Wars: Force CommanderStar WarsLucasArts, Ronin EntertainmentLucasArtsWindows21 March 2000
Starsky & HutchMinds Eye ProductionsVivendi GamesWindows13 June 2003
State of Decay 2State of DecayUndead LabsXbox Game StudiosWindows22 May 2018
Stories: The Path of DestiniesSpearhead GamesWindows12 April 2016
Surviving MarsSurvivingHaemimont Games, AbstractionParadox InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux15 March 2018
Syberia: The World BeforeSyberiaKoalabs, MicroidsMicroidsWindows2021
Team Fortress 2Team FortressValve Corporation, Bethesda Game Studios DallasWindows, OS X, Linux9 October 2007
Team IndieBrightside GamesWindows, OS X8 October 2014
The Adventures of Tintin: The GameTintinUbisoft MontpellierUbisoftWindows21 October 2011
The Age of DecadenceThe Age of DecadenceIron Tower StudioWindows14 October 2015
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)Spider-ManBeenoxActivisionWindows10 August 2012
The Blackout ClubQuestionWindows30 July 2019
The Crew 2The CrewIvory Tower, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftWindows26 June 2018
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindThe Elder ScrollsBethesda Game StudiosBethesda Softworks, UbisoftWindows1 May 2002
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe Elder ScrollsBethesda Game StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows11 November 2011
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special EditionThe Elder ScrollsBethesda Game StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows27 October 2016
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VRThe Elder ScrollsBethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Game Studios DallasBethesda SoftworksWindows3 April 2018
The Evil WithinThe Evil WithinTango GameworksBethesda SoftworksWindows14 October 2014
The Hidden: SourceHidden TeamWindows13 June 2005
The Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingThe Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingNeocoreGamesWindows, OS X22 May 2013
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final CutThe Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingNeocoreGamesWindows6 November 2015
The Last Crown: Midnight HorrorThe Lost CrownDarkling RoomIceberg InteractiveWindows29 October 2015
The Last Door: Collector's EditionThe Last DoorThe Game KitchenPhoenix Online PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux20 May 2014
The Last Door: Season 2 Collector's EditionThe Last DoorThe Game KitchenPhoenix Online PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux29 March 2016
The Last FederationArcen GamesWindows, OS X, Linux18 April 2014
The Lion's SongMi'pu'mi GamesWindows, OS X, Linux7 July 2016
The Long DarkHinterlandWindows, OS X, Linux1 August 2017
The MarriageRod HumbleWindows2006
The OccupationWhite Paper GamesHumble BundleWindows5 March 2019
The PathlessGiant Squid StudiosAnnapurna InteractiveWindows, OS X12 November 2020
The Punisher (2005)The PunisherDeep Silver VolitionTHQWindows16 January 2005
The Raven: Legacy of a Master ThiefThe RavenKing ArtTHQ NordicWindows, OS X, Linux23 July 2013
The Shivah: Kosher EditionWadjet Eye GamesWindows, OS X, Linux21 November 2013
The Solus ProjectGrip Digital, Hourences, Teotl StudiosTeotl StudiosWindows7 June 2016
The Spiderwick ChroniclesNickelodeonStormfront StudiosSierra Entertainment, PlayONWindows6 February 2008
The Stanley ParableGalactic CafeWindows, OS X, Linux17 October 2013
The TechnomancerMars: War LogsSpidersFocus Home InteractiveWindows28 June 2016
The Uncertain: Light at the EndThe UncertainComonGamesMETA PublishingWindows8 October 2020
The Wild EightFNTASTICHypeTrain DigitalWindows3 October 2019
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe WitcherCD Projekt RedCD ProjektWindows19 May 2015
The Witcher Adventure GameThe WitcherCD Projekt Red, Can ExplodeCD ProjektWindows, OS X27 November 2014
Thimbleweed ParkThimbleweed ParkTerrible ToyboxWindows, OS X, Linux30 March 2017
This Is the PoliceThis Is the PoliceWeappy StudioEuroVideo MedienWindows, OS X, Linux2 August 2016
Thronebreaker: The Witcher TalesThe WitcherCD Projekt RedCD Projekt, GAEAWindows23 October 2018
Tom Clancy's The DivisionTom Clancy's The DivisionUbisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft AnnecyUbisoftWindows8 March 2016
Tom Clancy's The Division 2Tom Clancy's The DivisionUbisoft Massive, Ubisoft Annecy, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft LeamingtonUbisoftWindows15 March 2019
Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful LifeClannadKeyVisualArt'sWindows25 November 2005
Tooth and TailPocketwatch GamesWindows, OS X, Linux12 September 2017
Torchlight IITorchlightRunic GamesWindows, OS X, Linux20 September 2012
TransistorSupergiant GamesWindows, OS X, Linux20 May 2014
Transmissions: Element 120Half-LifeShokunin, Thomas M. Visser, Vincent ThieleWindows, Linux16 June 2016
Tribes: VengeanceTribesIrrational GamesSierra EntertainmentWindows5 October 2004
Tron 2.0TronMonolith ProductionsDisney Interactive Studios, MacPlayWindows, OS X26 August 2003
Tropico 5TropicoHaemimont GamesKalypso MediaWindows, OS X, Linux23 May 2014
True Fear: Forsaken SoulsTrue FearGoblinzThe Digital LoungeWindows, OS X19 October 2016
TurnoverLong Division LLCWindows, OS X, Linux15 December 2015
Ultimate Fishing SimulatorUltimate Fishing SimulatorUltimate GamesPlayWayWindows30 August 2018
Ultimate General: GettysburgUltimate GeneralGame LabsWindows, OS X, Linux16 October 2014
Ultimate Spider-ManSpider-ManTreyarchActivision, Licomp Empik MultimediaWindows22 September 2005
UnderrailStygian SoftwareWindows18 December 2015
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the FallenUtawarerumonoAquaplusDMM Games, ShiravuneWindows22 January 2021
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodlinesVampire: The MasqueradeTroika GamesActivisionWindows16 November 2004
Vector ThrustTimeSymmetryIceberg InteractiveWindows5 July 2015
Vigil: The Longest NightGlass Heart Games, Another IndieWindows14 October 2020
Vikings: Wolves of MidgardGames FarmKalypso MediaWindows, OS X, Linux24 March 2017
VirginiaVariable State505 GamesWindows, OS X22 September 2016
Void MemoryGustavWindows26 October 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of WarWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of WarRelic EntertainmentTHQ, SegaWindows20 September 2004
Warhammer 40,000: MechanicusWarhammer 40,000Bulwark StudiosKasedo GamesWindows, OS X, Linux15 November 2018
Warzone 2100Pumpkin Studios, Warzone 2100 ProjectEidos InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux10 April 1999
Without EscapeBumpy Trail GamesWindows, OS X, Linux24 April 2018
Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusWolfensteinMachineGamesBethesda SoftworksWindows27 October 2017
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodWolfensteinMachineGamesBethesda SoftworksWindows5 May 2015
Worms RumbleWormsTeam17Windows1 December 2020
WovenAlterego Games, Digital ForestWindows, OS X, Linux2 October 2017
X-BladesGaijin EntertainmentTopWare InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux10 February 2009
X-Plane 11X-PlaneLaminar ResearchWindows, OS X, Linux15 February 2017
YouTube VRGoogleWindows14 December 2017
Zeno ClashZeno ClashACE TeamTripwire Interactive, Iceberg InteractiveWindows21 April 2009
Zombie Army TrilogyZombie ArmyRebellion DevelopmentsWindows6 March 2015
Zombie Panic! SourceZombie Panic!Zombie Panic! TeamWindows28 December 2007
Zork: Grand InquisitorZorkActivisionActivision, MacPlayWindows, Mac OS, OS X4 November 1997 Motorsport SimulationsWindows, OS X, Linux26 August 2008
港詭實錄ParanormalHKGhostpie StudioGhostpie Studio, Gamera GameWindows6 January 2020

Hackable support[edit]

For instance fanmade patches.

Total number of games: 3

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of ChernobylS.T.A.L.K.E.R.GSC Game WorldTHQWindows20 March 2007
Strike CommanderOrigin SystemsElectronic ArtsDOS, Windows, OS X1 April 1993
ÜberSoldier IIÜberSoldierBurut Creative TeamStrategy First, Cdv Software EntertainmentWindows22 July 2008

Limited support[edit]

Total number of games: 12

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
Assassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows10 November 2020
Borderlands 3BorderlandsGearbox Software2K GamesWindows, OS X13 September 2019
Hunt Down The FreemanRoyal Rudius EntertainmentWindows24 February 2018
Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!Leisure Suit LarrySierra EntertainmentDOS, Windows, Mac OS, OS X, Linux, Windows 3.x18 January 1997
Miniature GardenMuzintouFruitbat FactoryWindows16 August 2015
NarcissuNarcissuStage-nanaInsani, Sekai ProjectWindows, OS X, Linux2 August 2005
Penumbra: OverturePenumbraFrictional GamesCD Projekt, Paradox InteractiveWindows, Linux, OS X30 March 2007
REDRIVER 2DriverUbisoft ReflectionsInfogramesWindows, Linux14 November 2020
ReadySet HeroesRobot EntertainmentSony Interactive EntertainmentWindows29 October 2019
Tell Me WhyDontnod EntertainmentXbox Game StudiosWindows27 August 2020
The Samaritan ParadoxFaravid InteractiveScreen 7Windows, Linux20 March 2014
Watch Dogs: LegionWatch DogsUbisoft TorontoUbisoftWindows29 October 2020