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Auto-populated list[edit]

Total number of games: 1253

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byRelease dateAvailable on
! That Bastard Is Trying To Steal Our Gold !WTFOMGames9 May 2014Windows, Linux
0°N 0°WColorfiction1 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
10,000,00010,000,000EightyEightGames15 January 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
103Dystopia Interactive21 December 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs Studios23 March 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs Studios2 June 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs Studios7 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs Studios25 December 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs Studios17 June 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out Games20 December 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs Studios12 January 2018Windows, OS X
12 OrbitsRoman Uhlig30 July 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
140Carlsen Games16 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
1QuestRatz 'N' Godz, Storybird Games3 March 2014Windows, OS X
2000:1: A Space FelonyNational InsecuritiesHumble Bundle, National Insecurities7 July 2017Windows
2064: Read Only MemoriesRead Only MemoriesMidBossMidBoss, AGM PLAYISM6 October 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
2DarkGloomywoodBigben Interactive17 March 2017Windows
303 Squadron: Battle of BritainAtomic JellyMovie Games, PlayWay31 August 2018Windows
39 Days to MarsIt's Anecdotal25 April 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
7 Billion HumansHuman Resource MachineTomorrow Corporation23 August 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
8 DaysSanta Clara GamesBadLand Publishing22 July 2016Windows, OS X
9.03mSpace Budgie12 September 2013Windows
900Barnaque26 May 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
A Blind LegendDowinoPlug In Digital7 April 2016Windows, OS X
A Case of DistrustThe Wandering BenSerenity Forge8 February 2018Windows, OS X
A Dance of Fire and Ice7th Beat Games7th Beat Games, Indienova25 January 2019Windows, OS X
A Date in the ParkCloak and Dagger Games14 November 2014Windows
A Foretold AffairGB Patch Games30 January 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
A Good Snowman Is Hard To BuildAlan Hazelden, Benjamin DavisDraknek25 February 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
A Hand in the DarknessErtal Games20 March 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
A Little Lily PrincessHanabiraHanako Games19 May 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
A Mortician's TaleLaundry Bear Games18 October 2017Windows, OS X
A Museum of Dubious SplendorsStudio OleomingusThe Irregular Corporation6 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
A Normal Lost PhoneLost PhoneAccidental QueensPlug In Digital26 January 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
A Raven MonologueMojiken StudioToge Productions22 December 2017Windows, OS X
A Salem Witch Trial - Murder MysteryDigital Bento9 February 2018Windows, OS X
A Short HikeAdamgryu30 July 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
A Snake's TaleM12y6 July 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
A Tale of Two KingdomsCrystal Shard16 July 2007Windows, Linux
A Wild Catgirl Appears!NewWestGames29 October 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
ABRACA - Imagic GamesAnkama31 March 2016Windows, OS X
ATV Drift & TricksArtefacts StudioMicroïds14 November 2017Windows, OS X
AWAY: Journey to the UnexpectedAurelien Regard GamesPlug In Digital, Dear Villagers8 February 2019Windows
AbaloneGames UpAsmodee Digital23 April 2014Windows
About Love, Hate and the other onesBlack Pants Studio12 December 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Academia: School SimulatorSqueaky Wheel StudioWindows, OS X
Adam WolfeMad Head Games7 October 2016Windows, OS X
AdvertCityVoxelStorm17 April 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
AerannisEktomarch15 September 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Agatha Christie: The ABC MurdersAgatha ChristieArtefacts StudiosMicroïds4 February 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Age of Fear 2: The Chaos LordAge of FearLeslaw SliwkoAge of Fear27 March 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Age of Fear 3: The LegendAge of FearLeslaw SliwkoAge of Fear1 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Age of Fear: The Free WorldAge of FearLeslaw SliwkoAge of Fear18 January 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Age of Fear: The Undead KingAge of FearLeslaw SliwkoAge of Fear26 June 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLDAge of FearLeslaw SliwkoAge of Fear
AgroundFancy Fish Games, SnöBox StudioFancy Fish GamesWindows, OS X, Linux
AirisEbullience Games4 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Airships: Conquer the SkiesDavid StarkWindows, OS X, Linux
AkaneLudic Studios10 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Akuto: ShowdownHut 9028 March 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Algo BotFishing Cactus31 January 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Alice in StardomCrystal Game Works1 April 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Alice's Mom's RescueOrionSoft3 September 2015Windows, Linux
Alicia Griffith - Lakeside MurderAgrostemmaLibredia16 December 2016Windows, OS X
Alien Rage - UnlimitedCI Games24 September 2013Windows
All Our AsiasSean Han TaniAnalgesic Productions7 February 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
All Walls Must FallInbetweengames8 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
All You Can EatGamechuck13 July 2017Windows
Along the EdgeNova-box12 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Alt-FrequenciesAccidental Queens, ARTE FrancePlug In Digital16 May 2019Windows, OS X
Alter ArmyVague Pixels2018Windows, OS X
Always Remember MeWinter Wolves27 May 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Always The Same Blue Sky...Crimson Night21 May 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Amber's Magic ShopWinter Wolves8 June 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
AmbreTräumendes Mädchen1 April 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Among the SleepKrillbite Studio29 May 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
AmorousTeam AmorousSnaggletooth Studios13 April 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Amplitude: A Visual NovelCeylon Entertainment5 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
AmygdalaMachineSpirit15 July 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
An Adventurer's TaleEpic Works, Top Hat StudiosTop Hat Studios2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Analistica AcademyEpic WorksTop Hat Studios23 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
AnarcuteAnarteamPlug In Digital12 July 2016Windows
Anark.ioPinpin TeamPlug In Digital5 April 2018Windows
AnchorheadMichael Gentry31 January 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Ancient Warfare 3Jannik NickelWindows, OS X, Linux
And Yet It MovesBroken Rules2 April 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Angelo Skate AwayTeam TOPlug In Digital26 January 2018Windows
Angels with Scaly WingsRadical Phi31 January 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
AnguishedForrest Keel3 November 2016Windows
Anima: Gate of MemoriesAnima: Gate of MemoriesAnima ProjectBadLand Publishing2 June 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Animal LoverTrainwreck Studios14 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
AnodyneAnodyneAnalgesic Productions4 February 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Anodyne 2: Return to DustAnodyneSean Han Tani, Marina KittakaAnalgesic Productions12 August 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Another Lost Phone: Laura's StoryLost PhoneAccidental QueensDear Villagers, Plug In Digital21 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
AntisquadInsGamesINSGAMES LIMITED31 October 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Aozora MeikyuuYume Creations27 January 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Ape OutGabe Cuzzillo, Bennett Foddy, Matt BochDevolver Digital28 February 2019Windows
Ara FellStegosoft Games2 June 2016Windows
Arcade SpiritsFiction Factory GamesPQube Limited12 February 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Arclight CascadeHexdragonal Games25 August 2015Windows, OS X
Arelite CoreDragon Slumber7 February 2017Windows
Arkhangel: The House of the Seven StarsWinter Night Games2018Windows, OS X
Army GeneralPhobetorPhobetor, Plug In Digital26 April 2017Windows
Art SqoolJulian GlanderGlanderco5 February 2019Windows, OS X
As We Know ItJaime Scribbles Games8 May 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Ascension: Deckbuilding GameAscensionPlaydek16 December 2014Windows, OS X
Ascent SpiritEbim StudioPlug In Digital1 March 2018Windows
Ash of Gods: RedemptionAurumDustAurumDust, WhisperGames23 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
AshworldOrangepixelWindows, OS X, Linux
AsphyxiaEbi-himeSekai Project4 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Astoria: The Holders of Power SagaGolden Unicorn Gaming2 August 2017Windows
AstroKillDoomsday GamesWindows, Linux
AstrologasterNyamyam9 May 2019Windows, OS X
Atom Zombie SmasherBlendo Games, Ethan Lee22 January 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Atomic ReconstructionTeawork Dev28 September 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Atonement: Scourge of TimeAtonementAstronomic GamesNew Reality Games16 July 2015Windows
Attrition: Tactical FrontsCardboard KeepWindows, OS X, Linux
Aura ShiftFish Goblin Games14 August 2019Windows
Aura of WorldsCognitive ForgeWindows
AweBadland Development StudioBadland Indie9 October 2015Windows, OS X
BFF or DieASA Studio13 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
BOTOLOIan Snyder15 December 2016Windows, OS X
BRKÖUTFisher Wagg, Simon Wagg, Aaron TaylorStupid Massive Unbelievable Games29 September 2017Windows
BUCKLER 2AploveStudio14 February 2019Windows
Baba Is YouHempuli Oy13 March 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Babylon 2055 PinballShine ResearchPlug In Digital29 March 2017Windows
Back to BedBedtime Digital Games6 August 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Backpack TwinsTomás de Vicente16 August 2019Windows
Backstage PassSakevisual22 August 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Baldi's Basics - Field TripBaldi's BasicsMystman1224 July 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Baldi's Basics in Education & LearningBaldi's BasicsMystman1231 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
BallistickBomb Shelter Games14 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Bamboo EPSokpop Collective13 December 2016Windows
BasingstokePuppy Games27 April 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
BastionSupergiant GamesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment16 August 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Battle KnightsMire Studios31 August 2016Windows, Linux
Beans: The Coffee Shop SimulatorWhitethorn Digital30 June 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Beat HazardBeat HazardCold Beam GamesTHQ15 April 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
Beat Hazard 2Beat HazardCold Beam Games16 October 2019Windows
BecalmColorfiction17 January 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Because We're Here - Act IStudio Elfriede19 July 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
BeckettThe Secret Experiment27 February 2018Windows, OS X
BeeswingJ. King-Spooner10 December 2014Windows
BeglitchedHexecutable7 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Bendy and the Ink MachineJoey Drew Studios Inc.27 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Bientôt l'étéTale of Tales12 December 2012Windows, OS X
Big DipperTeam ZimnoTop Hat Studios7 January 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Big Fat NeighborCheesecakeWindows, OS X, Linux
Big Tower Tiny SquareEvil ObjectiveEO Interactive15 January 2018Windows
Bionic HeartBionic HeartWinter Wolves7 July 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Bionic Heart 2Bionic HeartWinter Wolves1 April 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
BirdsketballWaynetronWindows, OS X, Linux
Black ClosetHanako Games16 September 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Black IceSuper Duper Garrett CooperWindows, OS X, Linux
Blackberry HoneyEbi-himeSekai Project24 October 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Blackout: The Darkest NightMiniChimera Game Studio2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Blazing BeaksApplava10 May 2019Windows
BleedBleedBootdisk Revolution28 November 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Bleed 2BleedBootdisk Revolution8 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Blind MenMan-Eater Games30 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Blitz BreakerBoncho Games2 February 2016Windows
Blossoms Bloom BrightestReine WorksReine Works, Dharker Studio9 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Blue RevolverStellar Circle11 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Bohemian KillingThe MoonwallsLibredia21 July 2016Windows, OS X
Bomb Squad AcademySystemic Games28 March 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
BonbonAetheric GamesPixeljam24 October 2017Windows
BoorDazlogStudioBadLand Publishing14 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Boot Hill BlasterFascimania28 October 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Border of her HeartTuomo LaineTuomo's games14 February 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Bot ViceDYA Games11 July 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
BotaniculaAmanita Design19 April 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Break Chance MementoCyanide Tea12 February 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Brigador: Up-Armored EditionStellar Jockeys, Gausswerks2 June 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Brighter DayThe Loneliest Pixel17 July 2015Windows, OS X
Brilliant Shadows - Part One of the Book of Gray MagicBook of Gray MagicIthaqua Labs30 October 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Broken AgeDouble Fine Productions28 January 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
BruteMGFM17 May 2017Windows
Brütal LegendDouble Fine Productions26 February 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
BuckWave InteractiveWindows
Bullet CandyCharlie's Games16 May 2006Windows, OS X, Linux
Bullet PartyAwoker Games25 July 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Burly Men at SeaBrain&Brain29 September 2016Windows, OS X
Bury Me, My LoveThe Pixel HuntDear Villagers, Arte Creative10 January 2019Windows
ButcherTranshuman Design5 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
C14 DatingWinter Wolves27 April 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
CTHONGravity Games17 March 2017Windows
Camera ObscuraAnteater Games19 February 2015Windows
CapsuleAdam Saltsman, Robin ArnottFinji14 February 2012Windows, OS X
Carcassonne: Tiles & TacticsAsmodee Digital, Frima StudioAsmodee Digital29 November 2017Windows
Card City NightsCard City NightsLudosity14 February 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Carpe Diem: RebootCarpe DiemEyziMoonlit Studios30 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Castles (2015)WhootgamesBadLand Publishing9 October 2015Windows
Cat Burglar: A Tail of PurrsuitGamers for Good6 March 2019Windows
Catacomb KidsFourbitFridayWindows, OS X, Linux
Catch the Thief, If you can!Star Game StudiosWindows
Catlateral DamageChris Chung, Fire Hose GamesChris Chung27 May 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Cats are LiquidLastQuarter Studios7 December 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
CausalityLoju2 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Cavern KingsVineWindows
Caves of QudFreehold GamesWindows, OS X, Linux
CelesteMatt Makes Games25 January 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Celestial CrossingTouwaku.com30 December 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Ceress and OreaPlueschkatze2018Windows
ChangelingSteamberry Studio30 January 2019Windows, OS X
ChariotFrima StudioFrima Studio, Microïds Indie12 November 2014Windows
Cheap GolfMonofarmPixeljam5 November 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Cheeky Beetle And The Unlikely HeroesRocksoft22 May 2019Windows
Cherry CreekSecond Dimension Games15 March 2019Windows, OS X
Chess of BladesArgent Games5 January 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Chicago 1930: The ProhibitionSpellbound EntertainmentWanadoo, Microïds, Virtual Programming20 February 2004Windows, OS X
Chicken Assassin - Master of HumiliationOnesharkAkupara Games28 June 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Chicken Invaders 4Chicken InvadersInterAction Studios6 June 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Chroma SquadBehold Studios30 April 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Chronicle of InnsmouthChronicle of InnsmouthUmberto Parisi (rmonic79), Amedeo Vasaturo (meovas)Psychodev5 May 2017Windows
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio RitualChronicles of MysteryCI Games26 November 2008Windows
Chronicles of TeddyFinding TeddyStorybird GamesLookAtMyGame, Plug In Digital2 April 2015Windows, OS X
ChronologyBedtime Digital Games12 May 2014Windows
ChuchelAmanita Design7 March 2018Windows, OS X
Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation: Time After TimeStudio BeastFruitbat Factory14 August 2016Windows
CibeleStar Maid Games2 November 2015Windows, OS X
Cinderella PhenomenonDicesuki5 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
CirclesJeroen Wimmers17 February 2017Windows, OS X
Citadale: The Legends TrilogyCitadaleEzekiel RagePlug In Digital13 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
CitrouilleLumen Section4 November 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
CityglitchMindfungus23 February 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Clone Drone in the Danger ZoneDoborog GamesWindows, OS X
Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of The PoultroidGuys From Andromeda9 November 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Clutter Infinity: Joe's Ultimate QuestClutterPuzzles By JoeLibredia9 August 2017Windows
Clutter VI: Leigh's StoryClutterPuzzles By JoeLibredia18 October 2017Windows
Code 7Goodwolf Studio11 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Colonial ConquestArgonauts Interactive, Collectif NemoïdPlug In Digital, Argonauts Interactive28 July 2015Windows, OS X
Colt ExpressFrima StudioAsmodee Digital17 November 2016Windows
Combat Wings: Battle of BritainCI Games14 October 2009Windows
Comit the AstrodianComit the AstrodianLunarCore Games15 November 2016Windows
Comit the Astrodian 2Comit the AstrodianLunarCore Games20 March 2017Windows
Comit the Astrodian 3Comit the AstrodianLunarCore Games2 January 2018Windows
Computer TycoonProgorionWindows, OS X
Con AmoreTeam TajuWronghut28 November 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Concrete JungleColePowered Games23 September 2015Windows, OS X
Conflicks - Revolutionary Space BattlesArtifice Studio5 November 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Connected Hearts - Visual novelEternal Night StudiosStw Projects, Ziel Graywords22 July 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!Cook, Serve, Delicious!Vertigo Gaming13 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Copy KittyNuclear StrawberryDegica19 April 2018Windows
Corinne Cross's Dead & BreakfastBad chalk18 August 2016Windows
Corona BorealisWinter Wolves28 April 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Corrosion: Cold Winter WaitingViperante1 July 2015Windows
Corto Maltese - Secrets of VeniceKids up hillBulkyPix, Plug In Digital4 December 2014Windows, OS X
Cosmic ExpressCosmic Engineers, Alan Hazelden, Benjamin Davis, TyuDraknek16 March 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Cosmic LeapMichael HallBlack Shell Media17 March 2016Windows
Cosmic Top SecretKlassefilm25 May 2018Windows, OS X
Cosmic TripFunktronic Labs24 May 2017Windows
Costume QuestCostume QuestDouble Fine ProductionsTHQ Nordic15 October 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
CrawlPowerhoof11 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Crazy Chicken TalesCrazy ChickenCoreplayLibredia13 September 2010Windows
Crazy Dreamz: Best OfCrazy DreamzDreamz Studio22 March 2018Windows, OS X
Crazy Pixel StreakerLubiterumThe Sidekicks, Plug In Digital2 March 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
CrewsadersTitan SquadPlug In Digital17 November 2016Windows, OS X
CrossCodeRadical Fish GamesDeck13 Interactive20 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Crystal Control IIVirtually Competent12 July 2017Windows, OS X
Cube Escape: ParadoxCube EscapeRusty Lake20 September 2018Windows, OS X
CubikolorFractal Box, Moving PlayerPlug In Digital, Moving Player20 May 2016Windows, OS X
Cultist SimulatorSecret HistoriesWeather FactoryHumble Bundle31 May 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
CupidFerventAfterthought Studios4 March 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Curse of the Crescent Isle DXAdam Mowery21 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
CursedJetDogs Studios17 June 2016Windows, Linux
Cursed LandsWinter Wolves2018Windows, OS X, Linux
CutthroatOcumens15 November 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Cycle 28Pill Bug Interactive2018Windows
DERU - The Art of CooperationInk Kit7 November 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
DIY SimulatorSilent Parrot StudioWindows
DYOTeam DYO14 February 2018Windows
Danmaku Unlimited 3Danmaku UnlimitedDoragon Entertainment9 March 2017Windows
Dark TrainDark TrainPaperash studio25 October 2016Windows, OS X
Date WarpHanako Games22 May 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
David Lynch Teaches TypingRhino Stew27 February 2018Windows, OS X
Dawn's LightDawn's LightJohn Wizard30 August 2016Windows
Day of the Tentacle RemasteredManiac MansionDouble Fine Productions21 March 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Dead CellsMotion Twin7 August 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Dead End RoadDDD Wares8 July 2016Windows, Linux
Dead Horizon14 Hours Productions12 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Death Ray Manta SEThe Future Of Videogames17 September 2015Windows
Deep SixedLRDGames12 February 2018Windows, Linux
Defend the KeepVanille Games15 July 2019Windows, Linux
Defendoooooor!!White DogPlug In Digital30 August 2017Windows
Demetrios - The Big Cynical AdventureCOWCAT31 May 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Demon's CrystalsByte4Games, StarCruiser StudioBadLand Publishing21 April 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
DemonheartDemonheartRolling Crown24 March 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
DepravedEvil Bite21 September 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Depression QuestThe Quinnspiracy, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac SchanklerThe Quinnspiracy14 February 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Depth of ExtinctionHOF Studios27 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Dere Evil .exeDarius Immanuel D. GuerreroAppSir4 July 2018Windows
Desert ChildOscar BrittainAkupara Games11 December 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Desert GolfingCaptain Games1 September 2014Windows, OS X
Design HeroAkinaba18 September 2018Windows, OS X
Detective Di: The Silk Rose MurdersNupixo GamesNupixo Games, WhisperGames1 May 2019Windows, OS X
Detective GrimoireDetective GrimoireSFB Games18 August 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
DevWillPaulo A. M. VillalvaDonwload Games11 October 2017Windows
Diaries of a Spaceport JanitorSundae MonthTinyBuildGames16 September 2016Windows, OS X
Dicey DungeonsTerry Cavanagh13 August 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Diesel Railcar SimulatorLapiowareWindows
Dimension Drive2Awesome StudioWindows, OS X, Linux
Dinner DateStout Games1 March 2011Windows
Dino Dini's Kick Off RevivalKick OffKoo GamesThe Digital Lounge, Plug In Digital12 September 2017Windows
Dino Run DXDino RunPixeljam29 September 2015Windows, OS X
Disco Time 80s VRIndiecode Games10 June 2017Windows
Discouraged WorkersDiscouraged WorkersYGGDRASIL STUDIO25 June 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Discouraged Workers TeenDiscouraged WorkersYGGDRASIL STUDIO24 November 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
DissemblerIan MacLarty22 February 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Dog Sled SagaTrichotomy22 September 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Dogfight 1942CI Games21 September 2012Windows
Doki Doki Literature Club!Team Salvato22 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Dominique PamplemousseDominique PamplemousseDietrich Squinkifer11 March 2014Windows, OS X
DomiverseHaunted Tie7 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Don't Make LoveMaggese26 October 2017Windows
Don't MoveStvr12 September 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Don't SinkSebastian Nigro, Christopher Anselmo, Daniel MarquesSebastian Nigro13 April 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle DevilDoodleJoyBits25 May 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle GodDoodleJoyBits23 June 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle God: 8-bit ManiaDoodleJoyBits18 November 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle God: Alchemy JamDoodleJoyBits1 December 2017Windows
Doodle God: Genesis SecretsDoodleJoyBits10 May 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle KingdomDoodleJoyBitsImmanitas Entertainment, Plug In Digital9 June 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle MafiaDoodleJoyBits29 March 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Door KickersDoor KickersKillhouse Games20 October 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Double Cross13AM GamesGraffiti Games10 January 2019Windows
Dr. Fizzgigious' Fantabulous Carbon Dating SimulacrumTanukitsune5 December 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind HeistCrows Crows Crows4 December 2015Windows, OS X
Dr. SpacezooSmashRiotWindows, OS X, Linux
DragoDinoTealRocks StudioTealRocks Studio, Plug In Digital20 June 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Dreaming SarahAndre Chagas Silva, Anthony SeptimAsteristic Game Studio12 March 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Dropship DownFast Forward GamesWindows
DropsyTendershoot, A Jolly CorpseDevolver Digital10 September 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Dry DrowningStudio VVLG Publishing2 August 2019Windows
Dude CopsOsgoode MediaOsgoode Media16 July 2018Windows
DujanahJ. King-SpoonerErm...6 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Dumb Little CreaturesMismatch Studio22 May 2019Windows, OS X
Dungeon Lurk II: LeonaDungeon LurkKeys of Nine Entertainment27 October 2014Windows
Dungeon RushersGoblinz Studio7 September 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
DustforceHitbox Team17 January 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Dwarf FortressTarn AdamsBay 12 Games8 August 2006Windows, OS X, Linux
DwarfCorpCompletely Fair GamesWindows, OS X, Linux
ECONTwelve Tiles14 December 2018Windows, Linux
ETHEREALNicolás Recabarren, Tomás BatistaNonsense Arts7 March 2019Windows, OS X
EarthtongueEric HornbyErichermit27 April 2015Windows, OS X
EastshadeEastshade Studios13 February 2019Windows
Eczema Angel OrificePorpentine, NeotenomiePorpentine27 June 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
ElansarElansarOrionSoft1 August 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
EldritchMinor Key Games21 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Electronic Super JoyElectronic Super JoyMichael Todd Games23 August 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Electronic Super Joy 2Electronic Super JoyMichael Todd Games2&30 Software9 August 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
ElizaZachtronics12 August 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Elo HellExato Game Studios30 July 2019Windows
ElsinoreGolden Glitch22 July 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Emily Wants to PlayEmily Wants to PlayShawn HitchcockSKH Apps10 December 2015Windows, OS X
Emily is AwayEmily is AwayKyle Seeley20 November 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Emily is Away TooEmily is AwayKyle Seeley26 May 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Emma: The StoryHiver ProdPlug In Digital, Cinétévé Experience24 May 2018Windows, OS X
Empires of the UndergrowthSlug Disco StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux
Empty HorizonsEbi-himeSekai Project19 July 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
EnceladusStorybird Games, Julien RoccaLookAtMyGame, Plug In Digital1 November 2017Windows
EndhallHeartBeast Studios L.L.C.4 December 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Endless ATCStartgrid2 November 2013Windows
Enemy FrontCI Games13 June 2014Windows
England ExchangeHanabiraHanako Games5 May 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
EnigmaUzumeyaFruitbat Factory15 March 2015Windows
Epistory - Typing ChroniclesTyping ChroniclesFishing CactusFishing Cactus, Plug In Digital30 March 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
EponymousMinor Key Games31 October 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Escape MachinesMint Age StudiosBack To Basics GamingWindows
Escape from the PrincessSalamandra887DOTS17 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
EtherealNicolás Recabarren, Tomás BatistaNonsense Arts7 March 2019Windows, OS X
Even the OceanAnalgesic Productions16 November 2016Windows, OS X
Event 0Ocelot Society14 September 2016Windows, OS X
EvergrowUnli Box Enterprises21 March 2017Windows, OS X
EverythingDavid OReillyDouble Fine Productions21 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
EvolandEvolandShiro Games4 April 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Evoland 2EvolandShiro Games25 August 2015Windows, OS X
ExZeus 2ExZeusHyperDevbox16 June 2014Windows
ExapunksExapunksZachtronics22 October 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
ExodemonKuupu3 August 2019Windows
Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~KwanSekai ProjectWindows
ExpandChris Johnson, Chris Larkin30 September 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
ExplosionadeMommy's Best Games23 September 2015Windows
Extravaganza RisingJohn Wizard21 July 2016Windows
FAITHFAITHAirdorf Games3 October 2017Windows
FAITH: Chapter IIFAITHAirdorf Games22 February 2019Windows
FPV FreeriderFPV FreeriderJohn HolmvallJord&Eld17 April 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
FPV Freerider RechargedFPV FreeriderJohn HolmvallJord&Eld14 April 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Factory TownErik AsmussenWindows, OS X
FaeVerse AlchemySubsoapWindows, OS X, Linux
Fantasy Farming: Orange SeasonHudell TalesWindows, OS X, Linux
Far from NoiseGeorge Batchelor14 November 2017Windows, OS X
Far-OutEscapism Artworks10 February 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
FarabelFrogames14 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Fariwalk: The PreludeAIHASTO23 November 2017Windows
Faron's FateWinter Drake Teller14 August 2015Windows
FataleTale of Tales4 November 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Fate TectonicsGolden Gear GamesToy Temp9 September 2015Windows, OS X
FeatherSamurai Punk5 April 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
FeistBits & BeastsFinji23 July 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
FezPolytron CorporationTrapdoor1 May 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Fhtagn! - Tales of the Creeping MadnessDesign Imps22 May 2018Windows, Linux
Fidel Dungeon RescueDaniel Benmergui, Jeremías Babini, Hernán RozenwasserDaniel Benmergui1 August 2017Windows, OS X
FigmentFigmentBedtime Digital Games22 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Finding LightJoshua Keith15 October 2018Windows
Finding TeddyFinding TeddyStorybird GamesLookAtMyGame10 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
First WinterDan SandersonDanthaigames
Fist's Elimination TowerImpostor Cat Games28 August 2017Windows, OS X
FlambergeHydezekeWindows, OS X, Linux
FlotillaFlotillaBlendo Games, Ethan Lee27 February 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
FlotsamPajama Llama GamesKongregateWindows
FlowScapePixel Forest Games15 August 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Fly'NAnkama9 November 2012Windows
FootLOL: Epic Fail LeagueLion's ShadeHeroCraft7 August 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Football GameCloak and Dagger Games2018Windows
Footbrawl PlaygroundKevin SuckertKevin suckertWindows, OS X
Forever Lost: Episode 1Forever LostGlitch Games1 October 2012Windows, OS X
Forever Lost: Episode 2Forever LostGlitch Games20 June 2013Windows, OS X
Forever Lost: Episode 3Forever LostGlitch Games9 July 2015Windows, OS X
Forgotten, Not Lost - A Kinetic NovelAfterthought Studios2 April 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Fortune-499AP Thomson11 May 2018Windows, OS X
Fossil HuntersReptoid Games13 February 2018Windows, OS X
Foto FlashFoto FlashStudio Gamaii1 February 2018Windows
Foto Flash 2Foto FlashStudio Gamaii6 September 2018Windows
Four HorsemenNuclear Fishin' Software15 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Four Sided FantasyLudo LandSerenity Forge30 August 2016Windows, OS X
FoxyLandFoxyLandBUG-StudioOraMonkey17 October 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Framed CollectionLoveshack EntertainmentFellow Traveller17 May 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Fran BowKillmonday Games27 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Frankenstein: Master of DeathJetDogs Studios, Fineway StudiosJetDogs Studios9 March 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Freaking MeatbagsWild FactorPlug In Digital4 February 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
FreewaysCaptain Games1 October 2017Windows, OS X
Friday Night Bullet ArenaRed Nexus Games30 September 2016Windows, OS X
From Head to ToeParty for Introverts19 July 2019Windows, OS X
Fugl - Meditative bird experience gameTeam FuglKotori StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux
Fugue in VoidMoshe LinkeSedoc3 August 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Full Throttle RemasteredFull ThrottleDouble Fine Productions18 April 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Fumiko!Fumiko Game Studio13 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
FuriThe Game Bakers5 July 2016Windows
FurwindBoomfire Games2018Windows
Future UnfoldingSpaces of Play15 March 2017Windows, OS X
FutureGrindMilkbag Games22 January 2019Windows
GNOGCompany:KO_OPDouble Fine Productions17 July 2018Windows, OS X
Gaia's Melody: Echoed MelodiesEcho60720 October 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Galactic Orbital Death SportMECH'ATWindows
Galaxy Champions TVAQuadiun6 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
GalimulatorSnoddasmannenSnoddasmannen16 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Game Dev StudioRoman Glebenkov12 March 2018Windows
Game Dev TycoonGreenheart Games28 April 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Gamma BrosPixeljam10 December 2018Windows, OS X
Ganbare! Super StrikersRese2018Windows, OS X, Linux
GertySpawn Point OSKWindows, OS X, Linux
Ghost of a TaleSeithCG13 March 2018Windows
Ghosts of MiamiPillow Fight17 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Ginger: Beyond the CrystalDrakhar StudioBadLand Publishing25 October 2016Windows, OS X
GladiabotsGFX47Windows, OS X, Linux
Glass MasqueradeGlass MasqueradeOnyx Lute18 November 2016Windows, OS X
Glasswinged AscensionRed Spot Sylphina18 January 2017Windows
GlitchspaceSpace Budgie5 May 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Gnarltoof's RevengeDigital Homicide Studios17 June 2016Windows
Go Morse Go! Arcade EditionImpostor Cat Games26 February 2018Windows, OS X
Goblin and CoinsGoblin and CoinsNikola Bulj8 November 2016Windows, Linux
Goblins of ElderstoneLost GoblinLost Goblin LimitedWindows
God of Light: RemasteredPlaymousPlaymous, Plug In Digital8 November 2017Windows, OS X
Golf PeaksAfterburn13 November 2018Windows, OS X
Golfing Over It with Alva MajoMajorariatto28 March 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Gone HomeThe Fullbright Company15 August 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Good Night, KnightRedEmberNo Gravity GamesWindows
Grapple Force RenaGalaxyTrail4 December 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
GridworldDopplerFrog29 December 2015Windows, Linux
Grim Fandango RemasteredGrim FandangoDouble Fine Productions27 January 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged ExemplarCleveland Mark BlakemoreGolden Era Games2 August 2017Windows
Guild of DungeoneeringGambrinousVersus Evil14 July 2015Windows, OS X
Gun GodzVlambeer29 August 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Gunmetal ArcadiaGunmetal ArcadiaMinor Key Games7 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Gunmetal Arcadia ZeroGunmetal ArcadiaMinor Key Games6 May 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
GurgamothGalvanic Games16 February 2016Windows, OS X
HEARTBEATCHUMBOSOFT12 December 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Hack 'n' SlashDouble Fine Productions9 September 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
HackmudDrizzly Bear23 September 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
HacknetTeam Fractal AlligatorSurprise Attack Games12 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
HacktagPiece of Cake studiosWindows, OS X
Hadean LandsZarfhome Software30 October 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Halloween ForeverImaginary Monsters25 October 2016Windows
Handsome Mr. FrogCowboy Color8 August 2016Windows
HaqueSuperTry Studios22 November 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Harald: A Game of Influence3DDUOAsmodee Digital28 September 2017Windows, OS X
Haunt the House: TerrortownSFB Games6 June 2014Windows, OS X
HaxorClimouFat Dog Games12 April 2019Windows
HeadspunSuperstringWales Interactive28 August 2019Windows
Healer's QuestRablo Games18 April 2018Windows
Heart Chain KittyOrigamihero games23 November 2018Windows, Linux
Heart of the WoodsStudio ÉlanSekai Project15 February 2019Windows, OS X, Linux
Heart&SlashAHEARTFULOFGAMESBadLand Publishing9 August 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Heaven Will Be MinePillow Fight Games, Worst Girls GamesPillow Fight Games25 July 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
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