List of games available on Amazon US

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This is a list of games on PCGamingWiki marked as being available for purchase or download on The store contains various storefront keys, alongside a small selection of games sold directly through Amazon; both categories are only purchasable by Amazon accounts considered to be in the United States.

Auto-populated list[edit]

Total number of games: 649

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAmazon DRMRelease dateAvailable on
10 Second Ninja X10 Second NinjaFour Circle InteractiveCurve DigitalSteam19 July 2016Windows
100% Orange Juice!OrangeJuiceOrange JuiceFruitbat FactorySteam14 August 2009Windows
12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs StudiosSteam7 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs StudiosSteam25 December 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas12 Labours of HerculesJetDogs Studios, Zoom Out GamesJetDogs StudiosSteam17 June 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
1953 - KGB UnleashedPhantomery InteractiveUnknown6 July 2012Windows
1954 AlcatrazDaedalic Entertainment, Irresponsible GamesDaedalic EntertainmentDRM-free11 March 2014Windows, OS X
303 Squadron: Battle of BritainAtomic JellyMovie Games, PlayWaySteam31 August 2018Windows
A Story About My UncleCoffee Stain NorthCoffee Stain StudiosSteam28 May 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
A.I.M. 2: Clan WarsA.I.M.SkyRiver Studios1C CompanyDRM-free17 February 2006Windows
Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HDSUGURIOrange JuiceRockin' AndroidDRM-free25 June 2012Windows
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownAce CombatProject AcesBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam31 January 2019Windows
Aces of the GalaxyArtech Digital EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentSteam4 June 2008Windows
Afterfall: InSanityAfterfallIntoxicate StudiosNicolas Entertainment GroupSteam25 November 2011Windows
Age of Empires II (2013)Age of EmpiresHidden Path Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, SkyBox Labs, Forgotten EmpiresXbox Game StudiosSteam9 April 2013Windows
Age of Empires IIIAge of EmpiresEnsemble Studios, Big Huge GamesMacSoft, Microsoft Game StudiosSteam18 October 2005Windows, OS X
Agents of MayhemSaints RowDeep Silver VolitionDeep SilverSteam15 August 2017Windows
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersAir ConflictsGames FarmBitComposer InteractiveSteam21 September 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Alea Jacta EstAgeodSlitherineUnknown27 September 2012Windows
Alice: Madness ReturnsAmerican McGee's AliceSpicy HorseElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop14 June 2011Windows
Alien Breed 2: AssaultAlien BreedTeam17Steam22 September 2010Windows
Alien Breed 3: DescentAlien BreedTeam17Steam17 November 2010Windows
Alien Breed: ImpactAlien BreedTeam17Steam3 June 2010Windows
AnachronoxIon StormEidos Interactive, InfogramesSteam27 June 2001Windows
Ankh: Battle of the GodsAnkhDeck13 InteractiveStrategy First, XiderUnknown19 November 2007Windows, OS X
Ankh: Heart of OsirisAnkhDeck13 InteractiveBHV Software, Strategy FirstUnknown25 October 2006Windows, OS X, Linux
Anna's QuestDaedalic EntertainmentSteam2 July 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Anno 2205AnnoUbisoft Blue ByteUbisoftUbisoft Connect3 November 2015Windows
AnthemBioWareElectronic ArtsOrigin, Always online, EA Desktop22 February 2019Windows
AntigraviatorCybernetic WalrusIceberg InteractiveSteam6 June 2018Windows
Arcania: Gothic 4GothicSpellbound EntertainmentJoWood Productions, THQ NordicUnknown12 October 2010Windows
Ascension to the Throne: ValkyrieAscension to the ThroneDVS1C CompanyUnknown29 August 2008Windows
Assassin's CreedAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftDRM-free8 April 2008Windows
Assassin's Creed IIAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect9 March 2010Windows, OS X
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect19 November 2013Windows
Assassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's CreedUbisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Singapore, Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft ShanghaiUbisoftUbisoft Connect5 October 2018Windows
Assassin's Creed OriginsAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect27 October 2017Windows
Assassin's Creed RogueAssassin's CreedUbisoft SofiaUbisoftUbisoft Connect10 March 2015Windows
Assassin's Creed SyndicateAssassin's CreedUbisoft QuebecUbisoftUbisoft Connect19 November 2015Windows
Assassin's Creed UnityAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect11 November 2014Windows
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect17 March 2011Windows, OS X
Assassin's Creed: Freedom CryAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect25 February 2014Windows
Assassin's Creed: Liberation HDAssassin's CreedUbisoft SofiaUbisoftUbisoft Connect15 January 2014Windows
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect1 December 2011Windows
Avencast: Rise of the MageClockStoneLighthouse Interactive, Meridian4Steam30 October 2007Windows
AztakaCiteremisUnknown7 May 2009Windows, OS X
Babel RisingMando ProductionsUbisoftSteam7 August 2012Windows, OS X
Bad Rats: The Rats' RevengeBad RatsInvent4 EntertainmentStrategy FirstUnknown20 July 2009Windows
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionBaldur's GateOverhaul GamesAtari, BeamdogSteam28 November 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Basketball Pro Management 2014Pro Basketball ManagerUmixPlug In Digital, CyanideSteam6 January 2014Windows
Battle Ranch: Pigs vs PlantsPlayboomImmanitas EntertainmentDRM-free2 February 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Battle of the BulgeShenandoah StudioSlitherineUnknown17 September 2015Windows, OS X
Battle vs. ChessTargem GamesTopWare InteractiveSteam17 May 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Battlefield 1BattlefieldDICE, DICE Los AngelesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop21 October 2016Windows
Battlefield 3BattlefieldDICE, Visceral GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop25 October 2011Windows
Battlefield 4BattlefieldDICE, DICE Los AngelesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop29 October 2013Windows
Battlefield VBattlefieldDICE, DICE Los Angeles, Criterion GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop20 November 2018Windows
BayonettaBayonettaPlatinumGamesSegaSteam11 April 2017Windows
Beat HazardBeat HazardCold Beam GamesTHQDRM-free15 April 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
Bejeweled 3BejeweledPopCap GamesOrigin, EA Desktop7 December 2010Windows, OS X
Bejeweled TwistBejeweledPopCap GamesOrigin, EA Desktop18 November 2008Windows
Beware Planet EarthLightmare StudioBandai Namco EntertainmentUnknown29 June 2012Windows, OS X
Big Money!PopCap GamesOrigin, EA Desktop4 June 2002Windows
BioShock InfiniteBioShockIrrational Games, 2K Australia, Iron Galaxy Studios2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam26 March 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
BiomutantExperiment 101THQ NordicUnknown25 May 2021Windows
Black Mirror 2Black MirrorCranberry ProductionViva MediaUnknown25 September 2009Windows
Black Mirror 3Black MirrorCranberry ProductionViva MediaDRM-free19 April 2011Windows
Black The FallSand Sailor StudioSquare EnixSteam11 July 2017Windows
BlackguardsThe Dark EyeDaedalic EntertainmentDRM-free, Steam22 January 2014Windows, OS X
Blades of TimeGaijin EntertainmentUnknown20 April 2012Windows, OS X
Blitzkrieg 3BlitzkriegNivalUnknown2 June 2017Windows, OS X
BlockstormGhostShark GamesIndieGalaSteam21 May 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
BloodBloodMonolith Productions, Sunstorm InteractiveGT Interactive, AtariUnknown31 May 1997Windows, Linux, DOS
Blood Bowl 2Blood BowlCyanide StudioFocus Home InteractiveSteam22 September 2015Windows, OS X
Blood of the WerewolfScientifically ProvenSteam28 October 2013Windows
BloodRayne: BetrayalBloodRayneWayForward TechnologiesMidnight CitySteam30 April 2014Windows
Bomber CrewCrewRunner DuckCurve DigitalSteam19 October 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Bookworm AdventuresBookwormPopCap GamesOrigin, EA Desktop28 November 2006Windows
Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2BookwormPopCap GamesOrigin, EA Desktop30 July 2009Windows
BorderlandsBorderlandsGearbox Software, Demiurge Studios, Shadows in Darkness, Darkside Games2K Games, Feral InteractiveSteam26 October 2009Windows, OS X
Borderlands 2BorderlandsGearbox Software2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam18 September 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelBorderlands2K Australia, Gearbox Software2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam14 October 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Bound by FlameSpidersFocus Home InteractiveSteam9 May 2014Windows, Linux
BraidBraidNumber None, Aaron MelcherNumber NoneDRM-free10 April 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Breach & ClearBreach & ClearMighty Rabbit Studios, Gun MediaGood Shepherd Entertainment, Devolver DigitalSteam22 March 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
BroforceBroforceFree LivesDevolver DigitalSteam15 October 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Bully: Scholarship EditionRockstar VancouverRockstar Games, 1C-SoftClubSteam21 October 2008Windows
Bus Simulator 18Bus SimulatorStillalive studiosAstragon EntertainmentSteam13 June 2018Windows
CaliforniumDarjeeling, Nova ProductionARTE France, Neko EntertainmentSteam17 February 2016Windows, OS X
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthCall of CthulhuHeadfirst ProductionsBethesda SoftworksSteam27 March 2006Windows
Call of Duty 2Call of DutyInfinity WardActivision, Aspyr MediaSteam25 October 2005Windows, OS X
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern WarfareInfinity WardActivision, Aspyr MediaSteam5 November 2007Windows, OS X
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareCall of DutySledgehammer Games, Raven SoftwareActivisionSteam4 November 2014Windows
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIICall of Duty: Black OpsTreyarchActivisionSteam6 November 2015Windows, OS X
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIICall of Duty: Black, Always online, Account12 October 2018Windows
Call of Duty: GhostsCall of DutyInfinity Ward, Raven Software, Certain Affinity, NeversoftActivisionSteam5 November 2013Windows
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Call of Duty: Modern WarfareInfinity WardActivision, Aspyr Media, Square EnixSteam10 November 2009Windows, OS X
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Call of Duty: Modern WarfareInfinity Ward, Sledgehammer GamesActivision, Aspyr MediaSteam8 November 2011Windows, OS X
Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: Black OpsTreyarch, Arkane Studios, Certain Affinity, Pi StudiosActivisionSteam11 November 2008Windows
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015Car Mechanic SimulatorRed Dot GamesPlayWaySteam23 April 2015Windows, OS X
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018Car Mechanic SimulatorRed Dot GamesPlayWaySteam28 July 2017Windows, OS X
Carefree Capers: Shaping Up!Fun4Family3DDUOUnknown18 June 2015Windows, OS X
Cargo CommanderSerious BrewDigital TribeSteam2 November 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Cargo! The Quest for GravityIce-Pick LodgeBitComposer Interactive, Viva Media, THQ NordicSteam21 April 2011Windows
ChainsChains2DEngineMeridian4Steam, Unknown25 November 2008Windows, OS X
Chainz 2: RelinkedChainzMumboJumboUnknown1 September 2005Windows, OS X
Chaos DomainHoly Warp, Black Wing FoundationHoly Warp, KISS ltdDRM-free1 May 2014Windows
Children of the NileCity Building (Sierra)Tilted Mill EntertainmentMyelin Media, SegaUnknown8 November 2004Windows
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareChivalryTorn Banner StudiosSteam16 October 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
ChromeChromeTechlandMeridian4Unknown, Steam16 June 2003Windows
Chrome SpecForceChromeTechlandMeridian4Unknown19 August 2005Windows
Cities XL PlatinumCities XLFocus Home InteractiveSteam6 February 2013Windows
Cities XXLCities XLFocus Home InteractiveSteam5 February 2015Windows
Cities in MotionCities in MotionColossal OrderParadox InteractiveDRM-free23 February 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Civil War IIAgeodSlitherineUnknown17 September 2013Windows
Civilization IVCivilizationFiraxis Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam25 October 2005Windows, OS X
Civilization IV: ColonizationCivilizationFiraxis Games2K GamesDRM-free22 September 2008Windows, OS X
Civilization VICivilizationFiraxis Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam21 October 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Civilization: Beyond EarthCivilizationFiraxis Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam24 October 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
ClickrNtreev SoftZero Rock EntertainmentSteam23 December 2010Windows
Close Combat: Panthers in the FogClose CombatMatrix GamesSlitherineUnknown19 November 2012Windows
CloudbuiltCloudbuiltCoilworksRising Star GamesSteam20 March 2014Windows
CloudphobiaMarsboundRockin' AndroidDRM-free15 December 2008Windows
Code VeinBandai Namco Entertainment, ShiftBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam27 September 2019Windows
Coffee TycoonJamopolis InteractiveAnarchy EnterprisesUnknown30 April 2005Windows
Combat Wings: Battle of BritainCombat WingsCI GamesUnknown2006Windows
Command: Northern InfernoCommandWarfareSimsSlitherineUnknown22 October 2015Windows
Commander: Conquest of the AmericasNitro GamesParadox InteractiveDRM-free3 August 2010Windows, OS X
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the BearWestern Civilization SoftwareSlitherineUnknown8 May 2012Windows
Conflict: Denied OpsConflictPivotal GamesEidos InteractiveSteam8 February 2008Windows
Conflict: Desert StormConflictPivotal GamesSCi GamesSteam13 September 2002Windows
Cook, Serve, Delicious!Cook, Serve, Delicious!Vertigo GamingUnknown8 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Corn MazeOsgoode MediaOsgoode MediaDRM-free12 November 2015Windows
Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks3Romans, Silverfish StudiosValuSoft CosmiUnknown7 February 2005Windows
Crash Time 2Crash TimeSyneticMeridian4, RTL InteractiveSteam27 November 2008Windows
Crashday Redline EditionCrashdayMoonbyte Games2tainmentSteam10 August 2017Windows
Creeper World 3: Arc EternalCreeper WorldKnuckle CrackerDRM-free27 March 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Crimsonland10tonsReflexive EntertainmentUnknown2003Windows, OS X, Linux
Crusader Kings IICrusader KingsParadox Development StudioParadox InteractiveSteam14 February 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
CupheadStudio MDHRSteam29 September 2017Windows, OS X
Cursed MountainSproing Interactive MediaDeep SilverUnknown5 February 2010Windows
DLC QuestGoing Loud StudiosSteam18 March 2013Windows, OS X
DaikatanaIon StormEidos InteractiveUnknown22 May 2000Windows
Dark MatterSteamWindows, OS X, Linux
Dark Souls IIDark SoulsFrom SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam25 April 2014Windows
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinDark SoulsFrom SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam1 April 2015Windows
Dark Souls IIIDark SoulsFrom SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam12 April 2016Windows
Dark Souls RemasteredDark SoulsFrom Software, QLOCBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam24 May 2018Windows
Dead SpaceDead SpaceVisceral GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop20 October 2008Windows
Dead Space 2Dead SpaceVisceral GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop25 January 2011Windows
Dead Space 3Dead SpaceVisceral GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop5 February 2013Windows
Dead in BermudaDead InCCCPPlug In DigitalSteam27 August 2015Windows, OS X
Deadfall AdventuresThe Farm 51THQ NordicSteam15 November 2013Windows, Linux
DeadlightDeadlightTequila WorksXbox Game StudiosSteam25 October 2012Windows
Deadly ProfitsDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown29 May 2015Windows
Death Rally (2012)Death RallyRemedy Entertainment, Mountain Sheep, Cornfox & Bros.Remedy EntertainmentDRM-free3 August 2012Windows
Decisive Campaigns: Case BlueDecisive CampaignsVR DesignsSlitherineUnknown16 July 2012Windows
Deep Black: ReloadedBiartStrategy FirstUnknown1 March 2012Windows
Dementium II HDMemetic Games, Renegade KidDigital TribeSteam17 December 2013Windows
Desperados 2: Cooper's RevengeDesperadosSpellbound EntertainmentAtari, THQ NordicSteam28 April 2006Windows
Desperados IIIDesperadosMimimi GamesTHQ NordicSteam16 June 2020Windows, OS X, Linux
Deus ExDeus ExIon StormEidos Interactive, Aspyr Media, Square EnixSteam26 June 2000Windows, Mac OS
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutDeus ExEidos MontrealSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam22 October 2013Windows, OS X
Deus Ex: Invisible WarDeus ExIon StormEidos Interactive, Square EnixSteam2 December 2003Windows
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedDeus ExEidos Montreal, General ArcadeSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam23 August 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Deus Ex: The FallDeus ExN-Fusion Interactive, Eidos MontrealSquare EnixSteam18 March 2014Windows
Devils ShareDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown31 July 2015Windows
DiRT 4Colin McRae RallyCodemasters, Behaviour Interactive, Red Kite GamesSteam9 June 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
DiRT RallyColin McRae RallyCodemastersCodemasters, Feral InteractiveSteam7 December 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Diablo IIIDiabloBlizzard, Always online15 May 2012Windows, OS X
Diadra EmptyFrozen OrbRockin' AndroidDRM-free21 July 2015Windows
DishonoredDishonoredArkane StudiosBethesda SoftworksSteam9 October 2012Windows
Distant Worlds: UniverseCode ForceSlitherineUnknown23 May 2014Windows
Don't MoveStvrDRM-free12 September 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Doodle GodDoodleJoyBitsSteam23 June 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
Doom (2016)DoomId Software, Certain Affinity, Bethesda Game Studios Dallas, Bethesda Game Studios AustinBethesda SoftworksSteam13 May 2016Windows
Doom 3: BFG EditionDoomId Software, Nerve Software, Panic ButtonBethesda SoftworksSteam18 October 2012Windows
Doom VFRDoomId Software, Bethesda Game Studios DallasBethesda SoftworksSteam1 December 2017Windows
Double Dragon NeonDouble DragonWayForward TechnologiesMajesco, Midnight CitySteam6 February 2014Windows
Dragon Age: InquisitionDragon AgeBioWareElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop18 November 2014Windows
Dragon Age: OriginsDragon AgeBioWareElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop3 November 2009Windows, OS X
Dragon Quest XIDragon QuestSquare EnixSteam4 September 2018Windows
Driver: Parallel LinesDriverUbisoft ReflectionsUbisoftDRM-free26 June 2007Windows
Duck DynastyFun LabsActivisionSteam14 October 2014Windows
Dude CopsOsgoode MediaOsgoode MediaDRM-free16 July 2018Windows
Dungeon DefendersDungeon DefendersTrendy EntertainmentReverb PublishingSteam19 October 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Dungeon HeartsCube RootsDevolver DigitalSteam28 March 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Dungeon Siege IIIDungeon SiegeObsidian EntertainmentSquare EnixSteam17 June 2011Windows
Dungeon of the EndlessEndlessAmplitude StudiosSegaSteam27 October 2014Windows, OS X
Dungeons 2DungeonsRealmforge StudiosKalypso MediaSteam24 April 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
EVE OnlineEVECCP GamesAccount6 May 2003Windows, OS X, Linux
Eador: GenesisEadorSnowbird GamesSteam7 August 2009Windows
East India CompanyNitro GamesParadox InteractiveUnknown31 July 2009Windows
Edna & Harvey: The BreakoutEdna & HarveyDaedalic EntertainmentApplication Systems HeidelbergDRM-free6 June 2008Windows, OS X
Elf Bowling: Hawaiian VacationElf BowlingNStorm, Hot LavaMumboJumboSteamJuly 2008Windows
EmberN-Fusion Interactive505 GamesSteam9 September 2016Windows
Endless LegendEndlessAmplitude StudiosIceberg Interactive, SegaSteam18 September 2014Windows, OS X
Enemy Engaged 2UnknownWindows
EpanalepsisCameron KunzelmanMastertronicUnknown21 May 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Escape Dead IslandDead IslandFatsharkDeep SilverSteam18 November 2014Windows
Escape Rosecliff IslandEscapeSpinTop GamesPopCap GamesOrigin, EA Desktop3 March 2009Windows, OS X
Ethan: Meteor HunterSeaven StudioDRM-free22 October 2013Windows
Euro FishingDovetail GamesSteam2 November 2015Windows
Europa Universalis IVEuropa UniversalisParadox Development StudioParadox InteractiveSteam13 August 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Evoland 2EvolandShiro GamesSteam25 August 2015Windows, OS X
ExZeus 2ExZeusHyperDevboxZiggurat InteractiveUnknown16 June 2014Windows
Exodus from the EarthParallax Arts StudioStrategy FirstUnknown24 August 2007Windows
F.E.A.R. 3F.E.A.R.Wargaming Chicago-BaltimoreWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam21 June 2011Windows
F1 2015Formula 1Codemasters BirminghamCodemasters, Feral InteractiveSteam10 July 2015Windows, Linux
F1 2017Formula 1Codemasters BirminghamCodemasters, Feral InteractiveSteam25 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
FIFA 15FIFAEA VancouverEA SportsOrigin, EA Desktop23 September 2014Windows
FIFA 19FIFAEA Vancouver, EA RomaniaEA SportsOrigin, EA Desktop28 September 2018Windows
Fable IIIFableLionhead StudiosXbox Game StudiosSteam, Games for Windows - LIVE17 May 2011Windows
Fable: The Lost ChaptersFableLionhead StudiosMicrosoft Game Studios, Feral InteractiveSteam20 September 2005Windows, OS X
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy RemasteredFahrenheitQuantic Dream, Aspyr MediaAspyr MediaSteam29 January 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary HeroesElementalStardockSteam, Account22 May 2013Windows
FalloutFalloutInterplay EntertainmentInterplay Entertainment, Bethesda Softworks, MacPlaySteam10 October 1997Windows, OS X, Mac OS, Linux, DOS
Fallout 2FalloutBlack Isle StudiosInterplay Entertainment, MacPlay, Bethesda SoftworksSteam29 October 1998Windows, OS X
Fallout 3FalloutBethesda Game StudiosBethesda SoftworksSteam, Games for Windows - LIVE28 October 2008Windows
Fallout 4FalloutBethesda Game StudiosBethesda SoftworksSteam10 November 2015Windows
Fallout 4 VRFalloutBethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Game Studios DallasBethesda SoftworksSteam12 December 2017Windows
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of SteelFalloutMicro FortéInterplay Entertainment, Bethesda SoftworksSteam15 March 2001Windows, OS X
Fallout: New VegasFalloutObsidian EntertainmentBethesda SoftworksSteam19 October 2010Windows
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseHeavy Iron StudiosActivisionSteam20 November 2012Windows
Far CryFar CryCrytekUbisoftDRM-free23 March 2004Windows
Far Cry 3 Blood DragonFar Cry, Blood DragonUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect1 May 2013Windows
Far Cry 5Far CryUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftUbisoft Connect27 March 2018Windows
Far Cry PrimalFar CryUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft UkraineUbisoftUbisoft Connect1 March 2016Windows
Final Fantasy IIIFinal FantasySquare Enix, Matrix SoftwareSquare EnixSteam27 May 2014Windows
Final Fantasy IVFinal FantasySquare Enix, Matrix SoftwareSquare EnixSteam17 September 2014Windows
Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsFinal FantasySquare Enix, Matrix SoftwareSquare EnixSteam12 May 2015Windows
Final Fantasy VIII RemasteredFinal FantasyDotEmu, Access Games, Square EnixSquare EnixSteam3 September 2019Windows
Final Fantasy XIIIFinal FantasySquare EnixSteam9 October 2014Windows
Final Fantasy XIII-2Final FantasySquare Enix, Tri-AceSteam11 December 2014Windows
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal FantasySquare EnixAccount, Always online27 August 2013Windows, OS X
Five Nights at Freddy'sFive Nights at Freddy'sScott CawthonDRM-free8 August 2014Windows
FlatOut 2FlatOutBugbear EntertainmentEmpire Interactive, Strategy First, Buka EntertainmentUnknown30 June 2006Windows, OS X, Linux
Flying Red Barrel: The Diary of a Little AviatorOrange JuiceRockin' Android, Fruitbat FactoryDRM-free31 December 2007Windows
Football Manager 2018Football ManagerSports InteractiveSegaSteam10 November 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Football Manager 2019Football ManagerSports InteractiveSegaSteam2 November 2018Windows, OS X
For the KingIronOak GamesCurve DigitalSteam19 April 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
ForcedForcedBetaDwarfSteam24 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Forged BattalionPetroglyphTeam17Steam14 August 2018Windows
From DustUbisoft MontpellierUbisoftUbisoft Connect17 August 2011Windows
Fruit Ninja VRFruit NinjaHalfbrick StudiosAccount12 October 2016Windows
FunPack: Chloe's ClosetFunPackFun4Family3DDUODRM-free31 August 2015Windows, OS X
FunPack: Dive Olly DiveFunPackFun4Family3DDUOUnknown31 August 2015Windows, OS X
Fury of the GodsSpectral GamesLibrediaSteam4 June 2015Windows
GT LegendsSteamWindows
Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HDFishlabsBitComposer InteractiveSteam24 August 2011Windows, OS X
Gary Grigsby's War in the EastGary Grigsby's2by3 GamesSlitherineUnknown7 December 2010Windows
Gary Grigsby's War in the WestGary Grigsby's2by3 GamesSlitherineUnknown4 December 2014Windows
Gas Guzzlers ExtremeGas GuzzlersGamepiresIceberg InteractiveSteam18 October 2013Windows
Gears of War 4Gears of WarThe Coalition, Splash DamageXbox Game StudiosMicrosoft Store11 October 2016Windows
GhostControl Inc.Bumblebee.Application Systems HeidelbergUnknown6 June 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeGhostbustersBehaviour Interactive, Behaviour SantiagoAtariUnknown23 March 2011Windows
Ghostbusters: The Video GameGhostbustersTerminal RealityAtariOnline activation, SecuROM Product Activation16 June 2009Windows
Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsGiana SistersBlack Forest GamesDRM-free23 October 2012Windows
Girls Like RobotsPopcannibalDRM-free14 February 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
GishCryptic SeaChronic LogicCD key10 May 2004Windows, OS X, Linux
Gnomes Garden Lost KingGnomes GardenEJaw, Creobit8FloorUnknown20 April 2018Windows
Goat SimulatorCoffee Stain StudiosCoffee Stain StudiosSteam1 April 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Goodbye DeponiaDeponiaDaedalic EntertainmentDRM-free17 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Gothic IIGothicPiranha BytesAtari, JoWood Productions, THQ NordicDRM-free29 November 2002Windows
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasGrand Theft AutoRockstar North, War Drum StudiosRockstar Games, Capcom, 1C-SoftClubSteam1 June 2005Windows, OS X
GraviHashbang GamesDRM-free
Gray MatterWizarboxViva Media, DTP EntertainmentUnknown12 November 2010Windows
Grey GooPetroglyph GamesGrey Box, Six FootSteam23 January 2015Windows
Guild Wars 2Guild WarsArenaNetNCSOFTAccount, Always online28 August 2012Windows, OS X
Guild of DungeoneeringGambrinousVersus EvilSteam14 July 2015Windows, OS X
Guise of the WolfFUN CreatorsMerge GamesSteam24 January 2014Windows
GundeadliGneGundemoniumPlatine DispositifRockin' AndroidDRM-free15 August 2004Windows
Gundemonium RecollectionGundemoniumPlatine DispositifRockin' AndroidDRM-free17 August 2007Windows
GunnheimSIEIDIMeridian4Steam10 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
GyromancerSquare Enix, PopCap GamesSquare EnixSteam18 November 2009Windows
HTR+ Slot Car SimulationQUByte InteractiveLibrediaSteam29 May 2014Windows, OS X
Halo Wars 2HaloCreative Assembly, 343 IndustriesXbox Game Studios, THQ NordicMicrosoft Store21 February 2017Windows
Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product PlacementDenis Galanin (mif2000)Unknown22 October 2012Windows, OS X
Hearts of Iron IIIHearts of IronParadox Development StudioParadox InteractiveSteam7 August 2009Windows, OS X
Herod's Lost TombLemon Team, Media ArtI-play, Merscom, National Geographic GamesUnknown13 November 2008Windows, OS X
Heroes of NormandieCat RabbitSlitherineUnknown1 October 2015Windows
Heroes of the StormBlizzard, Always online2 June 2015Windows, OS X
HitmanHitmanIO InteractiveSquare Enix, IO Interactive, Feral InteractiveSteam11 March 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Hitman: Codename 47HitmanIO InteractiveEidos InteractiveDRM-free19 November 2000Windows
Hitogata HappaGundemoniumPlatine DispositifRockin' AndroidDRM-free14 August 2005Windows
Homefront: The RevolutionHomefrontCrytek UK, Deep Silver Dambuster StudiosDeep SilverSteam17 May 2016Windows
Homeworld 2 Remastered EditionHomeworldGearbox Software, Blackbird InteractiveGearbox Software, Aspyr MediaSteam25 February 2015Windows, OS X
Homeworld Remastered EditionHomeworldGearbox Software, Blackbird InteractiveGearbox Software, Aspyr MediaSteam25 February 2015Windows, OS X
Hostile Waters: Antaeus RisingRage SoftwareInterplay Entertainment, KISS ltdUnknown23 March 2001Windows
Hot Wheels World's Best DriverHot WheelsFirebrand GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam17 September 2013Windows
Hotel Transylvania PopsticHotel TransylvaniaSpecular TheorySpecular Theory, Sony Pictures Virtual RealityAccountWindows
Hoyle Official Card GamesHoyle's Official Book of GamesWebfoot GamesViva MediaUnknown18 November 2015Windows, OS X
Hyper FightersTeam 6 StudiosKISS ltd, Funbox MediaUnknown14 June 2011Windows
I Am SetsunaTokyo RPG FactorySquare EnixSteam18 February 2016Windows
I Expect You To DieI Expect You To DieSchell GamesOculus Store6 October 2016Windows
ImpireCyanideParadox InteractiveSteam15 February 2013Windows
InFluxInFluxImpromptu GamesDRM-free23 July 2013Windows
Injustice: Gods Among UsInjusticeNetherRealm StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam12 November 2013Windows
InnerSpacePolyKnight GamesAspyr MediaSteam16 January 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetShadow Planet ProductionsXbox Game StudiosSteam17 April 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Interplanetary: Enhanced EditionInterplanetaryTeam Jolly RogerTeam17Steam2 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Jade Empire: Special EditionBioWare2K Games, TransGaming Inc., Electronic ArtsSteam26 February 2007Windows, OS X
Jagged Alliance: CrossfireJagged AllianceCoreplayKalypso Media, BitComposer InteractiveSteam24 August 2012Windows
Jane Angel: Templar MysteryIMaxGen1C Company, Shaman Games StudioDRM-free10 December 2009Windows
JazzpunkNecrophone GamesAdult Swim GamesSteam7 February 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Jewel Quest IIJewel QuestIWinUnknown9 February 2007Windows, OS X
Joe Danger 2: The MovieJoe DangerHello GamesSteam24 June 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf HD RemasteredForge Reply srlBulkyPixUnknown27 November 2014Windows, OS X
Just CauseJust CauseAvalanche StudiosSquare EnixSteam22 September 2006Windows
Just Cause 2Just CauseAvalanche StudiosSquare EnixSteam23 March 2010Windows
Just Cause 3Just CauseAvalanche StudiosSquare EnixSteam1 December 2015Windows
KenshiKenshiLo-Fi GamesSteam6 December 2018Windows
Killer Is DeadGrasshopper Manufacture, Kadokawa GamesDeep SilverSteam23 May 2014Windows
Killing FloorKilling FloorTripwire InteractiveTripwire InteractiveSteam14 May 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-ReckoningKingdoms of AmalurKAIKO Games, Big Huge GamesTHQ NordicUnknown8 September 2020Windows
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 EditionKnights of Pen and PaperBehold StudiosParadox InteractiveSteam18 June 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Knights of Pen and Paper 2Knights of Pen and PaperKyy GamesParadox InteractiveSteam20 October 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Knocky BallsOsgoode MediaDRM-free28 December 2016Windows
Krog WarsDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown12 April 2016Windows
L.A. NoireL.A. NoireTeam Bondi, Rockstar North, Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar New EnglandRockstar Games, 1C-SoftClubOnline activation, Steam8 November 2011Windows
Lands of the LostNight Owl GamingUnknown16 May 2018Windows
Lara Croft GOGO, Tomb RaiderSquare Enix Montreal, KO OPSquare EnixSteam27 August 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightLara CroftCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveSteam28 September 2010Windows
Lara Croft and the Temple of OsirisLara CroftCrystal DynamicsSquare EnixSteam8 December 2014Windows
Legends of EisenwaldEisenwaldAterdux EntertainmentSteam2 July 2015Windows
Lego Batman 2: DC Super HeroesLego BatmanTT GamesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral InteractiveCD key, Online activation, Activation limit, Account19 June 2012Windows, OS X
Lego City UndercoverLegoTT FusionWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam4 April 2017Windows
Lego Marvel Super HeroesLego MarvelTT GamesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral InteractiveSteam22 October 2013Windows, OS X
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2Lego MarvelTT GamesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral InteractiveSteam14 November 2017Windows, OS X
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsKnowWonderActivisionUnknown9 November 2004Windows
Let's SingLet's SingVoxler GamesPlug In DigitalUnknown13 February 2014Windows
Let's Sing 2016Let's SingVoxler GamesPlug In DigitalSteam21 January 2016Windows
LexicaD3tMerge GamesSteam4 July 2014Windows
Life Is StrangeLife Is StrangeDontnod EntertainmentSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam30 January 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Life Is Strange 2Life Is StrangeDontnod EntertainmentSquare EnixSteam26 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Little Big AdventureLittle Big AdventureAdeline Software InternationalElectronic ArtsUnknown10 October 1994Windows, OS X, DOS
Little Big Adventure 2Little Big AdventureAdeline Software InternationalElectronic Arts, Activision, DotEmuUnknown31 May 1997Windows, OS X, DOS
LoveLOVEFred WoodDRM-free7 February 2014Windows, Linux
MXGPMXGPMilestone S.r.l.Plug In DigitalSteam28 March 2014Windows
Madden NFL 20Madden NFLEA TiburonElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop2 August 2019Windows
Mafia IIIMafiaHangar 13, 2K Czech, Blind Squirrel Games, Red Kite Games2K Games, Aspyr MediaSteam7 October 2016Windows, OS X
Magicka: Wizard WarsMagickaParadox NorthParadox InteractiveSteam, Account28 April 2015Windows
Mahjong Tales: Ancient WisdomCreat StudiosTikGames, Big Fish GamesUnknown7 March 2007Windows
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of DeathZootFly505 GamesSteam20 September 2013Windows
MashedMashedSupersonic SoftwareEmpire Interactive, D3 Publisher, Strategy First, Buka EntertainmentDRM-free25 June 2004Windows
Mass Effect: AndromedaMass EffectBioWareElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop21 March 2017Windows
Max Payne 3Max PayneRockstar Vancouver, Rockstar London, Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar New England, Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar NorthRockstar Games, 1C-SoftClubSteam, Online activation1 June 2012Windows, OS X
Medal of Honor: WarfighterMedal of HonorDICE Los AngelesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop23 October 2012Windows
Medieval EngineersKeen Software HouseSteam17 March 2020Windows
Medieval MercsDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown1 July 2015Windows
Memento MoriMemento MoriCentauri ProductionBohemia InteractiveUnknown31 October 2008Windows
Men of WarMen of WarBest Way, Digitalmindsoft1C CompanySteam10 March 2009Windows
Men of War: Assault SquadMen of WarDigitalmindsoft1C Company, Peter GamesSteam25 February 2011Windows
Men of War: Red TideMen of WarBest Way, Digitalmindsoft1C CompanySteam1 November 2009Windows
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceMetal GearPlatinumGamesKonamiSteam9 January 2014Windows, OS X
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesMetal GearKojima ProductionsKonamiSteam18 December 2014Windows
Metro 2033 ReduxMetro4A GamesDeep SilverSteam26 August 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Metro: Last Light ReduxMetro4A GamesDeep SilverSteam26 August 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Microsoft Flight Simulator XMicrosoft Flight SimulatorACES Studio, Dovetail GamesMicrosoft Game StudiosOnline activation17 October 2006Windows
Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorMiddle-earth: ShadowMonolith ProductionsWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral InteractiveSteam30 September 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Might & Magic Heroes VIIHeroes of Might and MagicLimbic EntertainmentUbisoftUbisoft Connect29 September 2015Windows
Might & Magic X - LegacyMight and MagicLimbic EntertainmentUbisoftUbisoft Connect23 January 2014Windows, OS X
Miner Wars 2081Miner WarsKeen Software HouseSteam28 November 2012Windows
MinimumHuman Head StudiosAtariSteam10 September 2014Windows
Mirror's Edge CatalystMirror's EdgeDICEElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop7 June 2016Windows
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's RevengeMonkey IslandLucasArtsLucasArts, Disney Interactive StudiosSteam7 July 2010Windows
Mortal Kombat Arcade KollectionMortal KombatOther Ocean Interactive, NetherRealm Studios, Code MysticsWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam, Games for Windows - LIVE1 February 2012Windows
Mortal Kombat XMortal KombatNetherRealm Studios, QLOCWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam14 April 2015Windows
MuninGojiraDaedalic EntertainmentSteam10 June 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Murdered: Soul SuspectAirtight GamesSquare EnixSteam3 June 2014Windows
NASCAR '14NASCAREutechnyxDeep SilverSteam18 February 2014Windows
NASCAR The Game: 2013NASCAREutechnyxActivisionSteam24 July 2013Windows
Nail'dTechlandDeep SilverSteam30 November 2010Windows
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm RevolutionNarutoCyberConnect2Bandai Namco EntertainmentSteam15 September 2014Windows
Need for Speed PaybackNeed for SpeedLucid Games, Ghost GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop10 November 2017Windows
Need for Speed RivalsNeed for SpeedGhost GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop19 November 2013Windows
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)Need for Speed: Most WantedCriterion GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop30 October 2012Windows
Nelson Tethers: Puzzle AgentPuzzle AgentTelltale GamesSteam30 June 2010Windows, OS X
New WorldAmazon Game Studios Orange CountyAmazon Game StudiosSteam, Always online31 August 2021Windows
Next Up HeroDigital ContinueAspyr MediaSteam11 January 2018Windows, OS X
NihilumbraBeautifun GamesDRM-free25 September 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
No Time to ExplainNo Time to ExplainTinyBuildGamesDRM-free15 August 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Northern TaleNorthern TaleRealoreQumaronOrigin, EA Desktop5 October 2012Windows, OS X
Northern Tale 3Northern TaleRealoreQumaronOrigin, EA Desktop1 December 2017Windows
NotGTAVNot Games LLPUnknown2 July 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Nuclear DawnInterWave StudiosSteam26 September 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
OMSI 2: The Bus SimulatorOMSI: The Bus SimulatorMR-SoftwareAerosoftSteam11 December 2013Windows
ObserverObserverBloober TeamAspyr MediaSteam15 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
OctahedronDemimondeSquare EnixSteam20 March 2018Windows
Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeOddworldOddworld Inhabitants, Just Add WaterXbox Game StudiosUnknown20 December 2010Windows
Oil RushUnigine CorpUnknown25 January 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Omerta - City of GangstersHaemimont GamesKalypso MediaUnknown31 January 2013Windows, OS X
One Piece: World SeekerOne PieceGanbarionBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam14 March 2019Windows
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon RisingOperation FlashpointCodemastersSteam6 October 2009Windows
OverwatchOverwatchBlizzard, Always online24 May 2016Windows
Pac-Man Pizza ParlorPac-ManMine Loader SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentUnknown16 April 2010Windows
Pandora: First ContactProxy StudiosSlitherineUnknown14 November 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Papo & YoMinoritySteam18 April 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
PathologicPathologicIce-Pick LodgeBuka Entertainment, G2 GamesUnknown9 June 2005Windows
Patrician III: Rise of the HansePatricianAscaron EntertainmentEncore Software, FX Interactive, Strategy First, Kalypso MediaUnknown24 October 2003Windows
Payday: The HeistPaydayOverkill SoftwareDaybreak Game CompanySteam20 October 2011Windows
PerimeterPerimeterKD VISIONCodemastersAccount30 June 2004Windows
Pet Hotel TycoonTeyonSelectSoftUnknown2011Windows, OS X
Pike and Shot: CampaignsPike and ShotByzantine Games, The Lordz Games StudioSlitherineUnknown13 August 2015Windows
Pile of CardsOsgoode MediaOsgoode MediaDRM-free18 April 2017Windows
Pillars of EternityPillars of EternityObsidian EntertainmentParadox InteractiveSteam26 March 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Pilot BrothersPilot Brothers1C Wireless1C CompanyUnknown18 December 2014Windows
PixelJunk EdenPixelJunkQ-GamesSteam2 February 2012Windows
Pizza FrenzyPopCap GamesPopCap GamesUnknown2005Windows, OS X
Plants vs. ZombiesPlants vs. ZombiesPopCap GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop5 May 2009Windows, OS X
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2Plants vs. ZombiesPopCap GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop23 February 2016Windows
Playerunknown's BattlegroundsPUBGPUBG StudioSteam20 December 2017Windows
Point PerfectHighcastle StudiosPlug In DigitalSteam17 July 2014Windows, OS X
Polaris SectorSoftWarWareSlitherineUnknown22 March 2016Windows
Post MortemStill LifeMicroïdsThe Adventure Company, Anuman Interactive, DreamCatcher Interactive, Meridian4Unknown1 November 2002Windows
Potatoman Seeks the TroofPixeljamDRM-free3 December 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Prey (2017)PreyArkane StudiosBethesda SoftworksSteam5 May 2017Windows
Pro Cycling Manager 2012Pro Cycling ManagerCyanideFocus Home InteractiveSteam22 June 2012Windows
Pro Cycling Manager 2013Pro Cycling ManagerCyanideFocus Home InteractiveSteam20 June 2013Windows
Pro Cycling Manager 2017Pro Cycling ManagerCyanideFocus Home InteractiveSteam15 June 2017Windows
Project CARSProject CARSSlightly Mad StudiosBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam6 May 2015Windows
Project SnowblindCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive, Square EnixSteam22 February 2005Windows
PrototypePrototypeRadical EntertainmentActivisionSteam9 June 2009Windows
Prototype 2PrototypeRadical EntertainmentActivisionSteam24 July 2012Windows
Puzzle Agent 2Puzzle AgentTelltale GamesSteam30 June 2011Windows, OS X
Q.U.B.E.Q.U.B.E.Toxic GamesSteam16 December 2011Windows, OS X
Q.U.B.E.: Director's CutQ.U.B.E.Toxic GamesSteam21 May 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
QUALIA 3: Multi Agent神奈川電子技術研究所, EXTREMEDegica, MASAYA GAMESSteam18 April 2014Windows
Quake 4QuakeRaven Software, Id SoftwareActivision, Bethesda SoftworksSteam, Online activation18 October 2005Windows, OS X, Linux
Quake IIQuakeId Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Rogue EntertainmentActivision, Bethesda SoftworksSteam9 December 1997Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Quake III ArenaQuakeId SoftwareActivisionSteam27 December 1999Windows, OS X, Mac OS, Linux
Quantum ConundrumAirtight GamesSquare EnixSteam21 June 2012Windows
Qubburo 2Lord KresSteamWindows
Quest of DungeonsDavid AmadorDRM-free25 March 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
QuestRunCuve GamesDigerati DistributionDRM-free, Steam20 September 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
QvadrigaTurnopiaSlitherineUnknown13 June 2014Windows
R.U.S.E.Eugen SystemsUbisoftSteam, Ubisoft Connect10 September 2010Windows, OS X
RACE 07 - Official WTCC GameRACESector3 StudiosAtariSteam12 October 2007Windows
RAGERAGEId Software, Bethesda Game Studios DallasBethesda Softworks, Aspyr MediaSteam, DRM-free4 October 2011Windows, OS X
RAGE 2RAGEAvalanche Studios, Id SoftwareBethesda SoftworksBethesda.net14 May 2019Windows
Racer 830.06 Studios LtdKISS ltdDRM-free6 June 2014Windows, OS X
Raptor: Call of the Shadows 2010 EditionRaptor: Call of the ShadowsMountain King StudiosDotEmuUnknown10 August 2010Windows, OS X
Red Faction: ArmageddonRed FactionDeep Silver VolitionTHQ, THQ NordicSteam7 June 2011Windows
Red OceanCollision StudiosDigital Entertainment PoolDRM-free30 March 2007Windows
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of StalingradRed OrchestraTripwire Interactive, War Drum StudiosSteam13 September 2011Windows
Regency SolitaireGrey Alien GamesUnknown18 May 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Restaurant EmpireRestaurant EmpireEnlight SoftwareUnknown26 March 2003Windows
Return to Mysterious IslandUnknownWindows, OS X
Return to Mysterious Island 2Return to Mysterious IslandKheops StudioMicroidsUnknown6 March 2014Windows, OS X
Ricochet InfinityRicochetReflexive EntertainmentUnknown31 July 2007Windows, OS X
Ricochet: Lost WorldsRicochetReflexive EntertainmentUnknownApril 2004Windows
Ring Runner: Flight of the SagesTriple-B-TitlesDRM-free9 July 2013Windows
Rise of Flight: The First Great Air WarNeoqb, 777 Studios777 Studios, Aerosoft, ND GamesAccount, Online activation, CD key, Steam7 May 2009Windows
Rise of the Tomb RaiderTomb RaiderCrystal DynamicsSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam28 January 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
Risen 3: Titan LordsRisenPiranha BytesDeep SilverSteam12 August 2014Windows
RochardSteamWindows, OS X, Linux
Rocko's QuestRevistronicUnknownWindows
RocksmithRocksmithUbisoft San FranciscoUbisoftSteam16 October 2012Windows
Rogue WarriorRebellion DevelopmentsBethesda SoftworksSteam26 November 2009Windows
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2RollerCoaster TycoonChris Sawyer, Frontier DevelopmentsInfogramesDRM-free15 October 2002Windows
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3RollerCoaster TycoonFrontier DevelopmentsAtari, Aspyr MediaDRM-free, Unknown2 November 2004Windows, OS X
Runaway 2: The Dream of the TurtleRunawayPéndulo StudiosFocus Home InteractiveSteam17 November 2006Windows, OS X
Runaway: A Road AdventureRunawayPéndulo StudiosFocus Home InteractiveSteam6 July 2001Windows, OS X
Ryse: Son of RomeCrytekCrytek, Deep SilverSteam10 October 2014Windows
SUGURISUGURIOrange JuiceRockin' AndroidDRM-free30 December 2005Windows
Sacred CitadelSacredSouthendDeep SilverSteam17 April 2013Windows
Saints Row 2Saints RowDeep Silver VolitionTHQ, Deep SilverSteam5 January 2009Windows, Linux
Saints Row IVSaints RowDeep Silver Volition, High Voltage SoftwareDeep SilverSteam20 August 2013Windows, Linux
Saints Row: Gat out of HellSaints RowDeep Silver Volition, High Voltage SoftwareDeep SilverSteam20 January 2015Windows, Linux
Salvation ProphecyFiredance GamesDRM-free25 June 2012Windows, Linux
Satellite CommandStormtideSteam16 December 2016Windows
Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost QuarkItalic PigTeam17Steam23 September 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Scourge of War: WaterlooNorbSoftDevSlitherineUnknown19 November 2015Windows
Scribblenauts UnlimitedSteamWindows
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics AdventureScribblenauts, DC5th CellWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSteam24 September 2013Windows
Sea of SolitudeJo-Mei GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop5 July 2019Windows
Secret of ManaManaQ StudiosSquare EnixSteam15 February 2018Windows
Sega Superstars TennisSumo DigitalSega, Feral InteractiveCD key, Online activation, Activation limit, Account17 October 2013OS X
SemispheresVivid HelixSteam14 February 2017Windows
Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the ShogunByzantine GamesSlitherineUnknown19 May 2016Windows
Serious Sam 2Serious SamCroteam, Alligator Pit2K Games, Devolver DigitalSteam11 October 2005Windows
Serious Sam 3: BFESerious SamCroteamDevolver DigitalSteam22 November 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Serious Sam Double DSerious SamMommy's Best GamesDevolver DigitalSteam30 August 2011Windows
Serious Sam HD: The First EncounterSerious SamCroteamDevolver DigitalSteam24 November 2009Windows
Serious Sam HD: The Second EncounterSerious SamCroteamDevolver DigitalSteam28 April 2010Windows
Serious Sam: The Random EncounterSerious SamVlambeerDevolver DigitalSteam24 October 2011Windows
Shadow Warrior (2013)Shadow WarriorFlying Wild HogDevolver DigitalSteam26 September 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderTomb RaiderEidos Montreal, Crystal DynamicsSquare EnixSteam14 September 2018Windows, OS X, Linux
Shadowgrounds: SurvivorShadowgroundsFrozenbyteFrozenbyte, Linux Game PublishingUnknown14 November 2007Windows, OS X, Linux
ShelterShelterMight and DelightUnknown28 August 2013Windows, OS X
Shooty FruityNDreams, Near LightNDreamsSteam20 December 2017Windows
SimCity (2013)SimCityMaxisElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop5 March 2013Windows, OS X
SimCity 4SimCityMaxisElectronic Arts, Aspyr MediaDRM-free14 January 2003Windows, OS X
SkyfrontLevity PlayAccountWindows
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionSleeping DogsUnited Front GamesSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam10 October 2014Windows, OS X
Slender: The ArrivalSlender ManBlue Isle StudiosSteam26 March 2013Windows, OS X
Sniper Elite IIISniper EliteRebellion DevelopmentsSteam27 June 2014Windows
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie ArmyZombie ArmyRebellion DevelopmentsSteam28 February 2013Windows
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2Zombie ArmyRebellion DevelopmentsSteam31 October 2013Windows
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2SteamWindows
SnowRunnerSpintiresSaber InteractiveFocus Home Interactive, Maximum GamesEpic Games Launcher28 April 2020Windows
Sol SurvivorCadenza InteractiveDRM-free15 March 2010Windows
Solar FluxFirebrand GamesSteam24 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Soldiers: Heroes of World War IIMen of WarBest WayCodemasters, 1C CompanySteam30 June 2004Windows
Sonic GenerationsSonic the HedgehogSonic TeamSegaSteam1 November 2011Windows
SoulbringerInfogramesKISS ltdDRM-free30 June 2000Windows
South Park: The Fractured But WholeSouth ParkUbisoft San Francisco, Ubisoft Osaka, Ubisoft MassiveUbisoftUbisoft Connect17 October 2017Windows
South Park: The Stick of TruthSouth ParkObsidian EntertainmentUbisoftSteam4 March 2014Windows
Space AceUnknown14 June 2014Windows, OS X, Mac OS, Linux, DOS
Space Colony HDFirefly StudiosGathering of Developers, Firefly StudiosDRM-free29 August 2003Windows, OS X
Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha CentauriSpace PilgrimPilgrim Adventures, GrabTheGamesGrabTheGamesSteam14 December 2015Windows
Space Pirates and ZombiesUnknownWindows, OS X, Linux
Space RunSpace RunPasstech GamesFocus Home InteractiveSteam13 June 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Space Run GalaxySpace RunPasstech GamesFocus Home InteractiveSteam17 June 2016Windows
Space Trader: Merchant MarineHermitWorks EntertainmentMeridian4Unknown1 July 2007Windows, OS X
SpellForce 2: Demons of the PastSpellForceTHQ Nordic, Mind Over Matter StudiosTHQ NordicSteam16 January 2014Windows
Spellbind (2015)Point2Point EntertainmentStrategy FirstDRM-free2 March 2015Windows
SpintiresSpintiresOovee Game StudiosIMGN.PROSteam12 June 2014Windows
Sprint Cars: Road to KnoxvilleBig Ant StudiosValuSoft Cosmi, RetroismUnknown3 July 2006Windows
StackingDouble Fine ProductionsSteam6 March 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Star Ocean: The Last HopeTri-AceSquare EnixSteam28 November 2017Windows
Star RaidersIncinerator StudiosAtariSteam11 May 2011Windows
Star TrigonMr. DrillerProject DrillerBandai Namco EntertainmentOnline activation, Account2009Windows
Star Wars Battlefront (2015)Star Wars: BattlefrontDICE, Criterion Games, DICE Los AngelesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop17 November 2015Windows
Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)Star Wars: BattlefrontMotive Studios, DICE, Criterion GamesElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop17 November 2017Windows
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the SithStar Wars: Jedi KnightLucasArtsLucasArts, Disney Interactive StudiosSteam24 February 1998Windows
Starbear: TaxiFunktronic LabsUnknown3 May 2018Windows
Starship: Nova StrikeDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown12 April 2016Windows
State of Decay: Year-One Survival EditionState of DecayUndead LabsXbox Game StudiosSteam27 April 2015Windows
Stay SafeAtomic Raccoon StudioSteam22 May 2018Windows
Stealth Bastard DeluxeStealth Inc.Curve StudiosSteam28 November 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
SteamburgSteamWindows, OS X
Steel Storm: Burning RetributionSteel StormKot-in-Action Creative ArtelUnknown11 May 2011Windows, OS X, Linux
Strangers of the PowerTuomo LaineTuomo's gamesSteam17 August 2017Windows, OS X
Street Fighter X TekkenStreet Fighter, TekkenDimps, CapcomCapcomSteam, Games for Windows - LIVE11 May 2012Windows
Stronghold 2StrongholdFirefly Studios2K GamesUnknown18 April 2005Windows
Stronghold CrusaderStrongholdFirefly StudiosTake-Two Interactive, Gathering of DevelopersDRM-free31 July 2002Windows, OS X
Stronghold Crusader 2StrongholdFirefly StudiosSteam22 September 2014Windows
Subject 13Paul Cuisset, MicroïdsAnuman Interactive, Gravity Europe SASSteam28 May 2015Windows, OS X
Supreme Commander: Forged AllianceSupreme CommanderWargaming SeattleTHQ, THQ NordicSteam6 November 2007Windows
Survivor SquadSurvivor SquadEndless Loop StudiosDRM-free13 May 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
SyberiaSyberiaMicroïdsThe Adventure Company, Anuman Interactive, Meridian4Unknown9 January 2002Windows, OS X
Syberia IISyberiaMicroïdsAnuman Interactive, Meridian4Unknown30 March 2004Windows, OS X
Syder ArcadeStudio EvilMeridian4DRM-free24 October 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
TD UltimateDev4playUnknown11 June 2016Windows
Tales From The Dragon Mountain 2: The LairTales From The Dragon MountainCateia GamesLibrediaSteam15 March 2014Windows, OS X
Tales of Monkey IslandMonkey IslandTelltale GamesLucasArts, Athlon GamesUnknown7 July 2009Windows, OS X
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive EditionTalesQLOC, Namco Tales StudioBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam11 January 2019Windows
Target of Desire: Episode 1Osgoode MediaOsgoode MediaDRM-free30 August 2017Windows
Tekken 7TekkenBandai Namco EntertainmentSteam2 June 2017Windows
Telltale Texas Hold 'EmTelltale GamesUnknown11 February 2005Windows
Temper TantrumDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown22 May 2015Windows
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy AdventureTex MurphyBig Finish GamesAtlusSteam7 May 2014Windows, OS X
Test Drive Unlimited 2Test Drive UnlimitedEden GamesAtari, Bandai Namco EntertainmentSteam8 February 2011Windows
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing LegendsTest DriveSlightly Mad StudiosEvolved Games, Rombax GamesSteam, Games for Windows - LIVE10 December 2012Windows
The Adventures of ShuggySmudged Cat GamesUnknown13 June 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
The Book of Unwritten TalesThe Book of Unwritten TalesKing ArtTHQ NordicDRM-free2 April 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark AthenaThe Chronicles of RiddickStarbreeze Studios, Tigon StudiosAtariOnline activation, TAGES7 April 2009Windows, OS X
The CrewThe CrewIvory Tower, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftAlways online, Ubisoft Connect2 December 2014Windows
The Crew 2The CrewIvory Tower, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftUbisoft Connect26 June 2018Windows
The Dark LegionsMascot EntertainmentUnknown1 April 2004Windows
The DwarvesKing ArtEuroVideo Medien, THQ NordicSteam1 December 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Elder ScrollsZeniMax Online StudiosBethesda SoftworksAccount, Always online4 April 2014Windows, OS X
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe Elder ScrollsBethesda Game StudiosBethesda SoftworksSteam11 November 2011Windows
The Escapists 2The EscapistsTeam17, Mouldy Toof StudiosSteam22 August 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
The Evil WithinThe Evil WithinTango GameworksBethesda SoftworksSteam14 October 2014Windows
The Guild 3The GuildGolemLabs, Purple Lamp StudiosTHQ NordicUnknownWindows
The Guild II: Pirates of the European SeasThe GuildCranberry ProductionTHQ NordicDRM-free18 May 2007Windows
The Guild II: RenaissanceThe GuildCranberry ProductionTHQ NordicDRM-free27 July 2010Windows
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and PizzaboyOKAM StudioRavenscourtSteam3 March 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
The Last Tinker: City of ColorsMimimi GamesDaedalic EntertainmentSteam12 May 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
The Next Big ThingHollywood MonstersPéndulo StudiosFocus Home InteractiveOnline activation, SecuROM Product Activation21 April 2011Windows, OS X
The SaboteurPandemic StudiosElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop8 December 2009Windows
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionMonkey IslandLucasArtsLucasArts, Disney Interactive StudiosSteam15 July 2009Windows, OS X
The Showdown EffectArrowhead Game StudiosParadox InteractiveSteam5 March 2013Windows, OS X
The Sims 4The SimsMaxisElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop2 September 2014Windows, OS X
The Tomorrow WarThe Tomorrow WarCrioLand1C CompanyUnknown26 October 2006Windows
The Walking Dead: Survival InstinctThe Walking DeadTerminal RealityActivisionSteam19 March 2013Windows
The WeaponographistPuubaMastertronicSteam29 April 2015Windows, OS X
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe WitcherCD Projekt Red, Saber InteractiveCD ProjektGOG.com19 May 2015Windows
They Bleed PixelsSpooky Squid GamesSteam29 August 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
ThiefThiefEidos MontrealSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam24 February 2014Windows, OS X
Thief II: The Metal AgeThiefLooking Glass StudiosEidos Interactive, Square EnixSteam21 March 2000Windows
Thief: Deadly ShadowsThiefIon StormEidos Interactive, Square EnixSteam25 May 2004Windows
Thief: The Dark ProjectThiefLooking Glass StudiosEidos Interactive, Square EnixSteam1 December 1998Windows
Three Dead ZedGentleman Squid StudioUnknown7 July 2014Windows, Linux
Ticket to RideTicket to RideNext Level GamesSteam24 May 2012Windows, OS X, Linux
Titanfall 2TitanfallRespawn EntertainmentElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop28 October 2016Windows
To End All WarsAgeodSlitherineUnknown29 August 2014Windows
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconGRINUbisoftUbisoft Connect28 June 2007Windows
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon WildlandsTom Clancy's Ghost ReconUbisoft Paris, Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Milan, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft BelgradeUbisoftUbisoft Connect7 March 2017Windows
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2Tom Clancy's H.A.W.XUbisoft BucharestUbisoftUbisoft Connect12 November 2010Windows
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: ConvictionTom Clancy's Splinter CellUbisoft MontrealUbisoftUbisoft Connect27 March 2010Windows, OS X
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double AgentTom Clancy's Splinter CellUbisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft MilanUbisoftUbisoft Connect7 November 2006Windows
Tomb Raider (2013)Tomb RaiderCrystal Dynamics, Eidos MontrealSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveSteam5 March 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Tomb Raider ChroniclesTomb RaiderCore DesignEidos Interactive, Aspyr Media, Sold-Out SoftwareSteam21 November 2000Windows, Mac OS
Tomb Raider: UnderworldTomb RaiderCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive, Feral InteractiveSteam18 November 2008Windows, OS X
Tommy TronicOasis GamesInterplay EntertainmentUnknown28 October 2010Windows
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HDTony Hawk'sRobomodoActivisionSteam18 September 2012Windows
TorchlightTorchlightRunic GamesPerfect WorldDRM-free27 October 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Total Extreme Wrestling 2010Total Extreme WrestlingGrey Dog SoftwareViva MediaSteam19 March 2015Windows
Total War: Warhammer IIWarhammer, Total WarCreative AssemblySegaSteam28 September 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Toybox TurbosCodemastersSteam11 November 2014Windows
Trackmania TurboTrackManiaNadeoUbisoftUbisoft Connect24 March 2016Windows
Transformers: Fall of CybertronTransformersHigh Moon StudiosActivisionSteam21 August 2012Windows
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkTransformersEdge of RealityActivisionSteam24 June 2014Windows
Transformers: War for CybertronTransformersHigh Moon StudiosActivisionSteam22 June 2010Windows
TrineTrineFrozenbyteUnknown3 July 2009Windows, OS X, Linux
Tropico 3TropicoHaemimont GamesKalypso Media, Feral InteractiveUnknown20 October 2009Windows, OS X
Truck RacerKylotonnPlug In Digital, NaconSteam18 October 2013Windows
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (2017)Turok (Acclaim)Acclaim Studios Austin, Nightdive StudiosNightdive StudiosSteam16 March 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (2015)Turok (Acclaim)Acclaim Studios Austin, Nightdive StudiosNightdive StudiosSteam17 December 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
UFO: AfterlightUFOAltar Games1C Company, Bohemia InteractiveUnknown9 February 2007Windows
UK Truck SimulatorTruck SimulatorSCS SoftwareExcalibur PublishingUnknown19 February 2010Windows
Universe Sandbox LegacyUniverse SandboxGiant ArmySteam29 April 2011Windows
UnravelUnravelColdwood InteractiveElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop9 February 2016Windows
Unravel TwoUnravelColdwood InteractiveElectronic ArtsOrigin, EA Desktop9 June 2018Windows
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodlinesVampire: The MasqueradeTroika GamesActivisionSteam16 November 2004Windows
VanquishPlatinumGamesSegaSteam25 May 2017Windows
Victoria IIVictoriaParadox Development StudioParadox InteractiveUnknown13 August 2010Windows, OS X
Victory and Glory: NapoleonElectric GamesSlitherineUnknown17 March 2016Windows
Viking BrothersViking BrothersAlawar, Whalebox StudioViva MediaUnknown23 April 2014Windows, OS X
Warhammer 40,000: ArmageddonWarhammer 40,000Flashback Games, The Lordz Games StudioSlitherineUnknown26 November 2014Windows, OS X
Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus ReachWarhammer 40,000Straylight EntertainmentSlitherineUnknown19 January 2017Windows
Warlock 2: The ExiledWarlock1C CompanyParadox InteractiveSteam10 April 2014Windows, OS X, Linux
Watch DogsWatch DogsUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft AnnecyUbisoftUbisoft Connect27 May 2014Windows
Watch Dogs 2Watch DogsUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftUbisoft Connect29 November 2016Windows
Westward IV: All AboardWestwardSandlot GamesUnknown9 November 2009Windows, OS X
White NightOSome StudioPlug In Digital, ActivisionSteam3 March 2015Windows, OS X, Linux
Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune Collector's EditionShaman Games StudioDRM-free7 May 2014Windows, OS X
Withering Kingdom: Arcane WarWithering KingdomDigital Homicide StudiosUnknown27 May 2016Windows
Wolfenstein 3DWolfensteinId Software3D Realms, MacPlay, Bethesda SoftworksSteam5 May 1992Windows, Mac OS, DOS
Wolfenstein: The New OrderWolfensteinMachineGamesBethesda SoftworksSteam20 May 2014Windows
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodWolfensteinMachineGamesBethesda SoftworksSteam5 May 2015Windows
WormsWormsTeam17Ocean Software, Sold-Out SoftwareSteam31 October 1995Windows, Mac OS, DOS
Worms ArmageddonWormsTeam17MicroProse, Team17, Sold Out SoftwareSteam29 January 1999Windows
Worms BlastWormsTeam17Feral InteractiveSteam30 March 2002Windows, OS X, Mac OS
Worms Clan WarsWormsTeam17Steam15 August 2013Windows, OS X, Linux
Worms Crazy GolfWormsTeam17MastertronicSteam19 October 2011Windows, OS X
Worms PinballWormsTeam17MicroProse, Team17Steam30 April 1998Windows
Worms ReloadedWormsTeam17Steam26 August 2010Windows, OS X, Linux
Worms RevolutionWormsTeam17Steam10 October 2012Windows, OS X
Worms Ultimate MayhemWormsTeam17Steam28 September 2011Windows
X-Plane 11X-PlaneLaminar ResearchUnknown15 February 2017Windows, OS X, Linux
XCOM 2X-COMFiraxis Games2K Games, Feral InteractiveSteam5 February 2016Windows, OS X, Linux
XField Paintball 3XField Paintball SASSteam30 May 2017Windows
Zeno ClashZeno ClashACE TeamTripwire Interactive, Iceberg InteractiveSteam21 April 2009Windows
Zeno Clash IIZeno ClashACE TeamAtlusSteam30 April 2013Windows