List of Linux MIPS games

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This is a manual list of games known to have MIPS executables on Linux.

Due to table width shortage in the "Executables" table on game pages, which prevents MIPS from being given its own column, this list will most likely never become automatic.


  • Games relying on ScummVM, RetroPie, or Box86 are excluded.
  • It can be assumed that all games support mipsel and mips64el unless otherwise is stated in paranthesis. Support for mips and mips64 without el is rare.
  • The list is an almost 1:1 match with the games that support s390x (System z / IBM Z), such that this page will substitute as a list for that architecture are well.

Native support[edit]

Includes games whose native support is offered by distros and not the actual game developers.

Source ports[edit]

Other types of hackable support[edit]


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