List of Linux ARM games

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This is a manual list of games known to have ARM executables on Linux and FreeBSD, and are thus believed to work on Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro Bit, Chromium OS, and similar microcomputers without a need for emulators; as well as on Linux installations on mobile phones.


  • Games are believed to support both 32-bit and 64-bit ARM, unless otherwise is specified in paranthesis below.
  • Games relying on ScummVM, RetroPie, or Box86 are excluded. ECWolf and EDuke32 are included for the time being.
  • For the purposes of distro architecture codes: armel, armhf, armv5, armv6 and armv7 are all referred to as ARM32 (even though compatibility between one another is not guaranteed), whereas aarch64 is referred to as ARM64.

Native support[edit]

Includes games whose native support is offered by distros and not the actual game developers.

Source ports[edit]

Other types of hackable support[edit]

Additionally, Linux ARM computers are generally able to run all games that are available from the Chrome Web Store.[6]


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