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Total number of games: 35

Official support
Fan translation available
No official support
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Game Developer Publisher First release Localization UI Audio Sub Notes
A Hat in Time Gears for Breakfast 5 October 2017 official, fan
Two fan translations are available from Steam Workshop:

Here and here.

Among the Sleep Krillbite Studio 29 May 2014 fan
Fan translation.
Arx Fatalis Arkane Studios JoWood ProductionsDreamCatcher Interactive 28 June 2002 fan
Fan translation, download.
Black Mesa Crowbar Collective 6 March 2020 fan
Fan translation, download here.
Blocks That Matter Swing Swing Submarine 20 August 2011 fan
Fan translation, Steam Workshop page.
Bullet Witch CaviaMarvelous XSEEDMarvelous 25 April 2018 fan
Korean translation patch by NSM53 PROJECT, download. Uses the Japanese Voice Pack for audio. Some elements are still in English.
Cave Story Studio Pixel 20 December 2004 fan
Use the unofficial translation.
Celeste Matt Makes Games 25 January 2018 fan
Fan translation, download.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Spike Chunsoft Spike Chunsoft 18 February 2016 fan
Fan translation, download here
Day of Infamy New World Interactive 23 March 2017 fan
Fan translation, download.
Dear Esther The Chinese Room The Chinese Room 14 February 2012 fan
Available here.
Deltarune Tobyfox 31 October 2018 fan
Fan translation
Double Dealing Character Team Shanghai Alice 12 August 2013 fan
Fan translation
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Splash DamageId Software ActivisionId Software 28 September 2007 fan
Partial audio translation backported from Quake Wars Online available. See Change language.
Fairy Wars Team Shanghai Alice 14 August 2010 fan
Fan translation
Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix 9 October 2014 official, fan
Asia only

Mod which restores Korean subtitles to any version of the game. Download here.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Square EnixTri-Ace 11 December 2014 official, fan
Asia only

Mod which restores Korean subtitles to any version of the game. Download here.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar NorthWar Drum Studios Rockstar GamesCapcom1C-SoftClub 1 June 2005 fan
Fan translation, download.
Hiveswap Friendsim What Pumpkin Games Fellow Traveller 13 April 2018 fan
Only volumes 1-8 for now. Download here.
Hiveswap: Act 1 What Pumpkin Games Fellow Traveller 14 September 2017 fan
Download here.
Ho Tu Lo Shu: The Books of Dragon Heluo Studio 香港商河洛互動娛樂股份有限公司方块游戏 15 November 2018 fan
Fan translation by beemu on Naver
Invisible, Inc. Klei Entertainment 12 May 2015 fan
Fan translation. Steam Workshop page.
Life Is Strange Dontnod Entertainment Square EnixFeral Interactive 30 January 2015 fan
Fan translation by kibme0325.
Life Is Strange 2 Dontnod Entertainment Square Enix 26 September 2018 fan
Fan translation by Team Freestyle.
Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Deck Nine Square Enix 31 August 2017 fan
Fan translation by Teamhipsterkanarias ("Farewell").
Night in the Woods Infinite Fall Finji 21 February 2017 fan
Fan translation. Available here.
Saints Row IV Deep Silver VolitionHigh Voltage Software Deep Silver 20 August 2013 fan
Fan translation, download and info.
Tale of Wuxia Heluo Studio Fenghuang Game 28 April 2016 fan
Fan translation by beemu on Naver Alternate link to patch
Tale of Wuxia: The Pre-Sequel Heluo Studio Fenghuang Game 14 August 2017 fan
Fan translation by beemu on Naver
The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Team Shanghai Alice 11 August 2002 fan
Fan translation.
The Scroll of Taiwu ConchShip Games ConchShip Games 20 September 2018 fan
Fan translation by beemu on Naver
Undertale Tobyfox 15 September 2015 fan
Download here. Potential method to get the translation to work on Linux version 1.01.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Relic Entertainment THQSega 20 September 2004 fan
Fan translation. Download here. This translation only works for the original Dawn of War game and Winter Assault.
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Relic Entertainment THQSega 6 September 2011 fan
Download here.
Ys Origin Nihon Falcom XSEED 21 December 2006 fan
Download here.