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Total number of games: 49

Official support
Fan translation available
No official support
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Game Developer Publisher First release Localization UI Audio Sub Notes
A Hat in Time Gears for Breakfast 5 October 2017 official, fan
Fan translation is available from Steam Workshop.
American McGee's Alice Rogue Entertainment Electronic ArtsAspyr Media 5 December 2000 fan
Fan translation, download.

Also compatible with the 2011 release.

American McGee's Alice (2011) Rogue EntertainmentSpicy Horse Electronic Arts 14 June 2011 fan
Fan translation, download.

Also compatible with the original release.

Anachronox Ion Storm Eidos InteractiveInfogrames 27 June 2001 fan
Fan translation, download.
Back to the Future: The Game Telltale Games 22 December 2010 fan
Fan translation, download.
Batman: The Telltale Series Telltale Games Athlon Games 2 August 2016 fan
Fan translation, download.
Blocks That Matter Swing Swing Submarine 20 August 2011 fan
Fan translation, Steam Workshop page.
Blue Estate The Game HE SAW 8 April 2015 fan
Fan translation, download.
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Headfirst Productions Bethesda Softworks 27 March 2006 fan
Fan translation, download.
Cave Story Studio Pixel 20 December 2004 fan
Use the unofficial translation.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Spike Chunsoft Spike Chunsoft 18 February 2016 fan
Fan translation by All-Ice Team
Dear Esther The Chinese Room The Chinese Room 14 February 2012 fan
Available here.
Doki Doki Literature Club! Team Salvato 22 September 2017 fan
Fan translation, download.
Don't Starve Klei Entertainment 23 April 2013 fan
Fan translation, download #1 #2 #3.
Double Dealing Character Team Shanghai Alice 12 August 2013 fan
Fan translation
Double Spoiler Team Shanghai Alice 14 March 2010 fan
Fan translation
Fairy Wars Team Shanghai Alice 14 August 2010 fan
Fan translation
Fallout Interplay Entertainment Interplay EntertainmentBethesda SoftworksMacPlay 3 January 2012 fan
Fan translation, download.
Fallout 2 Black Isle Studios Interplay EntertainmentMacPlayBethesda Softworks 24 August 2002 fan
Check here for the retail and versions, and here for the Steam release.
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Micro Forté Interplay EntertainmentBethesda Softworks 15 March 2001 fan
Fan translation, download.
Flinthook Tribute Games 18 April 2017 fan
Fan translation, download.
Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Telltale Games 2 December 2014 fan
Fan translation, download
Her Story Sam Barlow 24 June 2015 fan
Fan translation, download
Imperishable Night Team Shanghai Alice 15 August 2004 fan
Fan translation
Katawa Shoujo Four Leaf Studios 4 January 2012 fan
Act 1 only
Miasmata IonFX Studios 28 November 2012 fan
Fan translation, download.
Oxygen Not Included Klei Entertainment 30 July 2019 fan
Fan translation. Steam Workshop page.
Perfect Cherry Blossom Team Shanghai Alice 17 August 2003 fan
Fan translation
Planescape: Torment Black Isle Studios Interplay EntertainmentSega 12 December 1999 fan
Plants vs. Zombies PopCap Games Electronic Arts 5 May 2009 fan
Fan translation, download.
Psychonauts Double Fine Productions Double Fine ProductionsBuka Entertainment 26 April 2005 fan
Fan translation, download.
Soldier of Fortune Raven Software Activision 27 March 2000 fan
Fan translation, download.
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds LucasArtsEnsemble Studios LucasArtsElectronic ArtsAspyr MediaDisney Interactive Studios 9 November 2001 fan
Requires the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds All-In-One Patch.
System Shock 2 Irrational GamesLooking Glass Studios Electronic ArtsNightdive Studios 11 August 1999 fan
Fan translation, download.
The Book of Unwritten Tales King Art THQ Nordic 2 April 2009 fan
Fan translation
The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles King Art THQ Nordic 5 December 2012 fan
Fan translation.
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Bethesda Game Studios Bethesda Softworks 1 May 2002 fan
Fan translation by «Morrowind Italian Translation Project», download link and WM-link on PES.
The Elder Scrolls Online ZeniMax Online Studios Bethesda Softworks 4 April 2014 fan
Fan translation, download.
The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Team Shanghai Alice 11 August 2002 fan
Fan translation. 67% complete, according to this.
The Operative: No One Lives Forever Monolith Productions Fox InteractiveSierra EntertainmentMacPlay 9 November 2000 fan
Fan translation, download.
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Telltale Games 20 December 2016 fan
Fan translation, download.
The Walking Dead: Season Two Telltale Games 17 December 2013 fan
Fan translation, download.
The Wolf Among Us Telltale Games 11 October 2013 fan
Fan translation, see Italian.
Undertale Tobyfox 15 September 2015 fan
Download here. Only works with version 1.01 of the game. Only works on the Windows version.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Troika Games Activision 16 November 2004 fan
Fan translation, download.
Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries GRIN Gamestudio Rebellion Developments 17 March 2015 fan
Fan translation, download.
XIII Ubisoft Paris UbisoftFeral Interactive 18 November 2003 fan
Select when installing unofficial patch / XIII+.
Xenonauts Goldhawk Interactive 16 June 2014 fan
on official forum; does not support X:CE
Ōkami HD Clover StudioHexaDrive Capcom 12 December 2017 fan
Fan translation, download.