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Total number of games: 39

Official support
Fan translation available
No official support
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Game Developer Publisher First release Localization UI Audio Sub Notes
7 Mages Napoleon Games Napoleon Games 23 June 2016 fan
Fan translation, download.
Blade Runner Westwood Studios Virgin InteractiveAlcon Interactive Group 14 November 1997 fan
Transcription by the ScummVM team
Cave Story Studio Pixel 20 December 2004 fan
Use the unofficial translation.
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Spike Chunsoft 27 June 2017 fan
Fan translation by Team Mirai.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Spike Chunsoft Spike Chunsoft 18 February 2016 fan
Fan translation by Mirai (未来) Team
Dear Esther The Chinese Room The Chinese Room 14 February 2012 fan
Available here.
Deltarune Tobyfox 31 October 2018 fan
Fan translation
Delver Priority InterruptDelver Engine 1 February 2018 fan
Fan translation, download.
Doki Doki Literature Club! Team Salvato 22 September 2017 fan
Fan translation by Yarashii.
Don't Starve Klei Entertainment 23 April 2013 fan
Fan translation, download #1 #2 #3
Eschalon: Book II Basilisk Games 12 May 2010 fan
Fan translation by Targus and M. debailleul, download.
Eschalon: Book III Basilisk Games 14 February 2014 fan
Fan translation by Targus and M. debailleul.
Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix 9 October 2014 official, fan
Not available in Asia

Mod which restores French subtitles to any version of the game. Download here.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Square EnixTri-Ace 11 December 2014 official, fan
Not available in Asia

Mod which restores French subtitles to any version of the game. Download here.
Gloomhaven Flaming Fowl Studios Asmodee Digital fan
Fan translation
INFRA Loiste Interactive 15 January 2016 fan
Officially supported fan translation.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure LucasArts LucasArtsDisney Interactive Studios 1 July 1989 fan
Fan translation for version, download.
Invisible, Inc. Klei Entertainment 12 May 2015 fan
Fan translation. Steam Workshop page.
La-Mulana Nigoro AGM PLAYISM 13 July 2012 fan
Fan translation
Legend of Grimrock Almost Human 11 April 2012 fan
Fan translation, download. Alternate link.
Legend of Grimrock 2 Almost Human 15 October 2014 fan
Fan translation by «jpdonald».
Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer New World Computing 3DOUbisoft 7 March 2000 official, fan
Available in the version or use French translation.

[French localization for the M&M merge mod.]
Nox Westwood Pacific Electronic Arts 31 January 2000 fan
Unofficial translation by To_an, download and forum topic
Oxygen Not Included Klei Entertainment 30 July 2019 fan
Fan translation. Steam Workshop page.
Phantasmagoria of Flower View Team Shanghai Alice 14 August 2005 fan
Fan translation
Plants vs. Zombies PopCap Games Electronic Arts 5 May 2009 fan
Fan translation, download.
Postal III Trashmasters Akella 23 November 2011 fan
Fan translation, download.
Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Telltale Games 8 November 2007 fan
Fan translation by Hiei
Silent Hunter III Ubisoft Bucharest Ubisoft 15 March 2005 fan
Unofficial patch.
Technobabylon Technocrat Games Wadjet Eye Games 21 May 2015 fan
Fan translation by «Ghylard»
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Bethesda Softworks 31 August 1996 fan
Use Projet French Daggerfall or DaggerfallSetup.
The Elder Scrolls: Arena Bethesda Softworks 1994 fan
Use Projet French Arena or ArenaSetup. Some text is English.
The Temple of Elemental Evil Troika Games Hasbro 16 September 2003 fan
Only retail version. Fan translation 1, Fan translation 2
The Walking Dead: Season Two Telltale Games 17 December 2013 fan
Fan translation, download.
Treasure Adventure Game Robit Studios 26 November 2011 fan
Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle Origin Systems Electronic Arts 25 March 1993 fan
Use Serpent Isle In French (requires Exult).
Undertale Tobyfox 15 September 2015 fan
Fan translation, download.
XIII Ubisoft Paris UbisoftFeral InteractiveMicroids 18 November 2003 fan
Select when installing unofficial patch / XIII+.
Xenonauts Goldhawk Interactive 16 June 2014 fan
on official forum; supports X:CE