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I don't know the developer for those games, but if anyone wants to they can probably dig it up, the information for the table is extracted from the Wikipedia article. If there is a way to shorten this list, but still contain the information, please let me know. --Alphasite 23:51, 10 February 2012 (UTC)

Maybe a special page for errors shared in the source engine should be added? I don't really know how game specific solutions are but it may clean up the game pages themselves. --Baracus 10:28, 24 February 2012 (EST)

Mirh (talkcontribs)

So, my cousin wanted to have a ass-breaking surround experience with his 5.1 setup in CS:Go.
Even if using a 6 years old ALC662 I mean.. FEAR with ALchemy sounded good.

So I went to use the ordinary dsound.dll and dsound.ini even for this source game and I enabled the usual snd_legacy_surround option. However rear sounds were still everything but rear... I set 5.1 in the in-game settings too.. but still no luck.
After reading this anyhow, I realized there was something missing: the 7.1 in-game setting.

So I launched every source game I had and I realized that Valve cut this last option out between Left 4 Dead 2 (original build 4777) and Alien Swarm (build 4993).
And so I thought: why they should remove the only sound mode which requires hardware audio support to work? Well, probably they removed hw audio support altogether....

The only thing I'm wondering about is why games such as Nuclear Dawn (2011) and Garry's mod 13 (2012) still have 7.1 (thus hw sound?) supported
This could probably be explained since both of them are 3d party developers, so they must license the engine in advance and then release their games after the years long development ends (contrarily to Valve games which can ship with the latest version available at release time)

So, I hope you may test if my findings are correct

So, satsun ruled all this out. Hw sound is require only and exclusively if you have more than 6 channels. And provided you have it, it works nice in newer games.
Besides I found some nice parameter to investigate:

windows_speaker_config is connected to the in-game audio setting. 1 means headphones. 4 means 2 speakers. 3 means 4 speakers. 6 means 5.1. 7 means 7.1. Higher values just produce stereo sound. (and no, stereo and quadraphonic sound is not inverted)

snd_surround_speakers (not avaiable in Nuclear Dawn and in games before Alien Swarm) is also interesting but its purpose is widely debated

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Mirh (talkcontribs)
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Mirh (talkcontribs)
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Raw mouse input might feel "disconnected" at high frame rates

Mirh (talkcontribs)
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Anonymous (talkcontribs)

This needs to be reintroduced in a sensible way, as well as rewritten:

== Alt-tab ==
On Windows, Source games are notorious for their poor alt-tab. All Valve Source games, except ''Half-Life 2: Lost Coast'' feature the -noborder launch option. To be able to seamlessly alt-tab, add:

 -window -noborder

to the game's launch options. In Steam, you can do this by right-clicking the game, clicking properties and adding them to the launch options textbox. This does not work for '''every''' Source game; only those released as part of or after The Orange Box. Both [[Portal]] and [[Half-Life 2]] have been updated to include this functionality. Some non-Valve games, such as [[Zeno Clash]] support it, too. This will, however, result in a decrease in performance.

== Console Commands ==
[http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Console_Command_List Source Engine console commands] will run on most Source games such as [[Portal 2]], [[Portal]], [[Garry's Mod]], and [[Half-Life 2]]. It should also be noted that every game will have its own commands in addition to these default commands and these can also be extend at run time, such as by mods.

== Multiplayer ==
If you instantly get a 'Cannot connct to server' error when trying to connect to a server on áll source based multiplayer games and setting ports, disabling firewalls etc. don't work a router '''reset to factory settings''' may solve this problem. This problem seems to affect all source based multiplayer games at the same time, showing less servers when loading the server page and giving the error instantly when trying to connect.

==Engine Specific Errors==
===Failed to create 3D3 device===
When you encounter this error, teh game will fail to start and display this error.

If you encounter this error, try the following steps to try and fix the problem:
*Install the latest stable drivers for your Graphics Card.
*Install or reinstall the .Net Framework included with your game.
*Make sure you have installed all required and recommended Windows Updates available for your computer.
*Attempt to start the game with to "-dxlevel 90" added to your launch options.
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Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Games officially made by Valve/published on Steam (Dino D-Day, etc.) and mods should be separated into different charts.

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Heretic876 (talkcontribs)

For some reason most of my Source games crash after the "Preparing to Launch" screen. Half-Life 2 (and the HL episodes), L4D, L4D2, Portal, and Portal 2 all immediately "encounter an error and need to close". The only Source games that do work are Counter-Strike: Source, Garry's Mod, and Team Fortress 2 are the only ones that do work. I've contacted Steam Support to no avail and I'm mostly just finding dead threads with same problem. I've tried doing what the Steam forum says and using CPU-Z to find out if my computer has SSE support but that program has not worked. I'm becoming extremely frustrated and would appreciate any help at all.

Newmansan (talkcontribs)
Heretic876 (talkcontribs)

Forgot to mention that I have reinstalled steam completely (including deleting every game installed) and whenever I validate one of the games, there are no different results.

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