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Sega Genesis
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Key points

The Sega Genesis was released as the Mega Drive outside North America.

General information

Sega Genesis at Emulation General Wiki



Key points

Very high emulation accuracy and supports multiple Sega Genesis-based systems.
Settings and keybinds do not save between application launches. Input mapper has some issues.[citation needed]

General information

Exodus is a emulation platform with a cycle-accurate Genesis/Mega Drive plugin.

Kega Fusion[edit]

Key points

Very high emulation accuracy and supports multiple Sega Genesis-based systems.
Uses DirectDraw API, which runs poorly on Windows 8 and later.

General information

Kega Fusion is a Sega Genesis emulator developed by a former Sega employee. It focuses on emulation accuracy than enhancing performance, and features support for a wide range of systems, including Sega 32X and Sega CD. It is however closed-sourced and development has been inactive for years.

Use this low frame-rate fix to avoid frame rate issues on Windows 8 or later, however, this fix causes issues with multiple monitor setups. Ddwrapper may also fix the problem and additionally any problems with Windows 7 and going fullscreen, however, the window gets stuck on a black screen or crash when exiting fullscreen mode. On Windows 10, the lockup during a windowed/fullscreen transition can be fixed by using the Disable fullscreen optimization compatibility setting on Fusion.exe.[1]

Use ddwrapper[citation needed]
  1. Download ddwrapper from the creator's site.
  2. Place the downloaded ddraw.dll and aqrit.cfg file into your Kega Fusion directory.
  3. Open the aqrit.cfg file with a text editor, find ForceDirectDrawEmulation within the configuration file and change its value to 1, then change the rest of the other values in the configuration file to 0, and save the changes.

Genesis GX Plus[edit]

Key points

High emulation accuracy and supports multiple Sega Genesis-based systems, similar to Kega Fusion.
No official computer port; this emulator is only available through select emulation frontends.
Missing emulation support for Sega 32X.

General information

Genesis GX Plus is an open-source developed emulator that is also high in emulation accuracy and compatibility and is available on multiple platforms. However, despite being an open-source emulator, there is no official port of this emulator for computer operating systems as it was initially developed for Nintendo GameCube and Wii as homebrew, and is only available as a Libretro core for frontends such as RetroArch, OpenEmu, and BizHawk. There are however unofficial ports of Genesis GX Plus for Windows, but they are unstable and based off outdated builds.[2]

Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics[edit]


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