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This article is about the emulation of a console or deprecated PC platform on Windows, macOS (OS X), or Linux.
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Portable cover
PlayStation Vita
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General information

PlayStation Portable at Emulation General Wiki



Key points

Uses high-level emulation.
Open-source and is still actively developed.
Doesn't require a BIOS from the system.
A large number of games are considered playable from start to finish.[1]
Runs well on low-end hardware.
Has graphical enhancements including anisotropic filtering, HD rendering, texture upscaling, and more.

General information

Check the official Compatibility List to see if the game(s) you wish to play are compatible.
Nightly builds are highly recommended, as they have more features and bugfixes than the stable releases.
PPSSPP Website
PPSSPP Nightly Builds (Windows/Android)
PPSSPP Stable Launchpad (Linux)
PPSSPP Nightly Launchpad (Linux)