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Dxtory cover
Release dates
Windows April 7, 2008

General information

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Dxtory is a video capture tool for DirectDraw, DirectX (versions 7-12) and OpenGL applications.[1] It's also compatible with Windows (UWP) Apps from Microsoft Store.

Video capturing[edit]

Multiple audio sources on their own track[edit]

Because audio sources are stored in their own tracks, it's possible to adjust volumes individually after recording.

Using multiple drives[edit]

When recording really high quality settings, it's possible to use multiple SSD/HDD drives to avoid write speed bottlenecks.
Setting up raw capture
  1. Open Dxtory.
  2. Select Folders tab (image of an folder).
  3. Add desired folders into the list using Add folder icon and make sure folders are at different physical drives.
  4. Benchmark all added locations using Benchmark icon on the left of path.
  5. Select Movie tab (image of camcorder).
  6. At File Format secion, select RawCap.
Building raw capture to video file
  1. Open RawCapConverter.
    • This can be found either bottom leftmost icon within Dxtory or under Dxtory folder from Windows all programs list.
  2. Either select Build selected files or Build all files.


After building, prompt should popup to confirm deletion of raw files. This should be safe if build was successfull.
By default files are build to first folder in Dxtory folder list. It's possible to change this from this windows settings.
If program crashes, it may be caused by the codec used. Simply use "RawCapConv NoPreview", however thumbnails won't show until building is complete.

Issues fixed[edit]

Causing games to crash[edit]

While program is still maintained and updated to avoid this kind of behaviour, there are cases where Dxtory will cause games to crash either while launching the game or while playing the game.
Delay overlay injection
  1. Open Dxtory.
  2. Select Advanced tab (image of CPU).
  3. Check Delay Hook and insert delay value in seconds. Default is 5 seconds.


This can be done only for game-specific profile. Make sure you are using right profile when applying.
This may also be caused if multiple game overlays are used (e.g. Mumble, Raptr, very rarely Steam). At that point you may have to disable said programs overlays.
With rare occasions where this doesn't help, you can add game to ignore list or close Dxtory before opening the game. However it's impossible to use the program with the game at that point.

Overlay injected to programs[edit]

Some programs may use DirectX or OpenGL for presenting graphics to user, which may cause Dxtory to inject overlay to it, e.g. Discord.
Add program to ignore list
  1. Open Dxtory.
  2. Select Target tab (Image of shooting target).
  3. Select Ignore Settings...
  4. Press plus sign and write the path to executable to be ignored.
  5. Press OK to confirm the settings.

Does not work with games on Origin[edit]

Origins overlay needs to be disabled for Dxtory to work. See Origin article for more details.