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This proposed update changes or updates every template in some way. Template usage is unchanged wherever possible.

Some totally new templates would be introduced (see Page layout). These templates provide a layout specific to that type of information and fill in additional information (e.g. the Issues fixed/unresolved sections link to the Patches section if that template has been filled in). These templates do not depend on form editing.

General improvements

  • All choices can be selected visually or suggest values as you type--most everyday changes require minimal knowledge of MediaWiki editing.
  • Most settings can only be set to choices that are valid for that particular parameter, avoiding most cases where users have set a value that doesn't work when the page is saved.
  • Irrelevant portions of the form are hidden based on the chosen settings (e.g. setting controller support to false hides most other controller settings).
  • Optional page sections (such as VR support) and additional rows can be added or deleted visually by clicking the appropriate buttons.
  • Forms ensure a consistent page layout across all games. If a template is missing or in the wrong place it is automatically added or re-positioned to match the standard page layout when edited using a form.

General changes

  • Form editing works by having all content contained within template parameters. All notes and other information that would normally be written above or below a template is placed in a notes parameter (or similar) for that template. These are shown in the usual places on the saved page.
  • All templates have an integrated heading rather than placing a manual MediaWiki heading above the template. Section edit links point to the form for that template.
  • Due to the way the Page Forms extension works, each template can only be used in one place on a page (but any number of times). Image and fixbox templates use redirects/variants to get around this (see Page layout).
  • A few minor templates would be merged into the main template for that section (see Deprecated templates).

Changes to source editing

  • Section editing through normal MediaWiki headings is disabled for migrated pages due to technical complications. Use the "Edit" tab at the top of the page to edit the source for the entire page.
  • Pages edited with the form have any empty template parameters and template whitespace removed, so manual editing is not as easy to read (this is a limitation of the Page Forms extension).
  • When editing with a form, any text outside a template parameter is moved to the bottom of the page ("debugging area" of the form). Unrecognised parameters/values are removed without any notification.
  • The porter template in the infobox is moved to a separate parameter rather than sharing with the regular developers.
  • Store/DRM alternate names would be deprecated (this is because the form shows a list of all recognised values for dropdowns).
  • All availability/DLC parameters are named instead of numbered to resolve issues with links that contain the equals symbol (a long-standing MediaWiki limitation when using unnamed parameters).

Changes to Key points/General information

Replaced with a template (Development:General information).

  • Some points are filled in automatically based on page content (e.g. the game is freeware).
  • Some general information links are shown automatically based on page content.
  • and Steam linking is integrated. IDs from the infobox are re-used unless specified here.

Changes to Essential improvements

  • Patches use a template (Development:Patches). This was done to standardise the location on the page and also supply patch status data for the issues fixed/unresolved sections.
  • Intro/launcher skip are templates. This was done to standardise the location on the page.

Changes to fixboxes

  • New parameter for heading. Repeated uses (e.g. two widescreen fixes) combine the headings when the fixboxes are adjacent. Headings are automatically linked to glossary pages when a standard name is given.

Changes to Issues unresolved/Issues fixed

  • These sections have a new template that provides links based on other information specified on the page (e.g. if the game has patches available).

Minimum required information

The following information must be filled in before a page can be saved (if using the full form):

  • Release state
  • Developer (at least one)
  • Release date (at least one)
  • License/business model
  • Any tickcross settings that are always displayed (these are set to "unknown" when adding a new game page)
  • System requirements box (at least one - only the operating system family is mandatory)

Test pages

Head over to the dev wiki:

  • Edit any game in Category:Migrated games (use the "Edit with form" link at the top of the game page or any section edit link).
  • Make a new game with the form.

Issues to test

  • Is the form layout good? The form layout is done with standard wiki tables, so any spacing issues etc. can be adjusted as needed.
  • Are settings sufficiently explained without continually referring to the editing guide? (Ideally, users should not need to refer to this for basic editing)
  • Are all mandatory tickcross settings correctly treated as mandatory, i.e. the page can't be saved without them set?
  • Check for dropdowns missing values that should be supported (or vice versa), multi-instance templates not having the correct minimum/maximum use limit, etc.

Known issues (dev wiki only)

These issues do not apply to the live wiki.

  • Image thumbnail generation does not work on the dev wiki (uploading works correctly).
  • Combining refs with a name parameter (<ref name= etc.) does not work with forms on the dev wiki (this will show an error message or cause other bugs).

Page layout

Page layout used when editing games with a form. Editing a game with a form will re-order the templates on the page to match this layout (if applicable) and add any mandatory templates or parameters that are missing.


Tags (new)
Infobox game
Infobox game/row/developer
Infobox game/row/porter
Infobox game/row/publisher
Infobox game/row/engine
Infobox game/row/date
General information (new)



Essential improvements

Patches (new)
Skip launcher (new)
Skip intro (new)
Source ports
Source ports/row
Fixbox/essential (variant)

Game data

Game data
Image/data (redirect)
Game data/config
Game data/saves
Save game cloud syncing

Video settings

Video settings
Image/video (redirect)
Fixbox/video (redirect)

Input settings

Input settings
Image/input (redirect)
Fixbox/input (redirect)

Audio settings

Audio settings
Image/audio (redirect)
Fixbox/audio (redirect)


Image/network (variant)
Fixbox/network (variant)

VR support

Image/vr (variant)
VR support
Fixbox/vr (variant)

Issues unresolved

Issues unresolved (new)
Issue (new)

Issues fixed

Issues fixed (new)

Other information

Commands (new)
Commands/launch (redirect)
Commands/console (redirect)
Mods (new)
Fixbox/other (redirect)

System requirements

System requirements




Page section Form Form template Form template (hidden)
(nothing) Form:Null test - -
(entire page) Form:Game test - -
(Top) - Development:Top form Development:Top form/hidden
Availability Form:Availability test Development:Availability form Development:Availability form/hidden
Essential improvements Form:Essential improvements test Development:Essential improvements form Development:Essential improvements form/hidden
Game data Form:Game data test Development:Game data form Development:Game data form/hidden
Video settings Form:Video settings test Development:Video settings form Development:Video settings form/hidden
Input settings Form:Input settings test Development:Input settings form Development:Input settings form/hidden
Audio settings Form:Audio settings test Development:Audio settings form Development:Audio settings form/hidden
Network Form:Network test Development:Network form Development:Network form/hidden
VR support Form:VR support test Development:VR support form Development:VR support form/hidden
Issues unresolved Form:Issues test Development:Issues form Development:Issues form/hidden
Issues fixed
Other information Form:Other information test Development:Other information form Development:Other information form/hidden
System requirements Form:System requirements test Development:System requirements form Development:System requirements form/hidden
- - Development:Summary form -

Deprecated templates