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Retro Fighters StrikerDC
Retro Fighters StrikerDC cover
XInput support
Dreamcast Controller

Key points

Requires adapter to connect to PC.
Lacks native XInput support, requiring the use of a XInput wrapper (see XInput wrappers) for games that do not support DirectInput or the controller natively.
Compatible with 1st party VMUs, Vibration Packs, 4X Memory Cards, and Microphone (some 3rd party accessories may be incompatible).
Added both pressure sensitive triggers and digital shoulder buttons. High quality and responsive D-pad. Comfortable and responsive analog stick.
Improved visibility VMU viewing window.
Extra long 10' cord.

General information

Product page


  • 1 × analog stick
  • 2 × analog triggers: 𝐋, 𝐑
  • 2 × digital shoulder buttons: 𝐋, 𝐑
  • 7 × digital action buttons: 𝐀, 𝐁, 𝐗, 𝗬, sᴛᴀʀᴛ, ᴛᴜʀʙᴏ, ᴄʟᴇᴀʀ
  • 4 × digital directional buttons (d-pad): , , ,


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Support in games[edit]

Support for some controller features may be only available on certain systems. Refer to game-specific articles for details.

Games with microphone support[edit]

Microphone support requires Dreamcast Microphone extension.
Games with implemented voice chat should be able to use controller's microphone. There is no software which supports Dreamcast Microphone for PC yet.
VoiceBot and VoiceAttack allows to control games and applications by voice commands.
Dreamcast games support Dreamcast Microphone peripheral. See more.
List of Microphone-controllerd computer games.

Games with XInput button prompts[edit]

Total number of games: 2,274.
The controller's button positions and colors, and the amount of buttons, differ considerably from those of other Xbox controllers. As such, the list below should be treated with some caution.
Please note, that this is only list for games that offer XInput button prompts.
Some may require use of Xbox 360 controller emulation. Refer to game-specific articles for details.