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Razer Kishi
Razer Kishi cover
XInput support
Razer Junglecat
Razer Kishi V2

Key points

No wireless connection.
Direct connection via the USB-C/iPhone's Lightning port provides the lowest latency gameplay.
Applications Steam Link, Moonlight and Parsec allow to use controller paired with smartphone over WiFi connection.
Requires USB-C/Lightning adapter to directly connect to PC.[1]
Lacks native XInput support, requiring the use of an XInput wrapper (see Windows) for games that do not support DirectInput or the controller natively.
No haptic feedback.

General information

Product page
Developer's product page
User Manual


  • 2 × clickable analog sticks: LS, RS
  • 2 × analog triggers: LT, RT
  • 2 × digital shoulder buttons: LB, RB
  • 7 × digital action buttons: 𝐀, 𝐁, 𝐗, 𝗬, sᴛᴀʀᴛ, ʙᴀᴄᴋ, ʜᴏᴍᴇ
  • 4 × digital directional buttons (d-pad): , , ,


Use with PC platforms[edit]

Requires adapter USB-C/iPhone's Lightning port to PC.


Can be remapped with Steam.
Can be used with smartphone to be able to pair controller with PC via WiFi connection.
Applications Steam Link, Moonlight and Parsec allow to use controller paired with smartphone over WiFi connection.


Can be recognized as Xbox 360 controller but after manual assignment. Controller cannot be found in Supported Controller Database, so Steam recognizes it as standard DirectInput device.

Steam Link Application compatibility[edit]

Works without any drivers on any operating system that supports Steam.[2]
Connecting the controller to the smartphone enables wireless mode via Wi-Fi.
Can be used just to send input from a controller to a PC. Go into Streaming options, hit 𝗬 and disable video and audio streaming.
Won't work great unless you connect it to LAN or a low latency Wi-Fi.



USB-C Extension Adapters[edit]

U-Shape USB-C Adapter may be required to connect controller to PC.
U-Shape USB-C Adapter may be required to connect controller to PC.
For comfortable use with a PC, the controller requires adapters to take the cable out of the controller's form.
Technically it requires only small head L-Shape USB C-Cable, but not every adapter fits perfectly. Recommended set-up to connect controller to PC is:
  • L-Shape 90 degree USB-C Adapter
  • U-Shape USB-C Cable (alternatively: U-Shape USB-C Adapter + USB-C cable)

Using wirelessly[edit]


Steam Link Application[edit]

Requires Android Phones, Tablets, Apple iPhone or iPad.
Can run only games added to PC's Steam client.
Using controller via Wi-Fi[3]
  1. Connect controller to a smartphone.
  2. Install Steam Link from your favorite app store.
  3. Connect to your PC that's running Steam and you're ready to play.

Support In Games[edit]

Support for some controller features may be only available on certain systems. Refer to game-specific articles for details.

Games with XInput button prompts[edit]

Total number of games: 2,309.
Please note, that this is only list for games that offer XInput button prompts.
Some may require use of Xbox 360 controller emulation. Refer to game-specific articles for details.


Other information[edit]

Technical information[edit]

Device name: Razer Kishi, HWID: 27f8:0bbf
Controller button Button label and axis
A Button 7
B Button 8
X Button 10
Y Button 11
LB Button 13
RB Button 14
LT Button 15
RT Button 16
Select Button 17
Start Button 18
Left stick Button 20, X-axis, Y-axis
Right stick Button 21, X-rotation, Z-rotation
Guide button Button 19
D-pad up POV up
D-pad down POV down
D-pad left POV left
D-pad right POV right