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Contraband Entertainment
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Games ported to macOS (formerly OS X)

Game Developer Publisher Engine First release OS X release 64-bit
Icewind Dale Black Isle Studios Interplay Entertainment, MacPlay Infinity 29 June 2000 26 March 2002
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Orange Games, Epic Games Gathering of Developers, MacPlay 7 May 1998 18 January 2002

Games ported to Mac OS

Game Developer Publisher Engine First release Mac OS release
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Ritual Entertainment Gathering of Developers Id Tech 3 4 August 2000 4 August 2000
Heroes of Might and Magic IV New World Computing 3DO 28 March 2002 15 November 2002
Hexen II Raven Software Id Software, MacPlay Quake engine 31 August 1997 4 October 2002