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New space for Software?

Helderrocket (talkcontribs)

I think that maybe you could add a space for Software, like what Steam offers (Action!, Wallpaper Engine, RPG Maker, etc) and do the same as you do with games. Offer guides, suggestions, bug fixes, essential improvements and so on.

32-bit Operating Systems

Cptmold (talkcontribs)

Does anyone else think this wiki should add 32-bit support to the charts, for those who don't have a 64-bit OS yet? I think it would be a good addition to this wiki.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

This is really odd place to add such discussion. You may want to go to forums side to ask this kind of stuff as nobody will find this thread here. I simply happened to gaze recent changes.

32-bit OS, especially on gaming hardware, has been moving away for some time now. However it's already kinda implemeted in form of API table. Here's list of games without 64-bit executable and here's list of games with false, hackable or true state.

What I meant with "kinda" part, is that games with 64-bit executable may or may not have 32-bit executable. However in my opinion, benefit of listing games with 32-bit executable isn't that useful and those still using 32-bit OS should always check system requirements of the game before purcharing. Don't know wikis official thing for this.

Cptmold (talkcontribs)

Alright, thanks for the tip. I just thought it might be good to have on the chart, right next to "64-bit executable." There's also only a small percentage of users with 3D Vision or Ultra-WS screens, and part of what this site does best is articles that apply to almost every user.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

Thing with 3D and ultra widescreen is that they are current standards and growing with userbase. 32-bit OS is thing that should've faded away long time ago especially on gaming hardware. With OS X and Linux this have basically already happened. After all, CPUs have supported 64-bit architecture for 10 years now, high end stuff even longer and from Vista onwards it's possible to use same product key to install 64-bit version of the OS and microsoft provides installation media from their site directly.

So at that point, personally, I would argue that it's not that useful to include information to either super old hardware or for those who are too lazy to either check system requirements or reinstall their OS with 64-bit version. But like I said earlier, this is my personal opinion on the matter, if you would like to actually suggest about this, please open thread to forums so others can input to it as well.

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